Miami to Tampa Flights OR

Miami to Tampa Flights OR

Miami to Tampa Flights:

As the number of global travelers continues to positively trend, aviation executives on both sides of the Atlantic are finding new opportunities for growth in one of the fastest-growing markets segmented by destination: the Florida/Miami to Florida/Tampa flight route.



Cons: "We booked Fontier for our trip coming from Miami and flying into Chicago, months ahead of time. This flight was booked to return home after our debarkation of the Carnival Victory Cruise. There was an unfortunate event that occurred while we were aboard and only about 40 minutes away from being back in Miami; 26-year-old Thomas McElhany had gone overboard. Although we were close to the Miami port, The Carnival Cruise made the decision to turn the boat around in search for the missing persons body. We had absolutely NO control over this. After calling Frontier and explaining the situation, they refused to accommodate us, stating that they could not find another same-day flight for us and that we would have to also pay a cancellation fee of $99. Although many of our friends and family and even several other members aboard were able to be reimburse for their tickets with different airlines, we were stuck trying to scrap up enough money to get back home on a new flight. Not only was this emotionally draining as the situation created complete chaos aboard, it was financially draining, causing us to have to ask family to help to pay for our return home. Frontier could have done better in their attempt to accommodate us due to circumstances beyond our control. The only option we were given was to stay in Miami for two days and then fly out, only after paying the cancellation fee and paying the difference for a new flight. This too wasn't an option, as we would have had to stay on the streets of Miami, as hotels (for two days), cost. What was to be a great vacation turned into a nightmare and the airline that we hoped and prayed would be our saving grace, completely abandoned us. We are still trying to recover both emotionally from the situation that occurred aboard, and financially after having to book with another airline with money we didn't have."

Cons: "Being my first flight on Frontier, I wasn't sure what to expect. The fare seemed very reasonable when I purchased the Ticket From Denver to Tampa. Like most of the flying public, I flew coach so obviously I didn't expect that I would travel in luxury. However my flight experience was not even on par with most other airlines that I've traveled on. First as many other reviewers have pointed out, the information on baggage fees isn't made obvious to you in any part of the booking process. I imagine that they make a fair amount of money by surprising first time customers who arrive at the airport expecting that their carry-on luggage will be free of charge, as is with most other airlines. Which in my opinion is deceptive. Expect to shell out some cash if you have Carry-on, and bags to check. The seats are the most uncomfortable that I've encountered, combined with the extremely cramped arrangements of coach made for a very unpleasant flight. Their flight attendant's primary focus is on those who purchased "stretch seating" and the first class. At no point during the flight was I offered water, or anything in the way of something to snack on. My final thoughts, pay a little more to another airline to get reasonably comfortable seats, baggage included with your fare, and attentive service in-flight."Tampa attracts thousands of visitors every year for both business and pleasure. Whether you’re taking a last-minute break or a much needed getaway, flights from Miami to Tampa on Trip.com can help you get there with ease. With Trip.com, you can browse popular airlines with flights to Tampa, check the best season to visit, and preview Tampa attractions before you arrive. With flight deals and exciting attractions waiting for you to explore in Tampa, the best time to book flights from Miami to Tampa is now! Planning a trip from Miami to Tampa is easy when you use Trip.com to help you make travel arrangements. Whether you are flying one-way, non-stop, or round-trip, you will find just the flight you need with us. If you want to lock in a great deal for your flights, go for a round-trip flight, if you need flexibility with your itinerary, book a one-way flight to Tampa. With Trip.com, you can search for available flights and hotel rooms, and then make your booking quickly and easily online and on the go. Pack your travel accessories, make a must-see bucket list, and book your flight to Tampa on Trip.com today! (Source: www.trip.com)



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