Miami to New Orleans OR

Miami to New Orleans OR

Miami to New Orleans:

Of course, I had to take the train across the country to see the result of a reported record-setting rainfall, which brings me to the next link: how it changed New Orleans. The Boston Globe did a great series of blogs and videos on the subject.



Cons: "That the price to take a small carryon was just as expensive as taking a large suitcase, ended up having to pay and extra $80 r/t for a small bag and I just that's standard for them. There were no barf bags in any seats, believe me everyone around us was looking as the person next to me was getting sick on the landing because it was crazy rough. When we finally were able to get an attendant over she was as rude as could be, I'm sure this sick person next to me was sorry she "inconvenienced" the crew member, if they just put bags in the seats pockets like every other airline this wouldn't have been an issue. The seats were very uncomfortable with no padding and not able to tilt. The tray tables were nonfunctional, too small and did not extend to get anywhere close enough to reach you. The plane ride itself felt like we were on a old school bus on a gravel road. I had a round trip ticket with frontier and both trips were equally as bad. I will never travel with them again, Most of us weren't even sure if we were going to survive take off with out the plan breaking or something."

Cons: "When getting my boarding pass I was told I did not need to pay for my carry on as it met Frontier's requirements. When I arrived to the gate, I was told I had to pay $60 for the carry on. I explained the situation and the woman at the gate kiosk said she would "tell her supervisor and get the lady in trouble." The woman's urgency to so hastily throw a co-worker under the bus demonstrated a lack of "unity" among Frontier as a whole. When I got on the plane, there was no room for my "carry on" I just paid $60 for. Subsequently, I was told to bring my bag to the back, then to "bring it to the front", finally resulting in having to have it checked. We were forty minutes late taking off and neither the pilot or crew was apologetic for the inconvience. During the flight, a man expressed concern for my situation and being misinformed about the bag requirements only to result in being penalized and having to pay a $60 fee. The flight attended, assuming I was asleep, and having no knowledge of the situation, said "that's what she gets for trying to sneak her bag on." The unprofessionalism of the situation was again, extremely evident and portrays a negative image of Frontier as a whole. At the very least, the women could have honored the price to carry on/check a bag online or self service kiosk. Upon landing, I legitimately verbatim said to the man in front of me "$20 bucks we don't have a gate." Almost immediately upon saying this, the pilot said "unfortunately, Denver Internstional Airport has an ongoing issue with flights getting a gate so passengers can deplane." Had this been the first time this has happened, it would not have been an issue. I fly very frequently and have never had this issue with any airline except Frontier and Spirit, which..coincidently are owned by eachother. Not only is the issue specific to Frontier and Spirit, it is an ongoing issue. We waited in the plane for 45 minutes and the worst part? The pilot didn't even have the audacity to apologize. Instead, he blamed it on the airport. Again, failing to demonstrate any sort of professionalism. I am very disappointed with this experience in it's entirety. Last time my friend flew to Vegas on Frontier, the pilot said "Apparently Spirit couldn't afford a gate." While it was frustrating, at least he was able to make light of the ongoing issue. The passengers then got off the plane, right there on the taxi lane. I took the earlier flight that same day from Vegas to Denver and had the same situation, only we waited nearly 2 hours to get a gate and deplane. Again, no apology and purely blaming Denver International Airport. It is baffling that any airline would have the audacity to blame an entire airport dedicated to the well being, safety, and travel efficiency of the people who come in and out of it. Frontier's failure to acknowledge and express apology concerning the reoccurring issues of the airline is concerning. Did I mention the smell of urine filled the entire back of the plane" (Source: www.kayak.com)


Cons: "Extended wait times in taxi departing and landing - took over an hour longer than expected. LaGuardia airport forced passengers to take their car services by walking outside and waiting in a parking garage with (12 degree Fahrenheit feels like -4 and 20 mph winds). Felt frostbite, couldn’t move fingers, and have a sinus headache. absolutely appalling this is NY and USA - yet we can’t have car services pick up pasengers outside the door of the airport, instead require to walk 7 minutes and stand in a freezing air tunnel airport garage. Changes my mind on flying to LAGUARDIA in the future"

Pros: "This flight was horrible from start to finish. This was a flight from Miami to New York, scheduled to depart at 2:25 and arrive at 5:25. Around 1:30 we were told we'd be departing at 3:30 instead due to "weather at LaGuardia." I'd like to point out that countless friends and family, and also every weather app known to man, assured me there was absolutely no bad weather in the New York area and in fact there wasn't supposed to be until that evening, when there was a chance of thunderstorms. So if anything, delaying the flight only increased our chances of running into said bad weather. In any event, we boarded at 3pm and then around 3:30 were told we'd now be delayed again, probably departing around 4pm. So we sat on the runway like idiots. We did leave shortly after 4pm, and then once we got to the LaGuardia area about two hour later, we were told we needed to refuel (????) so we were being rerouted to Raleigh. About 40 minutes later we were told there was a storm in Raleigh so actually we would be going to Newport News. This is absolutely no joke, but the flight crew nor the pilot knew which state Newport News was in and upon arriving they announced we were in Virginia and said they knew that thanks to a Google search. Keep in mind it was now about 8pm and we had all been prepared for a short flight that would arrive hours ago, so everyone was beginning to get really hungry and irritable. This is where the flight crew started to really, thoroughly suck. In addition to being completely rude to anyone who tried to ask if we could get some more information, they were CHARGING people for water and offering nothing in the way of food. Only after a passenger begged did they dole out granola bars and cups half-filled with water around 9pm. Also, this entire time we weren't able to leave the aircraft and this was when the bathrooms decided to go out, and they were out of commission for about 30 minutes, so that was fun. We finally got into the air around 10pm and landed in LaGuardia by 10:50. Also, just a note, but when we took off in Newport News the weather had turned and there was heavy rain and lightning. We had no issue taking off during the storm, but apparently the storm was the reason for the initial delay? Whatever. Anyway we finally landed in LGA after being on that plane for 7+ hours. Then, just when we thought it was over, we were told there wasn't a gate open and we would need to sit on the plane and remain on the runway for about 30 minutes. 30 minutes was actually more like 45, so around 11:30 we finally, FINALLY could get off and I have never seen passengers de-board a plane so quickly. Overall this was one of the worst experiences ever, and while I try and be understanding when it comes to delays, what really put this over the edge was 1) the lack of reasoning for the delays and 2) the incompetency and rudeness of the crew. They made no one feel safe or comfortable. This was the absolute worst." (Source: www.kayak.com)



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