Miami Heat City Edition OR

Miami Heat City Edition OR

Miami Heat City Edition:

The Miami Heat was a party to a game-winning shot by E’Twaun Moore. The fans joined in the celebration. They waved around the blue and yellow rings. They chanted, "Mo-Co". They chanted, "L-T-W-E-L".



But the real innovation is the team’s commitment to unique numbering patterns on the jerseys that will be worn by players as well as those sold to fans. Numbers were designed using eight different styles scattered throughout the team’s past. Players were asked to choose whichever style they wanted for each number on their jersey, allowing each jersey to be a personal and unique combination. “What we were able to do this year with this uniform [has] never been done in the history of professional sports,” says McCullough. The team is making a serious investment to allow fans to explore their creative sides; approximately $300,000 was spent on numerals alone. But, they also believe the innovative experience justifies the expense and then some. “We’re going to be the only retailer that is going to allow and offer customization [of number designs],” says McCullough. “We think this is a gamechanger of the industry, and we wanted the fans to participate just like the players did,”

Heat players were given the chance to pick their own unique number style(s) to form their uniform number look. 72 different numbers combined with eight of the most popular past uniforms meant that no two players’ jerseys are alike.“The perks of being a Cowboy ruin some players and it’s clear,” Bryant said on social media after his former team was eliminated from the playoffs by the 49ers.Three quick cuts and the Browns can almost double their salary cap space. Are they worth it? Depends on how you value the players that would be involved: (Source: sports.yahoo.com



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