Miami Heat Bleacher Report OR

Miami Heat Bleacher Report OR

Miami Heat Bleacher Report:

It's time for Heat fans to head to the game. There are a number of team loyalty options that fans can use to guarantee their seats and get game access, but also plenty of budget-friendly options as well.



In honor of MLK’s legendary speech, Terry Rozier, Jaren Jackson Jr. and more share their dreams for this year .The not-so-surprising take on Herro that Bleacher Report had was that he will take home the Sixth Man of the Year award. With the way he has been playing, this has a real chance of happening.Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo have led the team in scoring for the past two seasons. Saying that Herro will jump both of them in one year sounds a bit crazy… or does it.With the way Herro played in the preseason, and the way he’s played so far this year, the team has every right to trust him in taking the most shots. He’s been nothing short of amazing for them.

Don't be fooled by the Miami Heat's season-opening loss to the Orlando Magic. Plenty of quality teams drop contests on the first day of the NBA calendar, and the South Beach residents are still trying to forge an identity with new pieces factoring into the equation. Once they do, they should resume last year's second-half dominance and potentially grow even more dangerous with Kelly Olynyk and Bam Adebayo added into the frontcourt rotation.Since it's relatively devoid of superstar potential, this team might not have the upside necessary to compete for one of the East's top two seeds. But the floor is higher here than for the other sixth-spot. Miami boasts across-the-board depth and an elite coaching staff ready to build upon what it learned during last year's roller-coaster ride. Do remember Jamal Murray is likely out for the year. That said, still better than Sixers especially without Ben and likely not getting a better player than him back in a trade (Source: www.reddit.com)



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