Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh Movie Review.

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh Movie Review.

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh Movie Review.

The romantic comedy 'Merry Christmas' Drake and Josh' follows two brothers who have made an agreement to give their girl, Lucy the most memorable Christmas ever. They promise to make Christmas for Lucy and their family as special as possible. In the process, they become best friends. But there is a big issue within their family and they must work together to solve it. This is the point where this sweet holiday romance comes into play.

Drake and Josh are returned to Officer Gilbert's foster parents when they return home. They're joined by feuding twins Violet, the foreign boy Zigfee and Luke, their rebellious older brother. The boys try to make Mary Alice's foster parents the most memorable Christmas ever, but they end up messing up by giving the foster children an item they'll never forget. When the foster children are threatening Officer Gilbert's holiday plans, the brothers request Megan's assistance in sabotaging the celebration. Megan stops when she finds an unauthentic oboe.

As a Christmas present, Drake and Josh visited Officer Gilbert's mother. As Officer Gilbert had wanted to get a chimpanzee at Christmas as a kid He accidentally let his chimpanzee escape from its cage. Officer Gilbert was attacked by the monkey and purified himself. This incident made Officer Gilbert dislike Christmas. Drake and Josh discover that Officer Gilbert was not a fan of Christmas while they were visiting her mother.

Drake and Josh also decides to perform for Officer Gilbert's family. While performing their rock version of the "12 Days of Christmas," they run into an officer in the police force known as Crazy Steve. The officer attempts to force them to break their pledge to Mary Alice, but they are determined to stick to their word and make things right. Crazy Steve fools them into believing that they're more polite than usual when they are in prison. They then leave.

The second Christmas season, Drake and Josh spend time with their foster brother Officer Gilbert. He's always wanted a monkey to be his pet. His mother let him free the chimpanzee out of its cage, but it bit the officer and peed on him and made him resent Christmas ever since. The Christmas season is bittersweet and the brothers are determined not to let the holiday pass by.

The film starts with an awkward opening that includes a misunderstanding. The mothers of the characters do not like Christmas because they're not good enough to give it to their parents. The father's parents are happy to receive gifts however, the mother is unable believe that a child could want to receive an animal. Officer Gilbert is the other parent, isn't able to believe in God's plan, and doesn't want the holiday bring him joy.

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