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Melissa & Doug Toys - Shop the Official Site


Melissa & Doug Toys - Shop the Official Site

Melissa  Doug Toys  Shop the Official Site

If you're looking for a wide variety of fun Melissa & Doug toys, the Official Site is the perfect place to start. You can find all the popular favorites, including the Suspend swing, Shape sorting cube, Wooden grocery store, and Scissor Skills activity book. There's also a huge variety of other products for your little ones to choose from.


If you are looking for great toy gifts for kids, consider Melissa & Doug. These toy makers have been making toys for kids for over twenty years. Suspend is a balancing game, which includes 24 rubber-tipped wire pieces and a tabletop stand. The game is for children aged eight years and up and helps build hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.

Suspend is a game that can be played in four different ways. Beginner level play involves working from longer pieces to shorter ones. Intermediate and expert levels require players to draw on other players' game rods, while an expert tournament requires players to keep score using a point system. The balancing pieces can also be used to create free-form sculptures.

Shape sorting cube

The Melissa & Doug Shape sorting cube is a classic wooden toy that's perfect for young children. It comes with 12 colorful shapes and four holes for sorting. It's a great learning activity and has a wooden construction that's both durable and attractive. This toy is designed for young children and promotes shape and color recognition, problem-solving, and more.

This beautifully made wooden toy comes with 12 chunky shapes and a natural-finish wood cube that makes a satisfying 'clink' as the shapes fall out. Toddlers love the bright colors and easy-to-grip shapes. Each shape fits into its corresponding hole on the cube. It's a classic educational toy for young children that encourages color recognition, matching, and sorting. It also promotes fine motor development.

Wooden grocery store

The Fresh Mart Grocery Store by Melissa & Doug Toys is one of the most realistic-looking play sets available. It features realistic features, such as a beeping "scanner," hand-cranked conveyor belt, card-swiping machine, keypad/calculator, and cash drawer.

The wooden play set has many details that will make children want to pretend to go grocery shopping. The toy features a hand-cranked conveyor belt, bagging area, card swipe machine, beeping scanner, mini grocery cart, reusable bags, coupons, magazine rack, and more.

The wooden grocery store by Melissa & Doug is highly detailed, enabling kids to engage in imaginative play and learn through role-play. It also includes 65 detailed accessories. The store is a great value, as it can be painted to make it more realistic. It sells constantly thanks to its popularity.

The wooden grocery store by Melissa & Doug encourages kids to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. The store also comes with an ice cream parlor, a train set, and arts & crafts. It is a great option for parents who want to provide their children with a wide variety of toys that encourage learning and creative play.

Scissor Skills activity book

A creative activity pad is a wonderful way to get kids to concentrate on their scissor work. They'll have more fun cutting and fewer mess-making scraps. But a creative activity pad does more than provide the necessary direction for the children to focus on their scissors.

A Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book contains a variety of activities and puzzles that will encourage children to develop their fine-motor and cognitive skills. It also comes with four rolls of colored tape for creative exploration. The set contains twenty picture-completion pages. The activities are great for kids aged four to seven.

The Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book features a variety of activities that teach children how to safely and effectively use a pair of scissors. The activities are designed to improve kids' hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and color recognition. They also improve children's confidence as they practice using scissors.

Dust, sweep and mop cleaning set

This Melissa & Doug Toys dust, broom, and mop cleaning set is made of realistic wooden materials and is designed to be realistic in design. This set includes a broom, mop, duster, brush, organizing stand, and red dustpan. All the handles clip into one another, and the red dustpan clips into each of the cleaning tools.

This realistic wooden cleaning set comes with a pretend play broom, mop, and dustpan. Kids can practice their skills by cleaning their own playhouse. They can clean their playhouse with this set, as well as other surfaces around the house. The dustpan clips into each of the handles, so your child can practice using the tools while pretending to clean. This set also comes with a storage stand for the real ones.

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