We’re going to be starting work on a new site called Mcallisters.


I have been successfully using this app for some months now since the covid pandemic started. Suddenly now, the app no longer is showing me certain sandwiches when I try to order. Specifically, it won’t let me order a Smokey Pepperjack Turkey or a Harvest Chicken Salad sandwich, which we often ordered before. Oddly, I can find those sandwiches as an option if I’m trying to order a Choose Two but I cannot for the life of me just order a whole sandwich because the sandwich menu won’t show them as an option! I deleted the app and reinstalled it thinking that might help resolve the issue, but no such luck. The same sandwiches are still missing! Perhaps some others as well because it just looks like some are missing. I just don’t know which ones specifically. Until this is fixed, this app, and the associated Rewards points are useless to me. It isn’t because the restaurant was out of those sandwiches because I was able to go to them and order them in person. But I didn’t get and Reward Points credit for that since I wasn’t using the app. Until those sandwich choices return to the app, I won’t be patronizing McAlister’s again.

Our story started in the small southern town of Oxford, Mississippi. A movie production had taken an old service station and retrofitted it into a 1950’s-style diner. After they finished, it sat vacant until a dentist bought the property. He had a vision of turning the abandoned set into a small restaurant. And in 1989—you guessed it—the first McAlister’s opened its doors. Much like today, we offered a unique menu with sandwiches, entrée salads, giant spuds and a heaping spoonful of southern hospitality. We quickly became known for our great food, large portions, wide variety, and a welcoming environment… also one heck of a glass of sweet tea. (Source: mcalistersdelifranchising.com)


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