Marianos :

Marianos :


Mariano’s first business," the family-run gelato shop, had barely enough for rent and the lights when his brother Gianni passed away. Ten years later, Mariano is running 30 outlets and a thousand employees. He’s even opened up a tour company.


​Mariano founded his namesake grocery brand in 2010 when he was CEO of Roundy’s and led the sale of Roundy’s to Kroger for $800 million in 2015. He retired as head of the grocery giant’s Roundy’s division in September 2016, then served as a strategic advisor to the company for two years. (Source:

The Chicagoland grocery environment has changed in the decade since Mariano’s arrived on the scene, with Dominick’s going out of business and Mariano’s being absorbed into the much larger Kroger corporate empire. In September 2018, a group of senior Mariano’s executives who had continued working for the grocer under the Kroger umbrella left amid a restructuring that saw the merger of the specialty Mariano’s operation with conventional banners Kroger runs under the Roundy's division, like Pick 'n Save, Copps and Metro Market. Mariano’s had operated separately as part of Roundy's since 2016. (Source:


The Chicago news outlet says Mariano received a $10 million investment from Valor Siren Ventures and Cleveland Avenue, and he is partnering with grocery veterans Jay Owen and Don Fitzgerald. Owen is the grandson of Dominick’s Finer Foods — which went out of business in 2013 — founder Dominick DiMatteo. Mariano became president and CEO of Dominick's in 1995. Fitzgerald was an executive at Roundy's during Mariano's time there. (Source:

The challenge for Mariano’s, which has 44 stores in Illinois, has been to maintain its unique brand identity while staying price competitive, said Zain Akbari, an equity analyst at Chicago-based Morningstar who covers the grocery industry. While it continues to invest in many of the premium experiences that drive customers into stores, it has sacrificed some of the envelope-pushing innovation that initially put it on the map, he said. (Source: www.chicagotribune.com)



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