Luxury Australian Made Lingerie

Luxury Australian Made Lingerie


Whether you are looking for bralettes or a pair of chemises, there are many different options for you. From lace to silk, lingerie is a great way to feel more comfortable while still being comfortable. You can even find lingerie made in Australia. There are several different companies offering lingerie made in Australia.

Sass & Bide

The brand Sass & Bide is a highly creative Australian women's lingerie brand. Its collections have a unique focus on the individualistic and strong woman. The label has become a cult favorite of Australian fashion and has made a name for itself in international markets. The company's designs are a fusion of graphic and contrasted elements.

The brand's bralettes are incredibly comfortable, and they are designed to be worn all day. They are also designed to be sexy and easy to wear. The Aquarius Cat bralette is simple, yet feminine, and comes in both a longline and shortline version. Similarly, the Hopeless bralettes feature a racer back and brass-coloured hardware. The bralettes are designed to be flashed beneath loose-cut shirts. They are a wonderful alternative to black and compliment skin tones of every shade.

The Sass & Bide luxury Australian bralettes by Hopeless are an ideal choice for any woman who wants to feel great in her own underwear. The company's bralettes are made with luxurious and comfortable fabrics. They are also available in plus sizes.

Silent Assembly

Silent Assembly is one of the leading brands in the intimates industry. This Australian brand was founded over a decade ago and is renowned for its luxury and fit. It was designed in Sydney and Paris by Kay Cohen, and incorporates haute couture style and the latest technology to create a comfortable fit.

Rose & Bare

Rose & Bare luxury Australian made braettes are designed with women in mind. They will support you, make you feel sexy, and keep you comfortable. There are three styles of underwear available. Each is designed to provide the perfect level of support for a woman's needs.

Made from eco-friendly fabrics, Rose & Bare underwear is available in five different shades to cater for different skin tones. Underwear For Humanity, the brand is committed to sustainable production practices. Its products are made with recycled elastic and can be returned. The luxury Australian made bralettes are comfortable and long-lasting, and the brand offers custom sizing.

Juem intimates were originally designed for women during pregnancy, but today the brand creates lingerie for women of all ages and stages. Made from stretchy, soft basics in muted tones, their pieces will mould to your figure and provide maximum comfort. Juem, another Byron Bay-based brand, also offers comfortable and beautiful everyday intimates. These women's lingerie is crafted in Australia with the intention of being comfortable and allowing freedom of movement.

Another boutique-style shop selling Australian made intimates is Love Stories Intimates. The brand's lace bralettes are incredibly comfortable, and the matching silk pyjamas are adorable. The Australian made collection is made from organic cotton and uses eco-friendly processes.


The CUUP brand has become a worldwide sensation. Their bralettes are soft, comfortable and sexy and come in a range of sizes from 30A to 38H. Among the range is the Mary Young bralette, made from bamboo and rayon jersey. Its wide cups are designed to provide side coverage. Available in sizes XS to L, these bralettes retail for $68 and are perfect for small chests.

The brand also produces ethically-sourced bamboo bralettes and underwear. The material is neutral-charge and anti-static and makes the bralettes soft and supportive. These bralettes are cut and packaged in Australia. The brand is committed to helping women in Australia and New Zealand by providing meaningful paid work.

The CUUP brand offers over 40 bra sizes, from A to H, to suit all body types. It also offers a free fit session where the lingerie will be fitted to fit perfectly. The brand works with a vertically integrated production facility to ensure high quality and fit.

The CUUP Luxury Australian made bralettes are comfortable, well-designed and ethically made. They have a built-in sling for support and are also available in three cup sizes.


If you are looking for a beautiful bralette to compliment your wardrobe, look no further than Intimo. With their extensive range and great fit, Intimo is an Australian brand you can trust. They produce almost every style of bra available. The brand's fun, playful designs are a great way to add a little fun to your wardrobe, without sacrificing fit or comfort.

Hopeless Lingerie - Dark Modern Romantic

Hopeless Lingerie Hopeless  Dark Modern  Romantic

If you're looking for ethical, modern lingerie that's made to order, look no further than Hopeless Lingerie. The company promises to produce its products ethically and sustainably. In addition, it also offers custom sizing. With a wide variety of styles and sizes, there's sure to be something to suit your personal style.

Hopeless Lingerie is made-to-order

Hopeless Lingerie is a Melbourne-based lingerie brand that creates sexy, moody pieces. Its made-to-order collection is available in a variety of styles, from bralettes to nighties, thongs to camis. Each piece is handmade and designed to fit your body perfectly. This Australian label is committed to ethical sourcing and high-quality materials.

It's ethical

Hopeless Lingerie is a sister-owned brand, which produces intimates for modern and daring women. They believe that all women deserve to feel beautiful, and strive to make the lingerie they sell as ethical and sustainable as possible. The company also offers custom sizing.

These lingerie pieces are made of unique fabrics that are both comfortable and attractive. Their designs are adorned with a floral print with fishnet between the flowers. Many of these pieces are available in dozens of colours. Hopeless Lingerie also uses recycled materials in their manufacturing process, ensuring that they are as eco-friendly as possible.

The brand uses organic cotton and other materials, and their production practices are ethical. These pieces are made in small workshops and local factories, and the workers receive fair wages. They also publish an annual report detailing their ethical practices. They are a great choice for lingerie lovers who want to feel good about their purchase.

Hopeless Lingerie is an ethical and stylish option. The designer Gabrielle Adamidis founded the brand in 2008, and the brand has quickly become renowned for its dreamy designs. The company is also known for high quality materials, and recently released their new Garden of Earthly Delights collection in January. Inspired by the complexity of the human body, this collection has designs that will make you feel like an angel in hell. Whether you're a woman who likes to experiment or are a feisty romantic, Hopeless Lingerie is for you.

It's sustainable

Hopeless Lingerie is an example of sustainable lingerie. Founded in 2008, this brand has been created with a strong focus on black and sheer materials. Gabrielle Adamidis, the designer behind Hopeless, aims to make lingerie that evokes excitement through a new perspective. She wants her pieces to challenge societal norms and stereotypes regarding women's underwear and believes that a woman should be comfortable in her own skin.

Made to order in Melbourne, Hopeless Lingerie boasts a wide range of styles for a range of shapes and sizes. The brand describes its range as "dark, modern, and romantic". It usually sticks to black and lipstick red colourways, although florals and leopard prints are used occasionally. Its designs are flattering for every figure and come in various sizes.

Ingrid bodysuit features a cut-out on the side, which reveals the abdominal area. Mara knickers and Susanna knickers are also cut-out. The Eden Bralette and Lilith Dress both feature asymmetrical design, and the Naomi Skirt features waterfall ruffles.

Hopeless Lingerie also offers inclusive sizing and is made from sustainable and organic materials. It also manufactures locally, which helps reduce the carbon footprint. It also uses compostable packaging. It is also proud to promote women of all shapes and sizes, offering a wide range in sizes from small to extra large.

It's modern

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Hopeless makes made-to-order lingerie. The brand's aesthetic is dark, modern, and romantic, and its collections feature the classic lipstick red and black colourways. Its designs, which are made to fit every body type, also include leopard print and floral patterns.

Made with ethically-sourced materials, Hopeless is a local, Melbourne-based label that designs lingerie with a dark, romantic feel. Its extensive range includes bralettes, bras, bottoms, thongs, camis, bodysuits, nighties, and suspenders.

Known for its beautiful designs, Hopeless is a great place to find lingerie that's a little out-of-the-box. Many of their pieces have cut-outs that expose the abdomen. The Ingrid bodysuit, for example, has a cutout on the side, and the Mara knickers feature a contrasting cut-out at the back. Other pieces include the Esther Top and Pamela Bralette. The Lilith dress features asymmetrical ruffles and the Naomi Skirt features waterfall ruffles.

It's romantic

Hopeless Lingerie is a made-to-order lingerie brand that creates sexy, romantic pieces. The Australian brand is based in Melbourne, and its products are described as "dark, modern, and romantic." Hopeless typically sticks to black and lipstick red colourways, but occasionally throws in leopard print or florals for extra zing. The brand is also flexible, so you can find something to fit your body type.

The brand is also known for its ethically made, dark lingerie. Located in Naarm, Melbourne, Hopeless has a selection of lingerie for both men and women. The range includes bralettes, bottoms, thongs, camis, bodysuits, and suspenders.

Hopeless is known for its sexy pieces made of high-quality fabrics. Its latest collection, G.O.E.D., explores the complexities of love and sexuality. It is inspired by the idea of an angel in a hell. The collection features lingerie that is provocative and lace-like, with a dark and seductive undertone.

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