Lupine Bloom Time OR.

Lupine Bloom Time OR.

Lupine Bloom Time

On a stormy night, a pastel-colored flower blows in through the window, an awaited symbol of the sun and the warmth it brought. This piece was created to capture this feeling of care and love, even in times of difficulty.Kurlovich, B.S., Rep’ev, S.I., Shchelko, L.G., Budanova, V.I., Petrova, M.V., Buravtseva, T.V., Stankevich, A.K., Kartuzova, L.T., Alexandrova, T.G., Teplyakova and T.E., Malysh, L.K. 1995. Theoretical basis of plant breeding. Vol.111. The gene bank and breeding of grain legumes (lupine, vetch, soya, and bean), St.Petersburg, VIR, 438p.


lupine, (genus Lupinus), genus of about 200 species of herbaceous and partly woody plants in the pea family (Fabaceae). Lupines are widely distributed in the Mediterranean area but are especially numerous on the prairies of western North America. Many are grown as ornamentals for their attractive flower spikes, and a few species are useful as cover crops and forage crops.fixing nitrogen from the air in a soil form useful for other plants. Herbaceous lupines can reach up to 1.25 metres (4 feet) tall and have low palmately divided leaves. Most species have compact upright flower spikes, and through hybridization and selection some highly ornamental varieties have been developed. In Europe and elsewhere, many tall species of lupines are woody shrubs that reach more than 2 metres (6.5 feet) in height.

Wildflower watchers everywhere celebrate when springtime lupines come into bloom and create colorful spikes in gardens. There is nothing subtle about the shape and color of hybrid lupines. The telltale look is a tall, showy spire of flowers that can come in a multitude of colors. The foliage resembles palm leaves with seven to 10 leaflet segments each. This fast-growing flower is available as both an annual and a perennial, which is usually potted. They're best planted in spring when starting with a new plant or cuttings and seeds can be planted in late spring or fall. Keep in mind that the plant is toxic to both humans.Although rainbow hybrid lupine seed mixes are the most popular commercially available lupine, the original blue strain is the hardiest. When grown in their preferred conditions, lupines require very little care. Be sure to deadhead your plants (remove spent flowers) to encourage additional blooming. And water them during periods of dry weather. (Source:ww.thespruce.com)



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