Love and Basketball Cast oor

Love and Basketball Cast oor

Love and Basketball Cast

In Richmond, Virginia, USA, actor Denzel Washington can often be seen shooting hoops with the kids in the neighborhood. With time, the kids began to catch the ball, stop and tell Washington about their day at school, and he did his best to listen.


Love & Basketball is a 2000 American romantic sports drama film written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (in her feature film directorial debut). The film is produced by Spike Lee and Sam Kit and stars Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps. It tells the story of Quincy McCall (Epps) and Monica Wright (Lathan), two next-door neighbors in Los Angeles, California, who are pursuing their respective basketball careers before eventually falling for each other. (Source:

Union (Shawnee Easton): I auditioned and came in literally in the same clothes that I played basketball in. And Gina was like, “Yeah, you don’t really look like a baller to me.” I was like, “Wait, what? But I am. I don’t know what to tell you. Do you want to go on the court? What do I need to do?” She was like, “Yeah, I don’t think you’re right for Monica, but I think I have a role that you’d be perfect for.” And she gives me the sides and I’m like, “Hoe?” Basically she was like, “You don’t look like an athlete” — which I was my whole life — “but you do give me hoe vibes.” I was very offended, but it was one of my first bigger breaks. It was only the third movie I ever did, so I was very new and grateful. (Source: www.latimes.com)


I had an hour before the performance and I was desperately on the phone with my husband like, “Who can we get to replace Sanaa?” I couldn’t reach the person I thought could possibly do it so I was like, “I guess I don’t have a choice.” And so the reading starts to a packed house and within 30 seconds of Sanaa opening her mouth, it was a totally different performance. She was Monica, and I remember it was just a magical night. She was that good. It was the reading that kept her in the running for the movie because I said I would never cast someone who couldn’t play ball, because we’d never been represented well as athletes before the film.

Banks (Kyra Kessler): I felt it ... tended [toward] the stereotypical role that models were cast in at the time, so I had some reservations. But the project was so hyped, there was a lot of buzz. The character, she was glamorous, semi-vapid, a shallow girl that in the end, doesn’t really get the guy. I remember being crystal clear with my agent that I no longer wanted to play the stereotypical role, that part that the audience is not rooting for at all. That kind of person is so far from what I am, and I wanted to stay far away from that. (Source: www.latimes.com)


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