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Moss Beach, CA (US) – November 1st 2016 – "The Lost Coast Outpost"'s publishing model is a combination of serialised chapters and a continuously updating website. Our team does this to transform the distribution and consumption of high-value stories into something easier to consume in 140 characters. There's more to storytelling that just creating content that gets read – and this is why "The Lost Coast Outpost"'s publishing model is different.


A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off of the coast of Humboldt County at 12:10 p.m., according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).Video Player: Canned food scattered outside pantry, broken glass & dishes in sink in FerndaleThe Humboldt County Sheriff's office of emergency services did not issue any evacuation orders, though a few roads were closed due to rockslides. The U.S. Geological Survey estimated economic losses of less than $10 million and no fatalities. Photos showed shattered store windows, broken bottles fallen into store aisles and tiles that had fallen loose from a commercial building’s ceiling.People have reported feeling the earthquake as far north as Roseburg, Oregon and as far south as the Central Coast. Since the quake initially struck, more than 20 earthquakes, measuring less than 4.0 magnitude, have struck on land near Petrolia, California.According to Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist, the plate motion was sideways and not up-and-down, which is why there is no tsunami. Petrolia General Store manager Jane Dexter told the San Francisco Chronicle the rumbling and shaking lasted for about 20 seconds. Glass bottles fell off the shelves at the store, bursting on the floor, but no one was hurt, she said. “It was bigger than (anything) I’ve felt in a long time out here,” she told the Chronicle.This Associated Press contributed to this report.

Looks like we have had an interesting quake on the Mendocino fracture zone, current moment mag is 6.2. Location is just offshore from Cape Mendocino. Shaking might have been as strong as Intensity VII at the coast. https://t.co/twE4tL8Sbd (Source: www.ksbw.com)


The company is throwing plenty of money and manpower at the problem, Bloomberg reports, citing documents that show projections of $4.2 billion in fixed costs for this year and noting that Amazon has more than 10,000 people working on Alexa.

Documents also laid out plans to outfit Alexa devices with more cameras and sensors so they could recognize different people’s voices and figure out which room a user is in while speaking, Bloomberg reports. Amazon told Insider this isn’t new, pointing to optional features like ultrasound motion detection, visual ID, and Alexa Guard, which notifies users about sounds like smoke alarms and breaking glass. (Source: www.newsfullcircle.com)



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