Los Angeles State Historic Park Events Today

Los Angeles State Historic Park Events Today

Los Angeles State Historic Park

This historic park is the final resting place for 12,000 people. What's done here is to honor fallen Angelenos and those who left Los Angeles for the West.


Situated in one of the most park-poor, underserved communities in the nation’s second largest city, the 34-acre Los Angeles State Historic Park will provide equitable access to state park lands, promote healthy lifestyles in a much-needed open space, enshrine the amazing story of the community and build new stewards for California’s state parks system. Los Angeles State Historic Park also symbolizes the perseverance and rich cultural heritage of the communities in the surrounding area. The park was built through working with the community to commemorate their heritages and to create an open, functional and recreational space for residents of the area as well as for all Californians.

Los Angeles State Historic Park provides an extraordinary opportunity for recreation and education in the heart of Los Angeles. Within its 32 acres of open space directly adjacent to Chinatown, park visitors can wander pathways and enjoy a view of downtown, as well as discover and celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of Los Angeles. Partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations allow for creative and innovative public events such as Junction (a multimedia project in cooperation with UCLA), the Red Nation Pow Wow celebrating American Indian culture, and Safe Moves "Walk, Ride and Roll" which teaches kids how to ride bicycles safely and provides them with free helmets. State Parks invites you to engage in the past, present and future of Los Angeles at Los Angeles State Historic Park. Although surrounded by intensely developed and populated areas, Los Angeles State Historic Park offers a quiet sanctuary with California sycamores and lush green grass. Due to encroachment on the natural habitat and the paving of the adjoining Los Angeles River bed, local animal species have diminished; however, red-tailed hawks and kestrels still soar overhead while killdeer and mourning doves dart among the deer grass and soft chess. Beechey’s ground squirrels inhabit the trees, and nocturnal opossums and raccoons may forage at night. The nearby Pacific Flyway is used by a wide variety of migrating birds. (Source: www.alltrails.com)



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