Logitech OOR

Logitech OOR


The company that invented the traditional mouse, created the first wireless mouse, and helped make mice standard in the workplace.


Well, I think your team is probably right. We discovered that we were launching a whole lot of products in gaming, and they were good, but they were small. Once in a while, we would launch a product like G502, which is the biggest selling mouse in the world. It’s a huge product that took us a long time to develop. So we decided that it might be best to ramp that up and really develop fewer products that have a big impact.

I think we need to be better at managing the whole chain. First, we need to have a G502 that’s known to be better. That product in particular is better. That’s the best-selling mouse in the world, so there will be other things that are going to pop up, including from other companies like those. We still have to win by creating something that’s better: getting reputation, getting those five stars.

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We have 22 businesses, and fewer brands. Logitech G is the big brand, but now we’ve gone from 22 to the mid-30s. We keep adding categories all the time. That’s not going to change. We always have these seed programs in development that are secret. They’re small teams, sometimes run by entrepreneurs who are developing new things. A lot of them don’t work, which is fine. We give them a bonus and they move on to something else, but it’s a very dynamic place for new category development and it’s happening throughout the company. (Source:

"As a designer, I've found that every day at Logi represents new challenges and ultimately, new opportunities to have a real impact on the products people love. The design team is in a unique position of being able to see across each business and brand, helping to drive the ultimate goal of a consistent, human-centered approach to product design. I'm also fortunate in that I've been able to help build a team of thoughtful and talented designers that keep me inspired and dedicated to that goal." (

So, it checked my new keyboard, and found it up to date. I gave it permission to alert me if there is a future update. This is a GOOD thing. I know of no other keyboards that have this ability, especially the various Bluetooth keyboards on the market. Pay no attention to poor reviews because it doesn’t do anything else - that is what Apple’s keyboard and touchpad settings are for in your Settings, so it really doesn’t need to do anything else! (Source: apps.apple.com)



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