Liza Morales Net Worth OR

Liza Morales Net Worth OR

liza morales net worth

Liza Morales net worth is $11 million. She is an American entrepreneur, actress, singer and screenwriter, best known for the movie Congo, where she had the role of Frengi. She is currently about to start a new project for the movie.


Liza Morales is famous for being the mama baby of former NBA player Lamar Odom. While he was great at first, towards the end Odom really wasn’t a very good basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, but just being in L.A. is enough to get you a certain amount of fame — even if it is negative. Odom flaked out on his career and also on Liza, even though she has achieved her own level of success in his absence. Sometimes men leaving can be a positive step for the woman left behind.

Not bad when you often think that the spurned woman often seeks money from the departed. But Morales has a history of success, including her current profession as a fashion designer. She took the opportunity to be a reality show actress in “Starter Wives Confidential”. The show followed the lives of women who were former girlfriends or wives of celebrities. Interestingly, most of the women who appeared had dated the man before he became wealthy and famous, then dumped her. She didn’t make much money from her appearance, but it shows she knew an opportunity when it came her way. (Source: tvovermind.com)


Lamar Odom may have first gained fame thanks to his skills on the basketball court, but the athlete has also made plenty of headlines due to his personal life. Along with his divorce from Khloé Kardashian and his seemingly on-again, off-again romance with Sabrina Parr, Odom was once in a 12-year-long relationship with Liza Morales (above right). If that name sounds familiar, that's likely because Morales popped up on three episodes of TLC's Starter Wives Confidential back in 2013. According to Hollywood Life, in October 2020, there was also buzz that she might be joining VH1's Basketball Wives

After a legal suit in the year 2013, Liza went ahead and did feature in the VH1 reality show ‘Starter Wives Confidential.’ This show got canceled after only airing three episodes as it had very low ratings. Liza and Lamar only communicate through lawyers. Lamar has had very many affairs with multiple women. One of the hardest moments in Liza’s life has been the loss of their child, Jayden. It’s interesting to know that Lamar wanted to officiate their wedding after he retired from his career. (Source: www.wealthypersons.com)


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