Livestream Fails OR

Livestream Fails OR

Livestream Fails


Sales is hard enough as it is, but throw in livestreaming video, and it gets even worse. Even if you have a fun, charismatic, skilled brand ambassador – inappropriate comments, technical issues, anything unexpected can derail a livestream in seconds.


Another regular fail you will see on Twitch, rage quits. Video games are stressful. Sometimes it’s a little harder to keep your cool about it too, especially after losing several times in a row. Just make sure for any big rage quits… Turn your camera off, or you might end up in an article like this being painted in a more negative light! (Source:

These days, the subreddit’s front page is whiplash-inducing in its breadth of content. As of writing, the most upvoted clip was Dr Disrespect singing the Ducktales theme song. But most of the comments on that thread were people discussing a racist version of the song that they previously learned about on Livestreamfail that “ruined” it for them. Next, there was a clip of Fortnite pro TSM Hamlinz getting eliminated in devastating fashion—by somebody who named themselves “TSM N*****.” After that, a clip of popular streamer Sodapoppin encountering surprise in-game nudity (though, it should be noted, surprise real-life nudity is also a very popular genre of Livestreamfail clip). Beneath that was a clip of one streamer learning that another streamer had subscribed to him for a whopping 61 months ages ago and not told him because he just wanted to be cool and give his friend money. Wholesome as heckin’ heck, in other words. This is Livestreamfail in a nutshell: funny moments, embarrassing moments, exciting moments, racist moments, sad moments, gross moments, and cute moments all crammed together side by side by side, like sardines in a popularity tin. (Source: kotaku.com)


In a day and age where the stream of content is more like an infinite number of firehoses, Livestreamfail is a useful way to get a general sense of what’s going down on Twitch. Well, on certain parts of it, anyway. As its name implies, Livestreamfail was originally focused on “fail” moments in which streamers did something funny, embarrassing, or shameful. Over time, the board has made allowances for clips of streamers succeeding, stirring up drama, or just generally being interesting, as well. One group that rose to prominence on Livestreamfail is the Cx Network—controversy magnet Ice Poseidon’s loosely affiliated group of IRL streamers known for gimmicky Jackass-like stunts, edgelord humor that verges into low-key racism and homophobia, occasional run-ins with the law, and an especially rowdy community. They’re perfect fail fodder, given how often members of the group say weird or embarrassing things, break stuff, and have weird run-ins with stream snipers. (Source:kotaku.com))



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