Little Nursery or

Little Nursery or

Little Nursery

Our tiny nursery still needs plenty of work. But you don’t have to do it all at once. We have a list of DIY and pro project ideas to get you started. From the architectural wonderland of hand-painted teddy bears, to the whimsical forest of stacked chairs and toy animals, our list of projects won’t disappoint!We dig plants when they are dormant from our outdoor beds and ship them April-May and October. Some species go dormant in the summer and we can ship them July/August. We are among the few still employing this production method, which is labor intensive but plant-friendly. They arrive to you dormant, with little to no top-growth (bare-root), packed in peat moss. They should be planted as soon as possible. Unlike greenhouse-grown plants, bare-root plants can be planted during cold weather or anytime the soil is not frozen. A root photo is included with each species to illustrate the optimal depth and orientation. Planting instructions/care are also included with each order.



The Little People Day Nursery is based in a lovely period property in the Hucclecote area, on the outskirts of Gloucester. We’re in a highly convenient location, just a few hundred yards away from Gloucester Business Park – as well as being a short drive from Gloucester Town Centre. Our building has the benefit of a wonderful large outdoor space, surrounded by trees, which forms a fundamental element of our children’s nursery lives. You can find out all about the nursery itself on our Our Nursery page, as well as full details of all that our outdoor area offers on our Nursery Environments page. On the other pages of our website you’ll be able to discover our philosophy, how important our partnership with parents is to us, the emphasis we put on creating a passionate and caring staff team to love your child and guide them, as well as lots of other ‘The Little People’ information.

Little Shipmates Day Nursery is a warm and welcoming space, brimming with a tangible sense of family and belonging. The building boasts large gardens and all-weather play areas for the children to explore, as well as every modern amenity including air conditioning, new toilets, flexible accommodation and extended office space. Our wonderful staff members always strive to develop a relationship with the parents as well as the children, and take a pragmatic approach to helping our little ones grow and learn in an enriching environment before they continue their journey on to school. (Source: littleshipmates.com)



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