Lil Uzi Diamonds OR

Lil Uzi Diamonds OR

Lil Uzi Diamonds


Lil Uzi Vert is Lil Uzi Diamonds, according to one of the most viral memes of 2017.



Lil Uzi Vert told TMZ that fans ripped off the valuable pink diamond implanted into his forehead.

Lil Uzi Vert said fans at a music festival ripped off the pink diamond that was implanted into his forehead this year. (Source: www.insider.com)

In a separate tweet, he showed off the diamond and told fans, "OK, we good." (Source: www.insider.com www.insider.com))When one fan asked Uzi why he had the diamond implanted instead of placed in a ring, Uzi wrote: "If I lose the ring, yeah, [you] will make fun of me more than putting it in my forehead." (Source:

Nevertheless, fans have been quick to point out the stone’s absence after Uzi’s girlfriend, City Girls star JT, posted a series of photos and videos of the rapper onto her Instagram Stories. While it remains unclear what has happened to the diamond, rumours about its removal have been circling since the musician's Calvin Klein campaign in April. (Source: www.dazeddigital.com)

The American Rapper, Symere Bysil Woods, popularly known as Lil Uzi Vert, recently revealed that during crowd surfing in one of his shows, his fans yanked the $24 million (Rs. 176 crores) worth pink diamond that was implanted on his forehead. (Source: www.news18.com After the incident, Uzi shared a picture of his forehead on social media but later deleted it. However, a fan grabbed the photos and shared in on his Twitter. (Source:www.news18.com))

At rapper Lil Uzi Vert, fans tore a diamond from his forehead. During the performance, as the rapper jumped into the crowd from the stage, fans pulled out a $ 24 million jewel inserted into his forehead. (P.S. stone was returned soon) pic.twitter.com/dFr4pJgu9b (Source: www.news18.com)

www.news18.com edm.com))According to Uzi, the diamond is almost 11 carats and is worth all his cars and the house combined. When a fan asked if the diamond is worth all his cars, he replied, “Yes, My Bugatti can’t even pay for it. Even All my cars plus home can’t.”Shortly after, he dove into the Rolling Loud faithful to crowd-surf, and he claims one of his fans ripped the diamond out of his forehead. (Source: (Source:

Organizers shared a statement that said the event was canceled "out of concern for our fans, artists, employees, and local communities." (Source: edm.com The EDM fans are not having it. (Source:edm.com))

Lil Uzi Vert has claimed that fans at a Miami festival “ripped” his forehead diamond off when he jumped into the crowd. (Source: www.independent.co.uk)

The 26-year-old rapper had the precious jewel implanted into his head earlier this year, but explained to a TMZ cameraman that fans “kind of ripped [the diamond] out”, during his show at Rolling Loud Festival in July. (Source: www.independent.co.uk)

However, fans have been speculating since June that he had the gem removed as he was spotted without it at the time. (Source: pagesix.com)

When asked what material possession he valued most, he responded to a fan, “This diamond.” (Source: pagesix.com He also told a fan that people will make fun of him for losing a ring more than they will for him implanting it in his head. He said he has insurance on the diamond. (Source:pagesix.com))

Lil Uzi Vert is once again without his US$24 million diamond forehead implant after he revealed it was ripped out by fans at Rolling Loud festival. (Source: www.newshub.co.nz www.dailymail.co.uk))Rapper Lil Uzi Vert has revealed fans ripped off the $24 million pink diamond he had implanted on his forehead during a recent performance at Rolling Loud. (Source:

The rapper revealed his $24 million pink diamond forehead piercing back in January, sharing with his bewildered fans that he had been paying for the large stone since 2017. (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk The rapper would respond to fan questions about the diamond, explaining that the large stone was a whopping 10-11 karats. He added that it cost more than all his cars together, plus his home. (Source:www.dailymail.co.uk))

www.timesnownews.com www.timesnownews.com))He said that fans ripped the precious stone off his forehead during a mAn American rapper who got a pink diamond worth $24 million embedded on his forehead has said that fans ripped the precious stone off him. Lil Uzi Vert was doing crowd-surfing at a music festival recently when someone ripped the jewel pierced into his forehead. (Source:usic festival (Source:



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