Lil Jojo:

Lil Jojo:


I’ve been working with him since 2005 and Lil Joe has been my go to DJ over that period of time. I love what he’s doing now with his show, which is hosted by his daughter, Lela.



Joseph Coleman was an American hip-hop artist and songwriter. He was better known by his stage name Lil JoJo. Joseph grew up in one of Chicago’s troubled neighbourhoods, where gang violence is rampant and crimes like larceny, robbery, and murder occur daily. His own father served 13 years for attempted murder. Furthermore, a year after he was released, he was sentenced again to 22 years on charges relating to drugs. In the absence of their father, Joseph became close to his half-brother John. While they did not want to sell drugs and end up in prison like their father, they eventually found their way into Gangster Disciples, a notorious Chicago-based criminal gang. Joseph first became interested in rapping after hearing Lil Durk's ‘L's Anthem’ on the car radio. He soon released ‘BDK (3HunnaK)’, a diss track aimed at the enemy crime gang Black Disciples. He also put out ‘Tied Up’ and ‘Have It All’ and collaborated with John and other members of his crew on their respective tracks. In September 2012, he was gunned down by an unknown assassin after mentioning his whereabouts on Twitter. This led the investigators to believe that this was a targeted hit. (Source:

There have been other calls for more restraint from the music industry over who it chooses to promote. In July, the Chicago Tribune described Cozart as the "prince of violent Chicago rap". It noted that he had been on house arrest for a gun charge earlier this year and quoted a South Side record label director as saying that the Cozart's gun charge added to his "authenticity" in the music industry. (Source: www.theguardian.com


Growing up in the ghetto, Joseph aka Lil Jojo, he joined up with the gangster disciples, and he was a insane GD. He was in his own gang known as 069 set of Bricksquad, O69 brick squad was a faction with the gangster disciples. He became a rapper and made many diss tracks aimed at Chief Keef and the 300 set of black Disciples. He is known for his work as have it all,Tied up, and well known song BDK. On September 4, 2012 Jojo was fatally shot and killed by a gunmen in a drive by shooting. His killer were never caught. He is loved by the gangster disciples around the world and by rappers in the industry.

The MC, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, had been feuding with fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef and his crew in recent months, though his death earned little sympathy from the “I Don’t Like” MC. (Source: www.billboard.com)




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