Le Sirenuse Miami OR

Le Sirenuse Miami OR

Le Sirenuse Miami:

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About the restaurant & décor: It's not every day that a gastronomic gem from one of the Amalfi Coast's most luxurious hotels travels transatlantic to set up shop at the resurrected Surf Club, now part of the Four Seasons umbrella. But that’s the case with Le Sirenuse Miami, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at the upscale property. Mediterranean flavors and vibes beckon from the moment of entry, first at the Champagne Bar, which pours the city's largest selection of bubbly, all the way through to the pergola-shaded terrace with sweeping Atlantic views. The indoor dining room (and restored ballroom of the 1930s clubhouse) is quite lovely, too. Besides bringing Miami's tropical luster inside and fusing it with Mediterranean elements, the ornate ceiling and artwork remain original. But design aside, it's the comestibles that have diners enjoying “la dolce vita.” Gasping is optional upon entering the expansive space of The Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club’s restaurant Le Sirenuse (9101 Collins Avenue), and the Eater Miami winner for most gorgeous restaurant of 2017. The restaurant, which once served as the ballroom of The Surf Club created by tire tycoon Harvey Firestone in 1930, was recently transformed into Le Sirenuse, the sister eatery of Michelin-star eatery La Sponda, housed inside the acclaimed Le Sirenuse hotel in Italy’s Amalfi coast.

It’s no surprise that The Surf Club became the “it” place, with people like Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and Elizabeth Taylor becoming regular fixtures in its heyday. Now, nearly 90 years since its creation, it is seeing a revival with La Sirenuse Restaurant and Champagne Bar, which opened a little over a year ago. Paris-based interior decorator Joseph Dirand designed the space in a Mediterranean revival style, bringing forth elegance, old-world grandeur, and a hint of modern touches. To enter the restaurant, guests must pass through Peacock Alley, the cinematic arched entry A-listers walked through on the way to their cabanas. Now flanked with vintage photographs, the Instagram-worthy space serves as a tribute to the Surf Club’s illustrious past. The restaurant is awash in a soothing palate of blues and sea glass green with gold accents and verdant tropical plants everywhere, all of which seamlessly harmonize with the ocean blue a stone throw away. To begin a meal at Le Sirenuse, the elegant restaurant that opened March 23 in Surfside's Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club, a server wearing white gloves and a jacket with gold epaulets appears tableside holding a silver tray. On it sit two demitasses with rims powdered red by dehydrated tomato. Narrow crackers stacked with opaque red flesh balance on the cups' rims. "Tuna tartare," the server explains before pouring a cold lemon-and-tuna-infused broth into each cup.The restaurant was built in the Surf Club's former banquet hall, a cavernous space with vaulted wood ceilings accented with intricate geometric designs painted in earth tones. A trio of soaring art deco chandeliers, each bearing three hexagonal columns of light, fills the space with a warm glow. Towering tropical plants are scattered about. It's all a pleasant distraction from the glass-and-steel structure that bears a reported $1 billion worth of condos. (Source: www.miaminewtimes.com)



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