Anime characters are becoming more and more prevalent in pop culture, and one of the most popular is the shy girl (or guy) who snaps when provoked—known as a "kuudere".


or dry wit. The appeal is their bluntness and directness, in contrast to shy reserve or boisterous rowdiness. If playing a Love Interest, either the other partner will be the source of Will They or Won't They?, or they'll skip that and the focus will be on the drama that comes after they admit They Do. Occasionally this is a trait of a more exaggerated character, the Emotionless Girl. Our page picture, Teen Titans' Raven, is an example of this variation.Kuudere is a fictional Japanese character archetype. It exists in popular Japanese media like manga, anime, film, and video games. A typical kuudere is blunt, cynical, and stoic at all times. They would refuse to talk with their peers. Any insignificant events around them won’t matter to them. They would also misunderstand shallow jokes. They may keep their kindness hidden, as they consider it to be a weakness. Characters and fans would see them with little to no emotions at all, but their true emotions lie deep under their unmovable facade. They truly care for their love interest or friends despite their cold exterior.

A kuudere may encompass different kinds of -dere archetypes. They can turn into deredere (デレデレ) once they confess their love. Sometimes their mood might swing between hot and cold. A yangire (ヤンギレ) can pretend to be one to cover up their psychotic tendencies. They could respond in blatant manners without thinking of others’ emotions like a tsundere (ツンデレ). They have expressionless appearances in most situations similar to a hinedere (ヒネデレ).Casual fans may confuse kuudere with dandere because both of the character archetypes are antisocial and cold. They are usually reserved and only speak with minimal words. The difference between the two is their manner of interaction with their love interest; a dandere panics when opening up, while a kuudere remains straight-faced.Kuudere characters are perceived to be distant loners. He or she may look unmovable and emotionless right from the start. Their cold exterior might be intimidating at first, but a love interest or group of friends would eventually melt their cold hearts. They would begin to warm up and smile as they develop healthy relationships with their love interest or friends. A perfect moment is required to make them open up. So this is similar to a tsundere, but with the cold shoulder treatment instead of active abuse. They will ignore their love interest, making him or her wonder if they care at all. But then something will happen where they will save or help their love interest. But, uh, I was just passing through! I just don't like to see pretty girls get hurt! I didn't want uh... I was just... don't count on me to save you next time! *blush* (Source: reelrundown.com)



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