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We pride ourselves here at Garden Grove Kia in Garden Grove, California on having one of the largest selections of new Kia vehicles in the area. Kia has been growing consistently in recent years, and its vehicles continue to get stylish redesigns and advanced technology. Whether you want a stylish sedan, such as the Optima or Cadenza, or are looking for a rugged SUV, such as the Sorento or Sportage, we have exactly what you want here at Garden Grove Kia . If you are interested in any of the new Kia vehicles that we have here in Garden Grove, or any of the extensive used vehicles that we have available, feel free to get in touch with one of our sales team members. I brought my 2016 Kia Optima in to the dealer for some service work. When the car was returned to me it had a smashed front bumper. The dealership quickly admitted the mistake of damaging it but since then all I have gotten are false promises to fix my car. Now, several weeks after getting my car back, they are telling me to drop it off but are refusing a loaner vehicle while my car is fixed. I am unable to accept this as I need a vehicle to drive. I should not be on the line to pay for a rental car when this dealership damaged my car. I am hesitant to even allow them to fix it (as opposed to asking for a cash reimbursement to fix elsewhere) but I am willing. I just need a car to use. The operations manager is an absolutely disrespectful and horrific excuse of a "manager" and is not helpful whatsoeverI purchased a new vehicle on 3/28/21 from Kia DTLA. On 8/20/21 my second row seat stopped working. It just shifts forward and back and doesn't lock. I have taken my vehicle in and they allege they ordered the part. But when I call and leave messages I get no response. The last time I had any communication was 9/2/21 when I had to go into the dealer. This is a unsafe manner as I have 3 children whom ride in this vehicle. According to the invoice this is what it says: "VERIFY CONCERN. UPON INSPECTION FOUND SECOND SEAT TRACK ASSEMBLY NOT WORKING PROPERLY,tested and found locking mecinizum not latching on to SEAT TRACK ASSEY. Correction: PARTS ORDERED WITH BRANDY AND JD MANAGMENT" 25 days later and no response from ANYONE! At what point does the dealer return customer calls or resolve a issue????

The 2016 Kia Sorento that I purchased in Downtown Kia, according to their service center, has two oil leaks coming from the Valve Cover Gasket and the Timing Cover Gasket and they need to be replaced. When I asked about the warranty they stated that those gaskets did not qualify for the warranty. I went back to read my owners manual and it clearly states that the gaskets are covered (see attached file). I then went back to Kia of Downtown's service center with the owners manual to show them my warranty, I spoke to the manager on duty, Jose Duran, and he initially told me that he would check if my car's gaskets were under warranty, but after 30 minutes he returned saying that Kia had a misprint on their warranty manual that gaskets were not covered. He also said that it was no longer Kia of Downtown's problem, that I needed to contact Kia's Corp office. I reached out to Kia via email in which they responded that they had to investigate my claim, it has been 1 month and no response. Well I contacted the BBB earlier last month to see if the issue could be fixed, Kia motors contacted me but has not made any effort to solve the problem, now they are stating that they don't have October 2020 payment when I have a Receipt for the payment, I've been going through this for almost two (2) years now and honestly I'm tired and stressed out over it, I'm a retired Vietnam veteran and I over it, I've thought about it long and hard I just want to cancel my contract get a refund of all the moneys that I've paid , I've bought many cars and this by far is the worst experience I have ever had. In November 2018, I bought a 2017 Kia Optima from Kia Downtown LA. The salesman & dealer finance dept told me the car was a certified pre-owned vehicle. The car had only 8,000 miles and was like brand-new. They told me that ordinarily the car would only have a 65,000 mile warranty for a second owner of the vehicle, but, with the certified pre-owned warranty, I would get a 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty on the car. Everything was fine for a couple of years. But when I went to Firestone last week, they mentioned the car was front axle left-wide was leaking from the pan. I contacted the dealer about getting the car fixed under warranty. They told me the repair wasn't covered but it should be under the warranty. I checked with Kia Motor Financing USA, which financed the car for me and is a lienholder on the vehicle. Their computer showed it was a certified pre-owned vehicle but when they checked the contract apparently the dealer modified the agreement without telling me (Source: www.bbb.org)



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