kenny rogers lady lyrics

kenny rogers lady lyrics

lyrics to kenny rogers lady

Lyrics for Kenny Rogers Lady

"Lady" is a country music classic. This song was recorded by Kenny Rogers first in 1970. It went on to be a hit single in 1980. It was written by Lionel Richie, and it was one of most popular songs of the decade. It reached number three on the Hot 100, and the top 30 on both the Hot Country Singles charts and the Adult Contemporary charts. It was also a huge hit in New Zealand and other countries. The song has been praised for its sweet and cheesy lyrics. However, it has also received criticism for being too cheesy.

The song was the first to chart on four Billboard charts. It is the first country song that has charted on four charts, and it peaked at No. 60 on the All-Time Hot 100. Lionel Richie wrote the song and it has been adapted by many artists. It is a love song about undying love and a classic example of country music. It is also a classic and is an enduring classic.

The song "Lady" was a hit for the R&B singer Lionel Richie. It boosted Richie's career and earned him the title of "Lady" in the process. Originally, the song was written by Richie and was released on Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits album. It has also charted in more than a dozen countries outside the US. In 2012, it was included on the list of Billboard's All-Time Hot 100.

Kenny Rogers wrote the song "Lady." The song reached the top of four Billboard charts and reached No. The song reached No. 60 on the All-Time Hot 100. It is the third most popular song of all time and has been included on many compilation albums and soundtracks. It has been featured on numerous television shows, radio stations, as well as other media outlets. You can find several versions of the song online.

"Lady" was written by Richie and was released in 1980. Richie's solo career was launched by Richie thanks to the song, which became a huge hit for Kenny Rogers. It helped Richie establish his reputation as a R&B singer. And he has since been accompanied by Lionel Richie on the same album. The lyrics of "Lady" Richie show that the singer has a deep, meaningful relationship.

The song was a huge hit and became Richie's signature song. The song was also credited with jumpingstarting Richie's solo career. It proved that Richie could write a hit despite his lack of musical background. It is still one of the most successful songs in the history of pop music. And in fact, Richie and Rogers were a great team in the 80s.


Who Sings Just the Two of Us?

This article will provide an outline of Grover Washington as a saxophonist and Bill Withers. These two are among the top performers in the world, and they all had some part in the story which is the song's title. Bill Withers is known for singing romantic songs, and therefore it's the ideal candidate to talk to.

Bill Withers

The popular song "Just Two of Us" was a smash single in 1981. It featured the vocal talents of Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr. Both of them are in demand to this day. It's been forty years since the first single came out but it is being rediscovered by followers. The song is an easy jazz and R&B track that celebrates the flowing and changing of love.

The song was composed by Grover Washington, Jr., a jazz-funk saxophonist who was able to record seven consecutive albums that were no. 1 on Billboard's jazz chart. Washington wrote this GRAMMY-winning track. He'd known Withers for many years. The two songwriters initially agreed to rewrite the song because Washington has covered Withers the track "Ain't A Sunshine" several years prior.

"Just the Two of Us" was a single release in the year 1981. The song became a huge popular in America, featuring Bill Withers singing the lead vocals. This song, despite its name, is actually one for saxophone. It's a sweet song that has a jazzy edge. In the U.S., Bill Withers' version was in circulation. U.S. chart aired Bill Withers' version for three weeks. Billboard Hot 100 was voted by the public as the most popular R&B song from 1982 by Grammy Award winner.

Grover Washington Jr.

It is the American jazz-funk and soul-jazz saxophonist, Grover Washington Jr. is widely regarded as among the early pioneers of smooth jazz. He was skilled at mastering the subtleties of many genres of music over the course of his career. His work on the saxophone is famous all over the world. Here are some of the most famous recordings of Washington:

Grover Washington Jr. was born in Buffalo, New York. He became an eminent musician in jazz. His parents were both saxophonists as well as enthusiasts of the old jazz 78s. His early years were filled by exposure to some of the most famous musicians of New York. He was a member of the Army and then began playing saxophone at various clubs. In the next few years, his own band, The Four Clefs, was formed. The late 1960s saw the band relocated to Philadelphia and released his first record as a solo artist, Inner City Blues. It was a critical hit and earned him many admirers.

"Lullaby" commences with a solo by George Washington, then gradually becomes a fusion of others Grovers and himself. As the solo ends, Grover's saxophone duel with electronic pianoist Dave Grusin is overshadowed by the rhythmic interplay played by the three main Horns. This fades into a staccato rhythm that squeals and sings with joy. Solos for the saxophone are next.

While George Washington was best known as a musician in the jazz scene, he worked on his abilities in the realm of commercial. The jazz musician who earned the status of platinum or gold. The album Winelight was awarded an Grammy Award. He continued his performances throughout the world. The musician performed on tenor saxophone the alt saxophone and clarinet as well as the piano. As well as being an instrumentalist, Washington was also a composer and songwriter. songs.

The smooth jazz sound of Washington shaped the music industry of the 1980s. It was a major aspect of his popularity. In the '70s and '80s, he teamed up with other musicians for songs like "Just two of us" as well as "The Greatest is yet to Be." Bill Withers also produced "Soulful Strut," which he wrote that reached No. 2 spot on America's charts in 1982.

Grover Washington Jr. was a musician who began his career in 1970 with major recordings. They created an unique jazz formula that could be listened to. The recordings made by the legends Creed Taylor and George Benson did not compromise their integrity. They ensured that their recordings were properly practiced and tight. The result was that it was possible for Washington Jr.'s music to be issued in early 2000.

Washington's first big break came in the recording sessions in which he collaborated with Hammond. Grover was hired to record and performed alongside B.B. King, Eric Clapton, as well as Bo Diddley. Washington was a regular in Charles Earland's band for the next few years. Breakout was Washington's first release and helped make Grover one of the most prominent figures in jazz.

Grover Washington Saxophonist

Grover Washington, Jr. is an American jazz saxophonist. He was a major influence on many musicians, including Bill Withers. His music was featured in numerous films, such as Miami Vice and Streetwise. Washington was a child who listened to Big Band and jazz. Washington was a saxophonist at clubs and played with his band from the midwestern region, known as called the Four Clefs. Washington was with the US Army when he met Billy Cobham, a drummer. Cobham was the one who introduced Washington to many New York musicians. Washington became a freelancer in New York, and finally settled in Philadelphia.

Washington Who is most appreciated for his singing talents was an international superstar. He had seven consecutive No. He had seven consecutive No. 1 . albums on Billboard's jazz charts . He was an international star during the 1980s. His fame was boosted by Winelight, his GRAMMY-winning album. Bill Withers was the co-writer of this song and he was friends with Grover Washington Jr., who was inspired to write a new version. The result was a song that has meaning even 40 years more.

Saxophonists, Washington's music was the effect of bringing music from different genres, although he was mostly a jazz musician. Washington's smooth jazz sounds made him famous for being among the early pioneers in the field of smooth jazz. His jazz-funk LPs were back-to-back Top 10 Pop hits, and his 1982 hit "Just the Two Of Us was awarded a Grammy for Best R&B Song. The song became a major hit not only in jazz, but as well in R&B.

Just the Two of Us' smooth jazz-R&B fusion highlights the emotions of love. The protagonist does not want to miss the opportunity to meet a remarkable woman. There is no doubt that this is a match made in heaven. The music was produced by producer Ralph MacDonald, and Bill Withers was invited for the performance.

If you're looking to find out who sang Just the Two of Us In this post, we will give information on singers saxophonists Grover Washington as well as Bill Withers. They're two of the top artists around the world. They all played a part in the romance of the title track. Bill Withers, a well-known singer of love songs is the perfect person to connect with.

Bill Withers

The 1981 hit track "Just Two of Us" which featured Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers was huge. The two artists remain well-known today. The song has been rediscovered by fans when it had been lost for forty years. This smooth , R&B/jazz tune celebrates love's passing.

The track was written by Grover Washington, Jr. an saxophonist from jazz and funk who was able to record seven consecutive albums that were the top of the charts at No. 1 on Billboard's jazz chart. Washington was the songwriter of this award-winning track. He'd known Withers over a number of years. Since Washington's hit song "Ain't no Sunshine", which was covered by Withers in the past, the two songwriters agreed to make changes to the song.

"Just The Two Of Us" was a single release in 1981. The song became an instant hit in the U.S., and Bill Withers his vocals were one of the top choices for the song. In spite of the title, the song is a saxophone ballad - it's a love song, but with an edgy twist. Bill Withers' rendition lasted for three weeks on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and won an Grammy Award for Best R&B track in 1981.

Grover Washington Jr.

It is the American jazz-funk and soul jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. is frequently regarded as to be one of the founders of jazz that is smooth. He was skilled at mastering the subtleties of many different styles of music throughout his career. He is well-known for his saxophone playing. Here are a few of Washington's best-known recordings:

He was born in Buffalo, New York, the saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. He was an early musician to be a star in jazz. He was the child of a saxophonist as well as an avid collector of old jazz 78s. They introduced him to many famous musicians from New York during his early days. He entered the Army and soon began playing on the saxophone, which he played in various venues. In the next few years, his own band, The Four Clefs, was formed. The late 1960s saw he moved to Philadelphia and put out his first record as a solo artist, Inner City Blues. It was an incredibly successful release for this album, and gained numerous fans.

"Lullaby" opens with a solo performance by George Washington, then gradually overlaid by other Grovers and George Washington. The synchronized interplay of three trumpets leads makes the duel with the saxophone Dave Grusin overshadowed. It fades into rolling rhythm that squeals with delight. Saxophone solos are next.

Even though George Washington was best known for his contribution to the jazz industry, he worked on his abilities in the commercial realm. His jazz albums reached the status of platinum and gold, and he was awarded the double Grammy Award for his album Winelight. His concerts continued to be performed all over the world. The musician played piano and clarinet along with alt saxophone , tenor and alt saxophone. Washington along with his musical talents is also a composer who wrote music.

Smooth jazz that Washington produced influenced his music industry during the 1970s and 1980s. It was an integral part of his popularity. Washington also worked with other musicians in recording songs, such as "Just two of us", "The Best is Yet to Come" as well as others. Bill Withers also produced "Soulful Strut" one of his songs which reached the no. in 1982. The song hit No. two on country's charts.

Grover Washington Jr. began his career in 1970s with major records. They came up with an approach that produced an extremely listenable jazz. The music composed by legends Creed Taylor and George Benson did not compromise their integrity. They made sure that their recording sessions were well-planned and precise. Washington Jr.'s songs were reissued in early 2000 due to this.

Washington's breakthrough came through the recording sessions in which he collaborated with Hammond. Washington agreed to sign Grover to a recording deal as a band leader, and also was a part of B.B. King, Eric Clapton and Bo Diddley. Washington continued playing in Charles Earland's band for the next few years. His first album, Breakout, was a smash hit and established Grover as one of jazz's most prominent new voices in jazz.

Grover Washington Saxophonist

Grover Washington, Jr. is an American jazz Saxophonist. He has influenced many musicians such as Bill Withers. Many movies featured his work like Streetwise and Miami Vice. Washington was raised listening to big band and jazz music. Washington took saxophone lessons at club and performed with his Midwestern band, The Four Clefs. While in the US Army, Washington met drummer Billy Cobham. Cobham introduced Washington to a variety of New York musicians. Washington became a freelancer in New York, and finally moved to Philadelphia.

Washington He is most well appreciated for his singing talents was a world-renowned star. He had seven consecutive No. #1 albums on the Billboard jazz charts. In the 1980s, his name became famous. His GRAMMY-winning album Winelight made him a stardom. Bill Withers was the co-writer of this track, and became acquaintances with Grover Washington Jr. The two determined to revise the song. It was an original song and still holds its significance 40 years later.

Washington played axophone, and his music was a crossover hit regardless of the fact that he was originally a jazz musician. Washington's smooth jazz sounds earned him the reputation of being one of the founders in the field of smooth jazz. There were two back-to back Top 10 Pop hit jazz-funk albums. In 1982, his track "Just The Two Of Us" was awarded a Grammy nomination for the Best R&B Song. In addition to jazz and R&B it had also been a big hit in seven other countries.

Smooth jazz/R&B fusion from Just the Two of Us highlights the ebbs and flows of love. However, the lead character does not wish not to take advantage of this chance to meet a woman who he thinks is exceptional. The two are a perfect match. Producing Ralph MacDonald produced the music, while Bill Withers sang it.


Is Fandom Down?

fandomcom down

If you've ever wondered if Fandom.com is down, it might be because of the site's recent downtime. As a publishing platform for wikis, Fandom is an online entertainment media website that promotes Starz and Film franchises and makes money off of advertising. While you might not have been able to use the website when it's down, you may at least be able to see what's going on.

Fandom is an online entertainment media website

Fandom is an online entertainment media website fueled by fan passion. It allows fans to explore pop culture, contribute to it, and celebrate it. Its community features allow users to interact in a safe environment. With over 200 million monthly users and 400,000 communities, Fandom is an invaluable resource for fans of all genres. These audiences are influential, young, and diverse. Its platform has made fandom a global entertainment media website.

Fandom is the first-party data offering from an entertainment and gaming website. Using information derived from surveys of its 200,000 "superfans," Fandom is able to package insights from these communities into marketing campaigns and product merchandising strategies. For example, Fandom can provide insights on the popularity of different movie and TV franchises, which would help marketers develop new products. The platform also helps brands develop cross-platform marketing strategies and promote branded content.

Aside from fan-generated content, Fandom also features original videos and news. The website is targeted toward entertainment-obsessed fans and aims to become a one-stop shop for pop culture, from video games to television shows to movies. The launch of the site is expected to take place at the IAB leadership meeting in Palm Desert, California. Meanwhile, Reddit is an online marketplace of ideas, and Facebook has a vast network of members who can contribute to content.

Fandom is a global entertainment media site powered by fan passion. It's the perfect place to discuss pop culture. After registering, users are given an account. Once they've created their account, they can then edit almost any page on the website. In addition to this, they can also use their account to create and manage their own fandom pages. There are a few steps involved when creating and editing fan pages on Fandom.

Fandom, which was formerly known as Wikia, recently announced a bold new look for its logo, tagline, and website. It's dedicated to gaming and pop culture, and features forums and Emmy-nominated content. In addition to its gaming content, Fandom is also responsible for the popular tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Its latest acquisition, Focus Multimedia, is focused on creating creator-centric businesses.

It is a publishing platform for wikis

In the past, Fandom.com was known as a website that hosted fan fiction wikis. While this is not as prevalent today, it is still a popular way for fans to write about and share their favorite fictional worlds. The service is also used to host shopping sites and connect with other fans. While it started with only 1,500 pages created by core contributors, Fandom now boasts more than 30 million content pages, over 80 languages, and over 250,000 wikis.

One of the biggest concerns about Fandom is its advertising policies. The company uses several ad products to generate revenue for its wikis. In the past, Fandom relied on Google AdSense but has since moved to Federated Media. The company also uses Amazon ads and AdSense to generate revenue. In addition to advertising, Fandom also sponsors sweepstakes on related wikis.

To create a wiki, follow the steps below. First, you need to sign up with Fandom.com. Create an account or log in if you already have one. After creating an account, you can choose a title for your wiki. Don't forget to fill out the name of your wiki! If your title has already been taken, the system will tell you so.

Adding quizzes is another way for Fandom to attract new fans. While the site is still in its early stages, it has already introduced several tools to encourage the creation of quizzes. Staff can also create quizzes and test community knowledge. It seems that quizzes are most popular among users who enjoy gaming, anime, and other popular topics. But it seems that there is room for both types of quizzes.

Setting up your wiki is easy, but it's important to understand the basics of wiki syntax before you start. MediaWiki, for example, is a popular wiki software platform. Wikis are generally written in HTML, but you can also edit text on your site in a web browser. You can also import YouTube videos to your wiki. You can even set up user profiles.

It promotes Starz and Film franchises

Fandom.com has a massive audience of over 360,000 fan communities and over 175 million monthly unique visitors. The company was recently acquired by Lionsgate, which has a huge library and releases over 40 feature films a year. Lionsgate recently acquired Starz as well, and the alliance is expected to further their partnership. The site's chief operating officer, Walker Jacobs, said the alliance takes advantage of the passionate fans of both Starz and Film franchises.

The re-branding of Fandom.com has a variety of benefits for franchises and fans. Unlike Wikipedia, which has strict notability policies, Fandom.com has more than a million users who contribute content to a specific franchise. Users of Fandom can share their opinions, and write reviews and how-to guides. Fans can also find videos and news coverage sponsored by the properties.

It makes money from advertising

As more online gamers turn to social networks to share their passions, Fandom.com has expanded its revenue streams. By selling advertising to its user base, it can reach more than 100 million people - a number that would not have been possible if Fandom did not have its huge database of gamers. The company is focusing on the APAC region, where it already has a market of 45 million unique visitors a month. To that end, it has hired two new Regional Sales Directors in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company is also working with a streaming service, which declined to name its name. This new partnership involves a live-action remake of a children's show aimed at a more mature audience. But the Fandom team isn't involved with production of the show, just consulting with them on what characters are most popular. That research is not part of a larger ad buy. The company is making money from advertising in two ways: through ad clicks and ad sales.

The company has a number of other costs, including the salaries of its managing officers and the website domain. However, the benefits of working with the community are enormous. In return, Fandom has access to free labor and a growing number of users. Using Fandom.com is a great way to promote your favorite entertainment content, and it will give you a chance to win cash in the process. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions before sharing any personal information.

By creating a self-serve ad platform, Fandom hopes to take advantage of the exploding popularity of popular entertainment franchises. By extending the ad inventory to more advertisers, the company hopes to boost its revenue. In addition to advertising, Fandom recently acquired e-commerce platform Fanatical, which sells digital games, e-books, and other gaming products. It is not yet clear how Fandom plans to expand its revenue model, but it certainly intends to.

As a fan, you may be thinking that fandom is all about enthusiasm and passion. But, in reality, it's also about money. The money that these franchises generate keeps Hollywood in business. It also gives sites like eBay leverage because the items sold on these sites are incredibly expensive. Ultimately, fandom keeps the economy moving. If you're interested in starting a fandom, consider making it your primary source of income.

Fandom.com Wikipedia

fandomcom wikipedia

The Fandom.com wikipedia is a popular encyclopedia for fans of various fictional universes. The site was created in 2004 by Angela Beesley Starling and Jimmy Wales. In addition to wikis dedicated to various topics, it hosts fan fiction and is a nonprofit Delaware corporation. The website derives its income from advertising. Fans can create wikis dedicated to their favorite characters, TV shows, movies, and music.

Fandom is a non-profit wikipedia

Before October 2016, Fandom was known as Wikia, a commercial for-profit arm of Wikipedia. It hosted a number of entertainment-related wikis. In 2004, Jimmy Wales founded Wikia, Inc., and later sold the company to TPG Capital and Jon Miller through Integrated Media Co., resulting in the name change. While Fandom was a good fit for many fans, it had some drawbacks.

For example, Fandom is not a'mainstream' Wikipedia. Users can make edits to articles and contribute information. For instance, if someone writes about a popular series, they can contribute their thoughts to the Fandom Wiki. If a fan submits an article, it will be reviewed by the Fandom JavaScript Review Team. It is possible to edit a particular fanwork by hand, but it requires review by the Fandom JavaScript Review Team.

Another important feature of Fandom is its official partnerships with certain corporations. These partnerships enable it to create and host wikis that are "official" and "vetted" by the corporations. For instance, the Star Trek Initiative Wiki, which features fan-created content celebrating the show's 50th anniversary, is hosted by Fandom. For other popular franchises, Fandom created official wikis for the launch of Civilization: Beyond Earth and The Lord of the Rings. In addition to the Trek Initiative, Fandom partnered with Daybreak Games to launch the wikis for several games. Other partnerships include 2K Games for the launch of Civilization: Beyond Earth, and Warner Bros Interactive for Shadow of Mordor.

It was founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling

Fandom.com is a fan-run website that offers wikis about video games and entertainment news. Gamers around the world can visit Fandom and find information on all things video games. It also contains news about the television and entertainment industry, including the most popular videos across social networks. Since the site is community-based, anyone can edit existing articles and wikis, expanding the knowledge base.

The web site was first known as Wikicities and later changed its name to Fandom. It uses the same technology as Wikipedia to power its fan-centric experience. The site features articles written by fans as well as interviews with the creators of the properties they discuss. Fandom also hosts videos and news coverage sponsored by the creators of popular entertainment. Its founders, Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling, created the fan-centric platform with a mission to make fandom accessible to all.

Fandom is a collaborative effort to help people share information and ideas. The community develops and maintains fandom wikis, encyclopedias online. Fandom wikis are organized by topic and cover a deeper level of detail than any other wiki site. Several wikis are featured on the main page and are updated regularly based on user feedback.

It hosts wikis about fictional universes

Fandom.com is a website where fans can create and edit wikis about fictional universes. Founded in 2006, Fandom is a database of wikis related to fictional worlds. Its goal is to create a comprehensive resource for fans of any fictional universe. To that end, the website is hosted by Wikipedia. In addition to its encyclopedia-style format, Fandom.com hosts wikis about many different fictional universes. A good example of an early wiki is Wookieepedia.

Fandom is comprised of many wikis related to popular culture and entertainment. It began as a website for pop culture and now has more than 30 million content pages. Contributors work with the Wikia editorial team to maintain the site. Fandom features articles and forums featuring fan opinions, interviews with the creators of popular properties, news coverage and how-to guides. It also features fan-created videos, how-to guides, and reviews.

It derives income from advertising

While the popularity of online gaming and entertainment content has made it a lucrative business model, digital media companies have struggled to diversify their revenue streams. The growth of Facebook and Alphabet Inc.'s Google have sucked up a growing share of digital ad spend. Fortunately for Fandom, it has already established a number of paid revenue streams. In February, the company acquired the e-commerce website Fanatical, which sells digital games, e-books, and other gaming products.

Fandom.com has several official partnerships with popular entertainment brands. First of all, it has partnered with Starz and Film franchises. These partnerships promote their products through wiki content, fan articles, and advertisements. Additionally, Fandom has partnered with Lionsgate Media to promote the Starz franchise. By doing so, the company is able to expand the reach of its brand and appeal to fans of popular entertainment.

Fandom also uses inline and banner advertisements to monetize its content. It is unlike rival Wikia, which relies on donations to fund its operations. The service is free to use, but revenue is generated by selling advertising space on pages. In addition, Fandom also allows wikis to migrate to a different platform. However, if the content is sensitive or controversial, Fandom does not allow a private wiki.

It has a message wall

Message walls on Fandom.com are similar to forums on other websites, but they do have different features. Messages can be either private or public. If the message is public, it will be visible to other users, and can also be read by others. To reply to a message, you must type it in the Message Wall section. Then, format the text appropriately and add quotation marks. Afterwards, click on a user's name to view the message wall.

In addition to traditional message boards, Fandom also has a message wall where members can discuss their favorite entertainment media. You can add comments or ask a question. The message wall is a great place to express your opinion about a particular franchise or game. It's also a great way to communicate with other fans. And since it's free, the community is always growing and active. If you have a question, it's probably answered on the fandom message board.

It promotes Starz and Film franchises through wiki content

Fandom.com has partnered with Lionsgate Media to promote Starz and Film franchises through wiki content, fan articles, and advertising. As a result, Fandom.com has increased its content marketing budget and expanded its original programming slate. While it was not a direct competitor to HBO or Showtime, it was able to compete with both. Listed below are some of the ways that Fandom promotes Film and Starz franchises through wiki content.

Before its recent launch, Fandom.com was known as Wikia. This for-profit Delaware company began operations in 2004 and has since expanded to include the 'Starz' and 'Film' domains. The website was acquired by Jon Miller and TPG Capital. While a few early wikis have suffered from detractors, Fandom has experienced continued growth over the last few years.

To begin your Starz and Film wiki content, start by finding a suitable topic. A popular topic could have many different wikis, but you can create a community around it. For example, if you're a fan of "Harry Potter," you can adopt a Harry Potter wiki and keep it active. Remember that wikis operate on collaboration and achieve their best results when multiple people contribute content.

It has a mobile appearance

The mobile appearance of Fandom.com is not too different from that of desktop versions. On the desktop, the mobile main page shows the wiki's summary and representative image. It is also able to display Trending Articles and Categories. In addition, the Mobile Main Page is available to local administrators only. They can find this option by clicking "Edit mobile main page".

Since it was launched, Wikia has partnered with a number of companies and corporations to launch fandom.com, an online entertainment media site. In order to make this site as popular as possible, Fandom has worked with volunteer contributors, called "Fandom Contributors," to create content on the wiki. This site is dedicated to pop culture, featuring fan opinions, interviews with creators, reviews, and how-to guides, as well as news coverage sponsored by the properties themselves.

How to Create a Bot for a Wiki Using the Fandom API

fandomcom api

If you want to create your own bot on a wiki, you can utilize the Fandom.com api. The API has some elements that will guide you through the process. These elements include the parameters of the request, Authentication, and Portable infoboxes. The documentation for the API is also available for download. You can follow along as we walk through the various steps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Parameters for a fandom.com api request

If you are working on an application that uses the Fandom API, you will need to know what the required parameters are. The parameters you pass should limit the scope of your request. The API call must be of a GET type, and can connect to a login session, if necessary. For additional information, please see the Fandom API documentation. You can also use the JSON formatter.


The Services require that you register in order to access the vast majority of content on the Services. Only registered users can create and contribute to Fandom communities and view certain content on mobile applications. You also need to be registered in order to post comments about other content on the Services. The following sections describe how to register in Fandom.com. In addition, you'll find information about authentication and permissions in this document.

Community Council: Members of the Community Council are selected by Fandom Staff to provide early feedback on new products and features. They'll also have a "Council" tag on their profile. Authenticated users: These users are either official accounts from large video game companies, or users that are famous and noteworthy. These users must be verified by Fandom staff in order to join the Community Council. These groups are also required to be part of the Fandom API.

SOAP: The SOAP group has experience combating spam and vandalism on Fandom. These users have expanded user rights across all Fandom communities and access to extra tools. They also have a special "SOAP" tag in their profile. "Helpers": Helpers are volunteers who work to improve non-English Fandom communities. They also share many user rights with the Fandom staff. Their profiles have a special tag indicating that they are staff.

Administrators: Users with admin rights have access to administrative controls, such as blocking other users from editing and creating community pages. They can also grant other users Rollback or Discussions Moderator rights, and edit the community's skin and format. Administrators can also edit the IP addresses of users. A community founder is automatically granted admin rights when creating a community. A community founder can choose whom they want as bureaucrats, as well as appoint trusted users to the admin team.

Users can also create bots to moderate the wiki's content. Before creating a bot, however, a user must create a separate account and seek permission from community members and bureaucrats. Wiki bots are flagged by Fandom Staff. Local admins can also flag accounts. Once the bot is flagged, the bot's username will appear as "Bot" in the user page.

Users must first log in to use the Discussions API before using it. They must also authenticate their login session in order to access the Discussions API. They can import login code from one file and use that code to authenticate the user's account. The basic format for API authentication can be seen in the following Python code snippet. The connection key indicates the network type used. The keep-alive value indicates that the connection is persistent over TCP. This is an important feature because multiple HTTP requests can be made on the same connection.

Using portable infoboxes

Using Portable Fandom Infoboxes is a great way to make a Wiki accessible to everyone! The idea was born when one fan wanted to share their knowledge about the world of fantasy and sci-fi. In order to do so, the user must install an extension in their MediaWiki. For more information, read the Fandom FAQ. This will help the user get started. If you've never modified a Wiki template before, this guide will be useful!

The first step in setting up a Portable Fandom Infobox is to add a Data Source attribute to each row. By default, data tags do not include a source, so if there is none, the rows will not be displayed. You can also include a custom data source by adding an infobox template to your page. Just make sure that your data source attribute is set to data. Then, simply include the following HTML code in your page and add it to the bottom.

The next step is to add categories and interwiki links to each InfoBox. This will allow the user to easily navigate the infoboxes from one page to another. If you don't have a Wikia account yet, you can create an account there and log in. Once you've set up your account, you can add the categories to your InfoBox. Just make sure to add a category with a specific sort key, like Mysubject.

The format tag in the template allows you to display the parameters in an infobox. You can also insert a caption and title using the format tag. But remember that the Visual Editor will not accept non-number input. You can control the format of the data elements with the help of the style tags. You can also add a link if you want to display it as a text link. If you're not sure what to input, consult the Portable Fandom Infobox documentation.

If you're using an existing template, you can use it to prototype your Infobox. Then, copy and paste it into a new Infobox page to see how it looks like. You can even add parameters to your Infobox as you go. In the end, you'll have a finished Infobox that you can deploy to many different Wikis. The documentation page is just a quick and easy way to get started.

You can also set your own colors for your Infobox. The template-source attribute allows you to change the theme of your Infobox. By default, the font colour of each instance of an Infobox is white. However, you can change the color of the title and the header by using a CSS selector. This way, you can use a different font color to style your Infoboxes. And it's a lot simpler than re-coding the whole site!

Does Fandom.com Support Dark Mode?

fandomcom dark mode

You're probably wondering if Fandom.com supports the dark mode. Well, the answer is a resounding "no." This website doesn't currently support dark mode, but the company has been working on a dark mode for its mobile site, but hasn't made much public about it. Hopefully they'll soon get around to making it available for desktop users. We'll continue to look for ways to improve the experience of fans on the website.

Information about fandom.com

There is a difference between the mobile and desktop version of Fandom. The mobile version of Fandom has a light theme and a dark theme. You can choose which one you want to use by making changes to your personal CSS. If you want the mobile version to be darker than the desktop version, you can request that it be switched to dark mode. However, if you want to make changes to the desktop version, you can do so by editing the CSS cookbook on the Fandom Developers Wiki.

If you want to use dark mode, you can set the color of the infoboxes on the site to black. The UI will change to black, and the text will become off-white. This feature is available on desktop and fandommobile, but you have to use your browser's settings to enable it. You may also be unable to use the fandom desktop version without the mobile version of the site.

Light and dark themes are present all over Fandom. Admins can set a preferred color scheme for their wikis, while users can defer to a preset theme. To switch between the two, click the "switch theme" button in the header shortcuts near the top-right corner of the wiki. The icon will display either a sun or a moon. The latter is the default theme.

Some websites have their own versions of Dark Mode. You may be interested in the information below. As this is a new page, the author may make changes. Check back frequently to keep up with any new developments. You may also find useful links for other websites. However, Dark Mode is still in development. If you don't see anything you like, you may want to disable it. The author is not a professional developer; however, the author has written and approved it.

Its light and dark themes

In order to use dark mode on Fandom.com, you must be an admin on one of the Fandom wikis. You can request a dark theme from any wiki administrator, but you cannot customize FandomMobile on your own. You can, however, use the Fandom Developers Wiki to customize FandomMobile. To enable dark mode on your wiki, see the instructions here. You may also be able to change the CSS on your local computer.

The Fandom mobile app launched February 2 this year and was made the default on April 7. It lacks a dark mode, but has a light theme by default. The desktop version of Fandom launched on March 25 and was defaulted on August 3 this year. The dark theme is already available there, but it is not available on the mobile app. You will need to install an extension to enable it. Otherwise, you will have to use a third-party app to make it work.

When logged into Fandom.com, go to the Settings menu and click "Advanced" to switch to Dark Mode. This option will make the website pages darker, and the blue text will disappear. The button to purchase items will also be gray instead of blue. The dark mode will help you see the items you'd like to buy without having to turn on your lights. But be aware that the dark mode will not work on all websites.

Its mobile theme

The fandom.com dark mode is coming soon to FandomMobile. The company hasn't made any announcements about the new dark theme. The company doesn't offer a personal toggle for desktop users. But there are several other ways to enable the dark theme. Here are a few tips to make it easier to switch. First, switch the theme by clicking on the switch theme button. Click the moon icon to enable the dark theme. Click the sun icon to enable the light theme.

If you want to change the mobile theme, you need to contact Fandom Staff. They will help you to change the theme. You can also change the theme in your local personal CSS. After you've installed the extension, you can see it on your phone. This theme will be applied to mobile view pages. It will make the site look more similar to your desktop computer. The dark mode will take some time to load. However, it's worth it when you are on a mobile device.

Its support for dark mode

Since the release of FandomDesktop, fans can now toggle between light and dark themes. The admins can set different colors for light and dark themes, while users can choose their preferred color scheme throughout Fandom or defer to preset themes. If you want to switch themes, go to the "switch theme" button in the header shortcuts at the top right of your wiki's page. The icon for a dark theme is a moon, while a sun is for light theme.

If you have a phone with a display made of OLED technology, you may be able to view websites in a dark mode. Wikipedia is one of the many websites that supports dark mode. Users can customize the appearance of articles with dark theme colors by choosing "Dark" or "Black" mode. Dark mode, which is best for OLED screens, turns the background white into a deep blue color, and Black mode blots out the background completely. The Sepia option, on the other hand, tints the background brown or black.

Besides being supported in dark mode, Fandom has made official partnerships with major corporations. For instance, the Starz franchise and the Film franchise is promoted by Fandom, and the Trek Initiative is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. It has also made similar partnerships with 2K Games and Warner Bros Interactive for the launch of the Civilization: Beyond Earth and Shadow of Mordor. Fans can also contribute their content and ideas through the fan wikis.

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