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Every day I find the perfect article to share the latest news you need to know. It's just what's going on today and I'll guarantee you it's been covered by the news media. Either way, check it out and take real-time action.


He helped to craft digital strategies to expand online traffic, created new products and partnerships, and led a reorganization of the company's advertising and sales team. He also helped launch a new subscription-only national edition targeted for tablets, cellphones and other mobile devices, and helped push a redesign of the paper's website. (Source:

o – Only Boeing left, recall when Douglas, Lockheed, Convair use to build the worlds great airliners. Now only Boeing left. U.S. venture capital dcan resurrect a new U.S. airliner manufacturer now: Resources already still in place in California, Northwest, Texas and Kansas. Plus excellent aircraft workers yearning to go back to work building airplanes. Foreign interests see U.S. vulnerability. Airbus already has a new plant in Mobile, AL assembling Airbus airliners and may build the new C-220 there. Meanwhile global airliner manufacturers are underway in Europe, South America and Asia. Some are new, vigorously competing to take over Americas leadership role.

WHAT TO DO!!!!! The U.S. needs a new, stand-alone, National Aviation Commission (NAC) to be responsible for U.S. strategic aviation planning, policy, vision and promote U.S. aviation around the world A “reformed” FAA will be removed from out under the US. Department of Transportation (too busy with surface modes) and report to the NAC that reports direct to the president. Then worlds premier choice of travel is by airlines.

A New York state judge ruled on Friday that The New York Times should return documents it obtained about the conservative group Project Veritas. The New York Times said it would appeal the decision, with publisher A.G. Sulzberger saying it should "raise alarms" for press freedom. The New York Times must return memos it obtained that were written by an attorney for the conservative activist group Project Veritas, a judge in New York ruled Friday.



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