Judge Joe Brown OOR

Judge Joe Brown OOR

Judge Joe Brown

Joe Brown is an Atlanta rapper of note. It is not known how much Joe Brown is worth, but it is a lot. In the early 1990's, Joe hosted a very successful rap show where the battle of the day was to see who could do the most back flips on a trampoline. It later became very successful in its own right, but then Joe Brown's career took a downturn.


In March 2014, Brown was arrested in Memphis, Tennessee, and charged with five counts of contempt of court and getting "verbally abusive" during a child support case overseen by Magistrate Harold Horne. Brown, who retains his law license, was reviewing a child support matter as a favor to an acquaintance. According to press accounts, Brown became combative and irate after Horne refused to discuss details of the case that were not on the schedule. Brown was sentenced to five days in jail,

With all of its seasons having aired consecutively, solely under Judge Joe, Judge Joe Brown was the second longest running television jurist for many years prior to his resignation, just behind Judge Judy Sheindlin. While there are court shows that outnumber both Judge Joe Brown and Judge Judy in seasons within the judicial arena, namely Divorce Court and The People's Court, they are also programs with multiple lives and multiple "judges" in their histories. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The show was syndicated in the US, and aired during daytime hours. Reruns aired weekday mornings on Bounce TV from 2018 to 2021. It aired on CTV in Canada and Fox8 in Australia. Like the majority of television court shows, Judge Joe Brown is a form of binding arbitration. The show's producers maintain the appearance of a civil courtroom.

Brown later called out CBS for their treatment of him, claiming they had reneged on contract agreements, cheated him out of money, failed to give him sufficient advertising in favor of concentrating their advertisements in Judge Judy, and engaged in several other unjust, underhanded and unethical business practices. Worthy to note, Sheindlin of Judge Judy would also later walk out on CBS, citing her own resentment with management moves under the distributor. Sheindlin relocated to a different distributor, Amazon Studios, to do the same arbitration-based legal dispute handling in a spin-off court show called Judy Justice, which airs through streaming on IMDb TV. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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