Jon Lovett OR

Jon Lovett OR

Jon Lovett


Jon Lovett, who is a longtime former Obama speechwriter, co-hosts Pod Save America and is the author of the recently released book, Lovett or Leave It.


Lovett is a regular host of the Crooked Media podcasts Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It. As a speechwriter, he worked for President Barack Obama as well as for Hillary Clinton when she was a United States Senator and a 2008 presidential candidate. Lovett also co-created the NBC sitcom 1600 Penn, and was a writer and producer on the third season of HBO's The Newsroom.

Jon Lovett is a straight shooter widely respected on all sides. He earned this reputation (which is seriously fantastic, ask people) as a speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and as a presidential speechwriter in the Obama White House. Jon has written truly excellent speeches, really great, on a range of policy issues. He helped write the president’s annual remarks to the White House Correspondents Dinner. Many people say Jon is one of the funniest guys to do this. The jokes are just terrific. In the years since he’s become a really big league writer in Hollywood. He had a hit sitcom called “1600 Penn” which was cancelled by some crooked, disgusting people. Totally rigged deal. Also Jon has a great brain. He went to Williams, OK? One of the top guys. (Source: www.hbo.com)


This week, Lovett triumphantly returns to New York like Caesar to Rome. Is Ronan here for gay news? You bet. Does he return for the Newlywed game against Oscar nominated twins, the Lucas Bros.? Sure thing. Bridget Everett is here with facts on the rats that've overrun this fair city, and Wyatt Cenac is too with the receipts showing roads can be racist. Busy Philipps AKA Resistance Wine Mom is feeling a little disheartened by the lack of progress, and they're all joined by Kal Penn for the rant wheel, Taylor's Version™.

Brian Beutler cut his teeth in the crooked media for 12 years before finally dropping all pretense and joining a company that embraces its Crookedity. He was a senior congressional reporter for the news site TPM for five years, where he covered all the major reforms of the Obama era, and the conservative backlash that ultimately gave rise to Donald Trump. He was a columnist for Salon, and comes to Crooked Media from The New Republic, where he was senior editor, wrote a daily column and hosted the podcast Primary Concerns. Brian studied physics and astronomy at U.C. Berkeley, where he graduated without particular distinction in 2004. (Source: crooked.com)



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