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Jodie Woods:

jodie woods


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Jodie Woods is an African-American Instagram star and fashion influencer, better known as the younger sister of Jordyn Woods. She has been active on Instagram for less than a year. Within such a short time, she has managed to gain a massive following, partly due to the popularity of her more famous sibling who is often referred to as Kylie Jenner’s ex-best friend. Jodie has gained more fame by posting regular updates related to her life on Instagram. She is also known for posting lifestyle and fashion-related updates. She belongs to the millennial generation of social media influencers. Although she describes herself as a singer and dancer, there is not much evidence of it on her social media. What has endeared her to many, are the numerous posts with her family members, which include her famous sister. Furthermore, she is more popular amongst her age group because of her relatable lifestyle. Irrespective of the wealth or fortune her family might possess, she is growing up sheltered, under the watchful eyes of her mother.

Once Jodie Woods became more active on Instagram, her mother started managing her account. She is signed to ‘PR Woods Management Group’, which is led by her mother as well. Her social media presence is heavily monitored by her mother, because of her young age. Under her guidance, Jodie is becoming a social media influencer in her own right. Within a year of her first Instagram post, she has gained more than 400k followers. This is particularly extraordinary considering there is nothing unique on her Instagram page. Most of the posts are updates on her daily life and fashion updates. A majority of the posts are selfies showcasing her latest hairstyle or clothing style. Perhaps it is the relatable nature of her Instagram page that has attracted the attention of netizens. Far away from the pretentious, over-the-top ‘flexing’ posts in other pages, her Instagram page is like a breath of fresh air to people her age. It doesn’t hurt that her sister Jordyn is always in the news for both the right and wrong reasons. This generates interest in Jodie and she keeps gaining more followers through association. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


Jordyn and Jodie’s parents are Elizabeth Woods, a brand and talent manager, and John Woods. John, who previously worked as a sound engineer for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” passed away in January 2017, weeks following his cancer diagnosis, according to Jordyn’s Instagram post that paid tribute to her father. In the upload, Jordyn said, “Last night, heaven Got Another angel. My Daddy. Just two short weeks ago he was diagnosed with cancer, and by that time it was too late, I appreciate everyone’s kind words and it means the world to me. It still doesn’t feel real. Forever and Always.”

Jodie Woods received some negative attention in February 2019, because of her sister. Reports began to emerge that Khloe Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson had cheated on her with Jordyn Woods. Kylie and Jordyn stopped being friends immediately. Following that, Jodie Woods received a number of negative comments below her Instagram posts from online trolls and followers of Jordyn. Most of the comments were geared towards Jordyn, but it was not a pleasant experience for Jodie. She was even bullied at school. She, however, showed her support towards her sister by posting images with her. On April 28, 2019, she posted an image with Jordyn, which became the most-liked post on her Instagram page. It received more than 280k hearts or likes. It is undeniable that she is gaining more and more fame, and the future looks bright for the teenager. In her Twitter bio, she describes herself as a dancer and singer, implying she is taking lessons in both. Maybe that’s what the future holds for the youngster! (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)


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