Jetpack Los Angeles

Three commercial airline pilots have reported seeing a jetpack flying near the airport in the past year. The jetpack sighting theory had drawn scepticism from jetpack manufacturers. The first pilot report of a person flying a jetpack high over Los Angeles was enough to start a federal investigation. The second caused a stir on airport channels, with an air traffic controller remarking, “Only in L.A.” Months after that, a controller warned, “The jetpack guy is back.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation is officially here to rain on our parade after at least four sightings of what appeared to be a man flying a jetpack in the skies near Los Angeles International Airport. According to NBC Los Angeles, "jetpack man" was likely just a balloon styled after the main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

There was much speculation - and disbelief - after the FBI launched an investigation of Los Angeles Airport "jetpack man", following several more sightings in October 2020. The commercial airline pilots reported similar sightings over the course of a few months. The FBI investigation began following the third sighting, to help the FAA get to the bottom of the mystery jetpackist. In spite of being identified early as "jetpack man", the investigation did not rate the possibility highly. (Source: www.nzherald.co.nz)


The FBI launched an investigation after several pilots reported spotting "a guy in a jetpack" at 3,000ft (915m) above the city's LAX airport last year. Pilots first reported a suspicious sighting in August 2020, describing a man flying a jetpack at about 3,000 feet near Los Angeles International Airport. “Tower, American 1997 — we just passed a guy in a jetpack,” the pilot of American Airlines Flight 1997 from Philadelphia told air traffic control at the time, saying it looked like there was a person about 300 yards to the plane’s left.The sighting started an investigation by the F.B.I. and the F.A.A. The authorities then heard of a second sighting about six weeks later, as crew members on a commercial airliner flying near the airport reported seeing what looked like a person at an estimated 6,000 feet. This July, a third sighting, at 5,000 feet, was reported by a pilot flying a Boeing 747 over Los Angeles.

This latest evidence should put to rest an ongoing debate as to what, exactly, pilots repeatedly saw over LAX and the greater LA area. Public interest in the flying fellow last spiked in July when officials once again were confronted with something they couldn't quite explain.Monday's revelation comes months after multiple reports of reported Jet Pack Man sightings made rounds on social media. The LAX mystery first captured the Internet's attention in late August of 2020 after an American Airlines pilot reported "seeing a mystery person in a jetpack flying in the path of incoming jets." (Source: www.foxla.com)



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