JetNet Corporation is a dynamic, innovative company specializing in the design, manufacture, and sale of netting products to a variety of industries in the United States and globally.


Looking to expand its reach in the business and commercial aviation data market, JetNet named Greg Fell to lead the company in a newly created CEO position. Ownership of JetNet is remaining with the Esposito family, and Tony Esposito, who is president, owner, and majority shareholder, will work with Fell as the company moves forward on a strategic plan to increase its research capabilities, information technology use, and business intelligence platform development, JetNet said. (Source:

In 2011, with data on more than 60,000 aircraft, the company launched its Jetnet iQ Business Aviation Forecast Service, which provides market analysis gathered from quarterly surveys of more than 500 aircraft owners and operators worldwide. A collaboration between Jetnet and Rolland Vincent Associates, Jetnet iQ offers reports, annual summits, and project consulting. Jetnet also created the Yachtspot database in 2011; it now holds information on more than 7,000 luxury watercraft. (Source: www.bjtonline.com)


JetNet will also provide a sneak peek at its new business intelligence platform, which is scheduled to launch early next year, at the trade show. Dubbed JetNet BI, the data solution will provide graphic visualizations and interactive dashboards that provide insight into business aircraft fleet stats, flight activity, values, JetNet iQ surveys and forecast data, and more.

In 2017, the company introduced Aerodex Airport Uplift, using live direct-feed FAA aircraft flight data to provide search capabilities on flight patterns, fuel consumption, and predictors for maintenance and inspection events per aircraft serial number. At that time, Aerodex was tracking and updating 21,674 business jets, 15,045 turboprops, 5,207 piston airframes, and an unspecified number of airliners. Jetnet now holds detailed information on more than 112,000 airframes. (Source: www.bjtonline.com)


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