Jason Robert Pope:

Jason Robert Pope:

Jason Robert Pope


What makes a good faithless leader? The dearth of such characters in today’s world—and their absence in leadership journals—is shamefu


December 4, 2011 – The Florence County Sheriff’s Office report states that a deputy was called out to Carolina Hospital, in reference to sexual misconduct. A 13-year-old girl told the deputy that she had sex with Pope, and later found out that he had AIDS. The girl said her friend introduced her to Pope, who was 34 years old at the time. The report says Pope gave the girl marijuana and some money so the girl would have sex with him. She said Pope did not use a condom. A 16-year-old girl told authorities that Pope took both girls back to his residence on Lakeview Drive, where he had sex with them. The 16-year-old said the incident happened on Thanksgiving Day. Both girls told deputies that they were concerned about contracting AIDS because they said Pope did not use a condom. Pope, who was listed as a subject on this report, was not arrested. A box next to the word ‘unfounded’ on the report is filled in. (Sour

Is there evidence or criminal charges that say South Carolina sex crimes defendant Jason "DJ Kidd" Pope trafficked "nearly 700 women, all black"? No, that's not true: Social media posts have taken out of context Pope's Facebook boast that by age 36 he was "...with 693 bodies...all black females," a phrase of indeterminate meaning. Even if every charge pending against him at the time this was written on April 5, 2021, concerns a different alleged victim, there would be 19 victims, total. Pope has not pleaded guilty and has not yet been tried on the charges. Nothing in court filings says he trafficked 693 women. (Source: www.wbtw.com


Police in Florence County, South Carolina, arrested Pope in August of 2019, alleging he had sex with multiple minors he attracted via the social media account of his DJ business. Bloggers and reporters found and published multiple photos of Pope with young women, some in which he bragged about his conquests and rap DJ lifestyle. (Source: )Although Pope is charged with serious crimes, it would be premature to definitively say he committed any of them. "He has not pleaded guilty or been convicted of anything yet and we don't have a court date yet," said Robert Kittle, spokesman for the South Carolina attorney general's office, which is prosecuting the case. ()

December 13, 2017 – Deputies were called out for a report of a 16-year-old girl threatening to commit suicide. The girl told deputies she ‘feels like she wants to hurt herself’ because she said Pope, now 40, had been spreading things about her on social media and destroying her life. She said since September 27, 2017, Pope had been paying her for sex and blackmailing her to do sexual acts when she didn’t want to. She said she had cut off ties with Pope weeks ago and he refused to leave her alone. She said he was going to her friends trying to find her. She told deputies most of the sex was consensual but that Pope ‘brainwashed her and took advantage of her’. She said Pope had sexual relationships with ‘a lot of teenage girls age 15-16’. She said those relationships would start off by Pope asking them if they wanted to work, with Pope handing out flyers promoting him being a DJ for parties, and then bribing them with money. The girl said Pope would often tell the girls his dad is a federal judge and he can get away with anything. Deputies were told there was evidence on a phone in which Pope asks for sex and states he will give the person money. Deputies were told Pope often films the sexual encounters with the teenage girls. The phone was logged into evidence at the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. Pope, who was listed as a subject in this incident, was not arrested at the time, according to the report. The administrative section of the report lists the case as administratively closed. (Source: www.wbtw.com)




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