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The Jamaica Observer is a progressive news source where the outcome of reporting is to inform, not to personalize or sensationalize. Your traffic goes further when you pass on that specific voice to your readers.


While commending Jamaica Observer for its contribution to promoting China-Jamaica relations by enhancing knowledge and understanding of China among the Jamaican public, Ambassador NIU encouraged Jamaican media to take better advantage of their resources and make more objective reports on China's development and China-Jamaica friendly partnership. Managing Director Walker introduced achievements of Observer's cooperation with Chinese media, the overall opinions of the Jamaican public towards China, Chinese people and Chinese investment, and agreed to further expand cooperation and exchanges of the press between the two countries.

Sources indicate that One Order operates out of Spanish Town (Jamaica Gleaner 4 Oct. 2015; Jamaica Observer 25 Jan. 2013), which is in St. Catherine's Parish (ibid. 31 Dec. 2015). Jamaica Observer specifies that One Order is headquartered in the Tawes Pen community [in Spanish Town] (ibid. 25 Jan. 2013). The same source notes that other communities that are strongholds of One Order are Ellerslie Pen, Dempshire Pen, Gordon Pen, Shelter Rock, Homestead and Chambers Lane (ibid.). Jamaica Observer also indicates that gangs in Jamaica have created "'franchises'" in other areas of the country, including rural regions, and that the One Order gang has a "'franchise'" in St. James parish (ibid. 13 Nov. 2015). Further and corroborating information about the operations of One Order outside of Spanish Town could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. (Source: www.refworld.org)


In a January 2013 article, Jamaica Observer reports that the police suspected One Order members of murdering two people, one of whom was a Ministry of Youth and Culture employee, because the two victims voiced their disagreement with the operations of a One Order boss at a public community meeting (ibid. 25 Jan. 2013). According to the same source, the two victims were both shot multiple times in or outside their homes within a day of each other (ibid.).

Internet sites, including: Amnesty International; ecoi.net; Factiva; Human Rights Watch; Jamaica – Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Information Service, Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, Ministry of National Security Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Office of the Public Defender; National Integrity Action; Small Arms Survey; United Kingdom – Home Office; United Nations – Office on Drugs and Crime, Refworld. (Source: www.refworld.org)


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