Islam Makhachev Loses His Only Loss at UFC 192

Islam Makhachev Loses His Only Loss at UFC 192


islam makhachev loss

Islam Makhachev suffered his only loss at UFC 192, but is currently on a 10-fight winning streak. A protege of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Dagestani fighter has become an impressive lightweight who has only been stopped once in six years.

He's a master of ground-and-pound and on Saturday at UFC 280 he won his first title defense against Charles Oliveira by second-round head-and-arm choke. With this impressive 22-1 record, he's just one fight away from facing off against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284 in Australia for the belt.

Adriano Martins vs Islam Makhachev

Islam Makhachev has not lost a fight since his first professional loss to Adriano Martins in 2015. The Dagestani fighter has won 10 straight fights, including notable victories over Bobby Green and Dan Hooker.

He now enters UFC 280 as the favorite to take down Charles Oliveira for the vacant lightweight title at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi on October 22. As two of the sport's most dominant lightweights, they have much to prove to one another.

The Dagestani has amassed an impressive 10-fight winning streak, defeating six of his ten opponents by stoppage. These victories include a TKO triumph over Dan Hooker, knockout victories over Bobby Green and Arman Tsarukyan via submission.

Makhachev is somewhat overrated at -174 by FanDuel and +136 by MMA Fighting, where his smothering Sambo style will pose a challenge to the Brazilian's more versatile game which incorporates both offensive and defensive jiu-jitsu techniques.

Martins is a fan favorite who has won three of his last four fights. He will look to get back on track when he takes on Makhachev at UFC 280.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Martins discussed his fight and opponent. According to Martins, the former champion will have an edge over the Russian.

Makhachev is a formidable striker with an excellent sambo game, but I believe Charles' greatest advantage lies in his jiu-jitsu skillset. I believe Charles will have more success against Makhachev than I would."

Martins also sees plenty of potential for Makhachev, who is 22-1 ahead of UFC 280. He believes Makhachev can win the fight but must be cautious because he has more ways to score a finish than Oliviera does.

UFC 192

Islam Makhachev is a Russian fighter who competes in the lightweight division of the UFC. He's renowned for his aggression and ability to finish fights by knocking out opponents in the first round.

He is a former M-1 World Champion who has earned over 10 victories throughout his career. Notable victories include defeating Vladimir Egoyan, Mansour Barnaoui, Rander Junio and Yuri Ivlev before signing with the UFC.

Islam, a Dagestani born fighter, is currently training with Khabib Nurmagomedov. He has several fights under his belt and is ranked as one of the top 15 contenders in the lightweight division.

Makhachev began his MMA career as a Sambo competitor and has trained with Khabib Nurmagomedov since childhood. To date, he has won over ten fights in the UFC, including an upset victory over Leo Kuntz at UFC 187 where he prevailed via rear-naked choke submission in the second round of their bout.

At his debut at UFC 187, Makhachev was able to dominate Leo Kuntz and finish him by submission in the second round. He would go on to defeat Nik Lentz, Gleison Tibau and Kajan Johnson before facing off against Adriano Martins at UFC 192 where he easily dispatched Martins via knockout in the opening round.

Makhachev's success against Martins cemented his place as a dominant lightweight contender, earning him a title shot against Daniel Cormier at UFC 189 which he won via submission in the fourth round. At UFC 267, Makhachev locked in another kimura submission victory and vaulted up to #4 on the official UFC lightweight rankings.

UFC Fight Night 94

Islam Makhachev, a Dagestani combat sambo specialist, has been making waves in the UFC and on Saturday night he showcased his skills with an impressive knockout victory over Chris Wade. It was an impressive display considering Makhachev had been slowed down earlier in the round due to a guillotine choke.

Makhachev entered this fight as one of the top lightweights on the roster. On his UFC debut at UFC 187 against Leo Kuntz, Makhachev showed no mercy as he quickly put away the American.

Makhachev returned to action against Thiago Moises, a Brazilian with an impressive 16-6-0 record in the UFC. Though Moises tried his best to be aggressive and throw some leg attacks, Makhachev was unstoppable in his takedowns.

Finally, he pinched Dober on the ground and submitted him via Arm Triangle Choke. It was an impressive finish that showed that he had more control of the fight than Dober had had.

Islam kept Johnson's movements restricted and attacked him with punches. This strategy proved successful as Islam eventually submitted Johnson.

Round 2: Makhachev scored a takedown in the opening seconds, taking mount and looking for an easy submission. But then he reversed position and gained control again; creating a body triangle which Wade was doing his best to defend.

Both fighters made a strong start, though it's difficult to tell who has the edge yet. Montano keeps up with Montao's pace while Muhammad remains patient enough not to rush in too many directions. Muhammad does land some good side kicks to both heads and bodies, though the head kick doesn't quite hit Montano as hard as some of his others did.

UFC 259

At UFC 259, Islam Makhachev put on an amazing performance. Although he ultimately lost to Drew Dober by arm triangle submission in the third round, his performance was nothing short of amazing. He threw impressive punches and pulled moves that are inspired by his experience in sambo wrestling; furthermore, he successfully took Dober down, exhausting him enough for him to tap out. It was truly a remarkable display from beginning to end.

On UFC 259, fans will witness an exciting title fight between Jan Blachowicz and Israel Adesanya in the Light Heavyweight division. Additionally, two former champions from bantamweight and featherweight divisions square off.

In addition to the championship bouts, UFC 259 features a number of intriguing fighters. Multi-division champions Amanda Nunes and Petr Yan, as well as two contenders for the bantamweight title are among them.

UFC 259 will feature an exciting welterweight matchup between Sean Brady and Jake Matthews, according to MMAFighting's report. This bout will take place on March 6 in Las Vegas.

Experience another thrilling battle between these two fighters in a long-awaited title matchup. The victor will be crowned as the next lightweight champion.

Makhachev has amassed an impressive 19-1-0 record, winning 5 of his last 7 fights and stopping one while going the distance four times. He has also triumphed against renowned names such as Drew Dober, Gleison Tibau and Nik Lentz.

His most recent victory came against Davi Ramos at UFC 242 by unanimous decision. As a longtime training partner of Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Russian is widely considered to be a future lightweight champion.

His last fight, against Adriano Martins at UFC 192, ended in a loss. He is currently ranked 14th lightweight worldwide and boasts an impressive 70% knockout ratio - winning 70% of his fights by knockout. Additionally, he is known for his submissions; 11 wins have come via submission.

UFC 280

At UFC 280, Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev will meet in one of the most eagerly anticipated matches in the lightweight division - a title fight between the former champion and hot contender in Abu Dhabi. The main card at Etihad Arena promises an entertaining battle of wills between these two contenders for glory.

Islam Makhachev (23-1) captured the UFC's lightweight championship by submission at 3:16 of the second round, as Charles Oliveira saw his 11-fight win streak come to an end. The Dagestani MMA fighter capitalized on his opponent's lack of striking power by securing an arm triangle choke and finishing him off within a few seconds.

At UFC 274, Oliveira still managed to secure victory despite missing weight to defend his belt against Justin Gaethje. Now looking to reclaim his title from Makhachev in what could be a thrilling bout, Makhachev is currently ranked number four in the lightweight division and has not lost in over 18 months as he trains with Khabib Nurmagomedov's undefeated hype train.

Mokaev began the fight with a strong takedown and kept Gordon in top position for much of the first round. Mokaev threw in some flashy kicks, but Gordon had the upper hand most of the time and managed to control Mokaev with several submissions before applying an armbar in the final round.

O'Malley was an underdog going into this fight, but he put up a great fight and came out on top in a split decision. The exuberant 27-year-old had once been told to "shut up" or die; however, O'Malley is back to his old self with plenty of power and looks set for major success this season.

islam makhachev record

Islam Makhachev - MMA Fighter

Islam Makhachev is a former sambo fighter turned professional mixed martial artist. A Dagestani native, he trains under Khabib Nurmagomedov's tutelage.

Islam Makhachev has achieved great success as an MMA fighter, boasting a record of 23 wins and 1 loss. The Russian-based athlete is currently the UFC light weight champion.

He is a dagestani born MMA fighter

Islam Makhachev is a Dagestani born MMA fighter who is currently ranked as the number one lightweight in the world. He's part of the American Kickboxing Academy and trains alongside former UFC champions like Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmagomedov, respectively.

At 15 years old, he began his MMA career and quickly rose to become a 4-time Russian national champion in Sambo. Additionally, he won both the FIAS World Sambo championship and was later crowned World Combat Sambo Federation world champion.

In 2015, he made his UFC debut and won his first fight against Nick Kuntz by unanimous decision. Since then, he has gone on to win 11 straight fights.

Makhachev has achieved great success in the UFC, defeating veteran professionals such as Chris Wade, Gleison Tibau, Davi Ramos and Nik Lentz. His most recent victory came against Charles Oliveira at UFC 280.

The Dagestani fighter has earned himself many accolades and is a favorite among fans of the sport. He's renowned for his impressive striking ability and powerful leg attack which can lead to submission wins.

As a Dagestani fighter, he is greatly motivated by his ethnicity and believes that Islam has inspired him to be an elite athlete. Additionally, he maintains close ties with his Muslim community and prioritizes helping them out whenever possible.

He was raised in Burshi, a village near Makhachkala. Growing up there provided him with an idyllic upbringing where sports were valued highly.

His father had instilled in him an appreciation of martial arts, leading to Islam honing his skills in this sport. He had always had an interest in MMA and had always intended to make it his profession.

After a successful professional mixed martial arts career, he relocated to San Hose, California and trained with former champions at the American Kickboxing Academy. He has been training alongside Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier for years and recently defended his UFC title against Charles Oliveira at UFC 284.

Islam Makhachev is a beloved figure in MMA and enjoys an enormous social media following. In addition to being an accomplished fighter, he enjoys gaming, motorcrossing and equestrian activities. Additionally, Islam donates money regularly to local charities in his home country of Dagestan for charitable causes.

He trains with Khabib Nurmagomedov

Islam Makhachev has been training with Khabib Nurmagomedov since he was a teenager. Throughout his career, he has represented the UFC in various weight classes and boasts an impressive 23 wins and 1 loss record - cementing himself as one of the top MMA fighters worldwide.

He has served as both a mentor and coach to the next generation of Dagestani MMA stars, but recently decided to retire from competition to spend more time with his family.

Khabib has not been physically training with him recently, but he remains close to his teammate and will have a major influence over the outcome of their fight against Alexander Volkanovski. According to Rashad, the former champion has given him an outline for the fight but will not be present when it takes place on Saturday night.

As an athlete, he knows the importance of mental toughness for fighters as much as physical capability. That is why he has always maintained a close bond with his teammate and plans to keep doing so in the future.

His most recent fight saw him defeat Charles Oliveira by submission, and then present the belt to Khabib Nurmagomedov - an emotional moment for him.

When asked about Khabib Nurmagomedov's significance in his teammates' lives, he replied: "Khabib has always shown great generosity of spirit. He always lends a helping hand and support to those in our gym in Dagestan."

Though their relationship hasn't always been friendly, the two fighters have managed to develop an understanding. Additionally, they've collaborated on some fights between their teams.

Throughout the fight, they displayed great respect for one another and made it known that they would work together on their issues. This attitude ultimately helped them reach their objectives in the MMA industry.

After winning the title, Nurmagomedov traveled to Dagestan and met with Khabib's American Kickboxing Academy head coach Javier Mendez. Following their conversation, however, he wasn't sure if Nurmagomedov would be coaching him again ahead of his fight against Alexander Volkanovski in February.

He has a record of 23 wins and 1 loss

Islam Makhachev, a Dagestani born MMA fighter with 23 wins and 1 loss on his record, is an elite pound-for-pound talent who has trained under Khabib Nurmagomedov and is currently ranked second in the world at lightweight. He's widely considered a top contender to compete in the UFC.

He is an impressive striker, capable of mixing up his strikes to get the desired outcomes. Additionally, his grappling game is strong and he can use it to secure submissions with ease.

Since his last loss to Adriano Martins, the 31-year-old has won 10 straight fights - including a TKO victory over Bobby Green and submission win over Dan Hooker. On October 22, he will look to add another title defense to his resume when he takes on Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 on October 22.

Makhachev, a renowned wrestler, is currently the second-ranked fighter in the UFC's pound-for-pound rankings and ready to prove it in Perth. He's one of the greatest grapplers in MMA history and could secure his place as one of the best wrestlers in this division with victory against Alexander Volkanovski tonight at UFC 284.

Makhachev, at 5'10" and 178 pounds, has the advantage in height over Volkanovski who stands 5'6" at 115 pounds. To stay competitive against Makhachev, Volkanovski must be quick with his strikes and utilize speed to stay moving while switching stances frequently to keep away from Makhachev's powerful hand.

Makhachev, despite his size disadvantage, is an incredibly aggressive grappler with the capacity to lock in submissions with ease. He excels at cutting off the cage and backing his opponent against a fence before launching a takedown.

Last fight, he beat Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title and is looking to build on that success when he takes on Volkanovski. If successful, he will become first Dagestani ever to win this coveted title, cementing himself as one of the top fighters worldwide.

He is a champion in combat sambo and has trained under Khabib Nurmagomedov. He is considered to be the top lightweight prospect in the UFC.

He has a record of 11 wins in a row

Islam Makhachev is one of the best wrestlers in the UFC and he has won 11 fights consecutively. His last two victories were by submission, giving him an overall record of 23-1. A Dagestani born MMA fighter, Islam Makhachev trains under Khabib Nurmagomedov.

He has won 10 straight fights since losing to Adriano Martins in his second UFC bout. While some have speculated that his wrestling may not be his strongest asset, former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov recently assured Yahoo Sports this is not the case.

His most recent fight saw him capture the lightweight title by defeating Charles Oliveira with a second round head-and-arm choke. Now 22-1 in the UFC, Dagestani fighter has won all his matches by finish.

On Saturday night at UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi, the lightweight championship will be decided. Not only will the victor take home the title but he'll also earn a substantial paycheck for his efforts in the fight.

It promises to be an exciting matchup and likely a major PPV draw, but how will it unfold?

By looking closer at the stats, it becomes evident that both men are formidable clinch warriors. They consistently out-strike their opponents during clinches and attempt a high volume of takedowns; however, Oliveira prefers mixing up his strikes almost 50/50 between head and body while Makhachev focuses solely on striking against the body.

Oliveira often attempts to set up submission attempts from the ground, though he isn't nearly as successful there as he is when in the clinch; his 95% control percentage is much lower than Makhachev's.

Oliveira is more adept at jiu-jitsu than grappling, which could make it difficult for Makhachev to establish ground control early in the fight. Indeed, Oliveira has only ever won one fight by takedown in his entire UFC career.

islam makhachev odds

Islam Makhachev Vs Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev is the newest pound-for-pound champion in the UFC, and this weekend he'll defend his title against Alexander Volkanovski in Perth, Australia. Who do you think has the edge?

Volkanovski may have the advantage of size and strength, but Islam is a better grappler. He absorbs fewer significant strikes per minute and averages 3.42 takedowns every 15 minutes.

UFC 284 Predictions

This weekend, The UFC returns to Perth, Australia for a card featuring two title fights. The main event is between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski for a lightweight title fight, while the co-main features an interim featherweight title bout between Yair Rodriguez and Josh Emmett.

Both fighters are ranked as pound-for-pound number one and two in their divisions, making this an exciting clash of two kings. Whoever emerges victorious will become only the fifth person in UFC history to hold titles across two different weight classes.

Volkanovski may be the more athletic and dynamic of the two, but his opponent will likely be more experienced and skilled in grappling. That being said, both men will need an effective striking game in order to prevail.

No matter who wins UFC 284's main event, this should be an exciting and thrilling battle. Both men possess the strength to smother or overwhelm their opponents, making for an entertaining watch.

When placing a bet on the upcoming UFC 284 card, it's essential to comprehend the oddsmakers' predictions for each matchup. They have indicated that Islam Makhachev is widely seen as the favorite to win the lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski - and this makes sense.

Islam Makhachev is on an 11-fight win streak and should be buoyed by confidence heading into this title defense. Additionally, his wrestling ability suggests he should be able to handle this challenge and come out on top.

Alexander Volkanovski is on a 22-fight winning streak and hasn't lost in nearly 10 years. He will be competing for another title in the same weight class, and has earned himself a reputation as an intimidating challenger who can take fights to the ground.

This fight promises to be an electrifying pound-for-pound clash, offering viewers the rare chance to witness some of the best strikers in the world go at it. Contrary to what some oddsmakers are projecting, we predict Islam Makhachev to retain his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski.

UFC 284 Betting Lines

Islam Makhachev, a Dagestani wrestler, is fast becoming an MMA superstar and his wins prove it. His most recent triumph came against Charles Oliveira and so far he's won all but one UFC bout so far.

The 31-year-old boasts a formidable striking game. He is adept at both stand-up combat, as well as taking fights to the ground. Attacking from either front or rear, he can take down opponents with ease and wear them down until it becomes nearly impossible for them to escape the encounter.

This weekend, the UFC heads to Perth, Australia for a special event that boasts two title fights at its summit. In the main event, lightweight champion Islam Makhachev defends his belt against featherweight champ Alexander Volkanovski.

On the co-main event, Yair Rodriguez takes on Josh Emmett for an interim featherweight title. The victor will advance to face Volkanovski when he returns for his defense of the 145-pound title later this year.

Both candidates could be considered underdogs, but Yair Rodriguez appears to be the better value at +140 against Josh Emmett at DraftKings.

Yair has the edge in all aspects of the fight, but his wrestling will make him most dangerous. He's an expert grappler and can suffocate opponents if he can gain control over their wrists.

Dagestani, 31, boasts an impressive list of victories in the UFC, including four submission victories. Additionally, he's an impressive kickboxer and finisher.

He's an impressive athlete, boasting a powerful lightweight frame that cuts plenty of weight to reach 155. Once rehydrated, his size and strength should put him ahead of the competition.

It's worth noting that Islam has been the favorite in all 13 of his UFC bouts, with the exception of his last fight against Charles Oliveira. Nonetheless, his -380 odds remain significantly higher than Volkanovski's backers have offered at -320.

UFC 284 Betting Odds

Islam Makhachev is one of the most dangerous lightweights in UFC and boasts an 11-fight winning streak. An elite grappler, he can suffocate opponents on the mat while using his wrestling to create submission opportunities. His style resembles Khabib Nurmagomedov's but with more devastating submissions. Last December he dropped Charles Oliveira with a second round submission and since then has won seven fights by knockout.

Makhachev, a 31-year-old Dagestani fighter who cut weight to reach 155 pounds, is an incredibly skilled top mount wrestler who constantly attempts to take down opponents with various techniques.

His striking is of a very high caliber, and he possesses an impressive combination of boxing and grappling techniques that can get him out of trouble. He only absorbs about 0.95 strikes per minute due to his control over hands. It remains uncertain how Volkanovski will fare against him on Saturday night in Perth; however, it seems likely that he'll take away the lightweight title from Russian on that occasion.

Islam Makhachev is the overwhelming favorite to win UFC 284 according to MMA betting odds. His price at DraftKings is -365, while on the moneyline his odds are slightly better at +300.

In the co-main event, Josh Emmett has an edge over Yair Rodriguez at +140 on prop bets. Emmett is a huge puncher with great speed in the clinch that should allow him to survive any attacks from Volkanovski and get back on the ground quickly.

This will be an epic battle, featuring two world titles up for grabs. But who do you think is the better bet?

The UFC 284 main event features two of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport, with Islam Makhachev defending his lightweight title against Alexander Volkanovski. Additionally, in the co-main event Yair Rodriguez and Josh Emmett will square off for featherweight title supremacy as both men seek to add another impressive chapter to their impressive resumes.

UFC 284 Betting Tips

At UFC 284 in Perth, Australia, Islam Makhachev will take on Alexander Volkanovski for a shot at becoming the double champion. As the current lightweight champion and current Dagestani wrestler, Makhachev hopes to defend his title against an experienced pound-for-pound warrior with aspirations of becoming double champ himself.

Islam Makhachev boasts an impressive 11-fight win streak in the UFC, as well as an undefeated MMA record of 19-1-1. In his most recent fight, he triumphed over Charles Oliveira at UFC 280 to secure the lightweight belt.

He is one of the most devastating fighters in the sport and will annihilate anyone who stands in his way. An accomplished sambo-style wrestler who can wreak havoc with his relentless grappling, he's also an impressively big man who can shed pounds to reach 155 pounds.

His wrestling is so effective that he can suffocate opponents with his body, or even strangle or beat their face to a pulp. This makes him an incredibly dangerous and unpredictable fighter, and his winning streak has given him huge odds to succeed.

He's been an overwhelming favorite in all 13 UFC fights, boasting an average chalk of -558 and current odds of +400 to win against Volkanovski at top sportsbooks.

With the lightweight title at stake, we expect Islam to demonstrate his dominance through Sambo-style wrestling and secure a victory. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when betting on this matchup.

1. Islam has lost much of its value in recent battles.

Accordingly, his average chalk is -558 over the past five bouts and he's now at +400 to win against Volkanovski. This is an astronomical price for someone who barely gets touched and only has one loss in UFC history - a knockout against Adriano Martins.

2. His striking is slightly below average when compared to his grappling, but he remains capable of posing a threat against even the toughest adversary.

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