Investment Banking Resume Template OR

Investment Banking Resume Template OR

Investment Banking Resume Template


Convey your academic achievements. Investment bankers love to hire people with a high GPA,GPA ConversionGPA is important for jobs at the top investment banking, finance, and accounting firms. Use our GPA conversion table to calculate your GPA when applying. Bulge bracket banks and almost all other investment banks will look at your GPA when applying for a job and you should include it in your resume. who are on the Dean’s List and appear to be smart.


This often seems strange to candidates who are fully committed to investment banking. Aren’t everyone applying to investment banking passionate about finance? The truth is, banks get a ton of applications from people who just apply without knowing much about the job. People who learn about investment banking last minute and decide to give it a shot. It’s very risky for the banks to hire these people even if they have a history of excellence because they can quickly realize they don’t like the work. By looking for proven interest in finance on the resume, the banks can screen them out.

However, you shouldn’t treat all 3 experiences equally on the resume. For example, you might have a finance internship, a biology internship and a part-time waiter job on your resume. In this case, the finance internship is far more important than the other two. The finance internship should take up the bulk of the section and have more bullets than the other two. If you have a highly relevant or prestigious job, you should assign it greater weight by giving it more space. One thing that became glaringly obvious to me when I started working in investment banking and was on the other side of the job interview process: it is truly hard to believe how many mediocre resumes there are out there. This is a terrible situation for the job seekers in this position, because having a good resume is a key factor in whether many candidates even get a first-round interview. Remember: if you’re applying for an investment banking job, you will have stiff competition. You resume must stand out, and it must be highly professional. Thus having a solid understanding of how to construct a high-quality resume is crucial. It is arguably the first thing you do in your career search. (Source: www.streetofwalls.com)


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