Indeed Data Scientist Resume OOR

Indeed Data Scientist Resume OOR

Indeed Data Scientist Resume


I can attest that my resume screenshot is mine and has gotten attention from top-tier companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. Keep in mind that there are other wonderful companies too. Just because a company is not one of these bigger tech companies, does not mean it is of any less value, and a different company could be rather more fun and beneficial as an experience. Ultimately, the next part of the process after appealing to companies is the interview. I have written several articles on data science and interview process and will link one now if you want to check it out — it refers to common similarities and differences amongst data science and data analytics interview processes[4]:


The theme of this article will not center around what you need to change about your future, but what you will need to do to market your past better. There are plenty of well-qualified data scientists out in the job market, and some may simply not apply to positions at these companies because they are overwhelmed, not believing in their work, and more importantly, themselves. With most things in life, confidence is key. Even more critical, are the skills that drive that confidence. However, in terms of your resume, you will need to articulate your skills in a way that is short, yet detailed. It is easy to assume employers will know what you have been working on when you refer to your past in general, but you will need to instead focus on the clarity of what you did at whatever company it was.

So what is so great about this resume? The easiest way to look at why — is that it stands out. It might not be the best or the most creative, but it is something I created that matches my personality. You want to land a job at a company that fits your personality. If a company gets upset that your resume is blue, then they might not be a match for you — or vice versa, and the opposite could be said. When I posted this resume on LinkedIn as well as applied to jobs on their sites, I felt nervous, vulnerable, and different. I asked a few friends what they thought about it before submitting and some loved it and some did not. (Source: towardsdatascience.com)


A good CV should assure the recruiter about your problem solving capabilities and how you will enable the business achieve return on investment and growth. Business results⁴ is also about risk analysis and the data scientist must mention about their projects and ideas that led to good business outcomes. I know many data scientists face this challenge and avoiding this problem means getting involved in the practical projects around data science to prepare you for the real world enterprise.

If you're thinking about applying for a data scientist job, there's a lot of skills and expertise the employers are going to require from you, but you probably already know them! Getting everything down on one page is challenging, but it is a lot easier with our help. Indeed, data science work requires a wide variety of abilities. A good candidate is going to be experienced in statistical analysis, statistical models, large simulation datasets, software engineering, machine learning, etc. (Source: resume-example.com)



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