Income Tax Preparer Resume Sample OOR

Income Tax Preparer Resume Sample OOR

Income Tax Preparer Resume Sample


Tax preparers are the professionals who are employed in a variety of work settings such as accounting firms, law firms, franchise tax businesses, and many more. They are responsible for calculating, filing and signing business or individual tax returns annually. Common duties listed in a tax preparer resume include handling client's taxation issues, interviewing clients and analyzing financial liabilities, ensuring compliance with tax laws, advising clients on tax-related matters, developing professional relationships, maintaining confidentiality of client's information, tax return data, and resolving tax issues. It also highlights mathematical and analytical skills, communication and team-working skills, computer proficiency as well as relevant work experience in the field. Aspiring candidates must have a bachelor's degree in accounting or finance. Use the tax preparer resume sample given below.


Working as a tax preparer can offer both seasonal and ongoing job opportunities. This can make it attractive to both people seeking full-time employment and workers looking for temporary work. In pursuit of this position, you likely completed a college degree in accounting or gained years of experience. Regardless of the qualifications you sought, you also need a strong tax preparer resume to land the job. Tax preparers work for companies of all sizes. Larger companies tend to use applicant tracking systems, which require you to consider the keywords you include in your resume. Adding the right words helps bots single your resume out as an ideal fit. Even without an ATS, you need to use the right content to grab the recruiter’s attention in six seconds or less. Some skills you might consider adding include customer service, attention to detail, and advanced mathematical skills. Knowing what to include in a resume can make many people feel overwhelmed. We provide a tax preparer resume sample, templates, and professional advice to simplify the process.

Certified tax preparer with extensive knowledge of federal and state tax regulations and over 4 years of experience in preparing and evaluating tax returns. At Smiths Tax Services administered 120 tax reports for the tax season, maintaining 100% accuracy and ensuring the clients receive maximum benefits permitted by law. Helped one of the key clients to save $50,000 by identifying a recurring reports error. Seeking to leverage a tax deduction and compliance expertise at TaxationGuru. (Source: zety.com)



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