In the Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs

In the Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs


In The Hoop (ITH) designs are an excellent way to craft dolls, softies and stockings. In some cases, a small seam needs to be sewn shut by hand after stuffing; otherwise all work is completed using your embroidery machine.

These 3D items are created inside an embroidery hoop through multiple stops in the design, then once they have been taken out and trimmed to shape and turned to the right side, you have a fully 3D item!

Coffee Mug Rug

Coffee enthusiasts will adore this cheerful mug rug! It's quick and simple to make with an embroidery machine, making it the ideal last minute gift idea. This in the hoop machine embroidery design comes in five sizes for cotton, flannel or felt fabric; alternatively it can also be made using regular (non-mug rug) hoop sizes if you don't own an embroidery hoop.

To create this mug rug, begin by loading a piece of applique fabric right side out on the wrong side of the hoop in your Luminaire machine. Make sure it covers all placement stitches completely and run tack down stitches along both top and bottom edges with high quality embroidery thread matching your base fabric color. Lastly, take some applique scissors to trim away excess tack down fabric from around both batting and fabric (I recommend duckbill scissors for this step); alternatively you could also use scotch tape if desired to secure the edges together).

Tooth Fairy Pillow

This in the hoop machine embroidery design creates a sweet pillow for children to leave their tooth in and wait for the Tooth Fairy. They can hang it on a door knob or bed post so the fairy knows to come when they wake up. Plus, this design comes complete in the hoop with no additional sewing required and comes complete with easy-to-follow PDF instructions complete with photos showing you every step!

This in the hoop machine embroidery design is available in 5x7 and 6x10 hoop sizes, with a ribbon handle to hang it on a door knob or bed post conveniently. An optional glow in the dark thread adds to the magic of this pillow - though it is not required, you may choose to use it for even greater visual impact!

Corner Bookmarks

Corner bookmarks are a fun and functional way to mark your place in a book, making an ideal gift for the avid reader. Choose fabrics that complement their interests and hobbies, or personalize it with a monogram for something truly personalized.

Create a corner bookmark using a 5'x7' hoop and water-soluble stabilizer that is slightly thicker than a quarter. Place the stabilizer atop fabric that's slightly larger than your hoop but not so large that it blocks view.

To secure the two pieces of fabric together, you'll need an adhesive spray. You can either spray directly on the fabric or place a piece of fusible no-shoe mesh over top and iron it down for strong adhesion.

Once your project is complete, take the hoop from your machine and remove the bookmark from its hoop. You may notice a small strip of stabilizer inside as well as some pieces around the stitching; this is because the water soluble stabilizer used in this project dissolves when exposed to water!

You can also trim the water-soluble stabilizer for a neat edge, but pinking shears will be necessary. Most craft stores carry this particular water-soluble stabilizer.

Sunglasses Case

Sunglass cases are an indispensable necessity for those who wear glasses. Not only do they protect your lenses and prevent damage or loss, but they're lightweight enough to carry in a purse or backpack.

Some cases are constructed from a single material, while others use multiple layers of fabric for features like strength, insulation, or durability. You may want to select a material that's easy to work with or one which can be separated and recycled easily.

The case must also be robust and secure to use. Lenses should be shielded from scratching, sanding, and other abrasives, while the inside of the case should be free from dust particles.

Materials for a case can range from stiff plastic to soft, cushy batting. When selecting the material of your case, factors like comfort level, durability and functionality should all be taken into consideration.

For instance, a case that will be used outdoors, in a car and at home should be constructed of strong and durable materials. Fleece or felt are thick materials which provide plenty of cushioning and insulation.

Fabrics often consist of both natural and synthetic fibers. Combining different fabrics can give your case a unique look and feel; for instance, using thick cotton on the front with lightweight polyester on the back to make a sunglass case that's soft to hold while being durable.

Zipper Heart Pouch

The Zipper Heart Pouch is an in the hoop machine embroidery design that would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone special. Fully lined inside with no exposed seams, this bag features a small heart applique on the front.

This zipper pouch is quick and effortless to make, offering a multitude of uses. You can store credit cards, money, cash, jewelry or any other small items that need security. Plus it's an excellent way to utilize fabric scraps!

You will need fabric (cotton or muslin), batting, non-fraying stabilizer and machine embroidery thread. Additionally, you'll need a 9" non-metal zipper for the 5x7 hoop size and 6" non-metal zipper for 4x4 hoop size.

Begin by placing one outer piece of fabric and one lining piece right sides together along with the zipper tape. Line up the edges and clip in place. Next, use a Zipper Foot #4/4D to sew along the edges close to the zipper teeth.

Place the second outer piece of fabric and another lining piece on top, aligning them with the zipper tape. Next, layer all remaining pieces of fabric on top right sides together and clip in place.

Pin the embroidered applique heart to the right side of a lining piece of fabric and sew around with a 3/8" seam allowance, leaving a 2" hole for turning.

Stuffed Elephant

The Stuffed Elephant is the ideal design to draw attention in your machine's direction with its full size hoop. Make a big impression with an affordable yet impressive hand made gift for holidays or any time of year - give them something impressive yet functional!

This in the hoop embroidery pattern comes in various sizes for 5x7, 6x10, 7.9x11 and 9x12 hoops, featuring multiple colored fabrics for that stunning effect. If you want a smooth and successful sewing experience then this is your pattern! To get the right combination of fabrics, stabilizers and threads it's best to purchase a sampler pack - the more colors the better!

Hoop embroidery can be a frustrating endeavor, but with some planning and creative thinking you can avoid the annoying tangles. Additionally, make sure your machine's size matches up correctly; otherwise, you could end up with an incomplete project that's not worth your time or money!

best commercial embroidery machine

Best Commercial Embroidery Machines

Commercial embroidery machines are an ideal investment for small businesses that specialize in custom embroidery. These machines tend to be long-lasting and equipped with features that make them user friendly and straightforward to operate.

When shopping for a commercial machine, some of the key features to consider include its size LCD screen, connectivity options and number of designs available.

Janome Memory Craft 500E

The Janome Memory Craft 500E is one of the premier commercial embroidery machines on the market, suitable for both novice and experienced embroiders alike. Not only can it create designs in various sizes with ease, but its user-friendliness also sets it apart.

This machine boasts 160 built-in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming, giving you plenty of design options to explore. Plus, its 7.9 x 11 inch embroidery area and extra wide table make for easy use.

Its design is user-friendly, with a touch screen menu to select any of the available designs. Plus, it comes with several accessories like an oil dispenser, lint brush, stylus and four embroidery hoops.

There's also a USB port to add more designs, as well as a slot for floppy discs if you want to save some of your own artwork. Plus, this machine is easy to clean so that it looks brand new for years to come.

Another benefit of the Janome Memory Craft 500E is its adaptability - you can use it in a variety of settings, like home or business. It runs quietly and smoothly so as not to disturb neighbors or disrupt your household activities.

This machine features an automatic needle cutter and needle threader to save time and make your work simpler. Plus, its full color touchscreen allows for convenient control with just the click of a button.

This machine also comes with a programmable skip stitching feature, which can be useful if you're uncertain how to thread the machine or need an expeditious way of skipping stitches without having to repeat the entire process again. Doing this saves a lot of time and effort - ideal if you're busy or don't have time to complete everything by hand.

The Janome Memory Craft 500E embroidery machine is an excellent choice for those wanting to incorporate embroidery into their sewing projects, or who want to launch a small embroidery business. Additionally, it's great for beginners in the industry as it will teach them how to properly thread their machine and create quality designs.

Brother SE600

For a top-tier commercial embroidery machine, the Brother SE600 is your best bet. It's user friendly and packed with useful features.

It has 80 pre-designed designs, but you can also import your own via the USB port. Once saved on your machine, you have full editing capabilities - from changing thread color to moving it onscreen and placing letters within arcs - at your disposal.

You'll love the LCD touchscreen, which gives you a clear preview of what your stitching will look like before beginning. Be sure to save any changes you make since they will be lost if not saved.

This machine is constructed with durable materials to withstand extensive use. Furthermore, it's lightweight and compact, taking up minimal space in your workspace.

When sewing, the machine features seven quick-change presser feet including a spring action zigzag foot and buttonhole foot. Plus, its extra-long 7-point feed dog provides even fabric feeding.

It also boasts a 25-year limited warranty and free technical phone support for the life of the product, making it an ideal choice for both hobbyists and professionals.

Embroidery is an excellent way to add unique touches to your projects. This machine offers a wide selection of decorative stitches, such as Greek key, decorative scrolls, waves, stars, hearts and feathers for you to choose from.

To guarantee a professional-looking embroidery, you'll need a stabilizer. Tear away stabilizer is ideal as it can be removed once your project is completed.

You can find the Brother SE600 at most craft stores, making it a great choice for both experienced sewers and beginners alike. GH Lab pros appreciated how easy it was to set up and thread, plus there are plenty of designs to choose from - both florals and text included!

Bernette B79

If you're in search of a commercial embroidery machine, the Bernette B79 is an excellent option. It boasts numerous features that set it apart from other models in its class, including its large touchscreen display for easy operation and support for multiple embroidery formats.

It comes with 208 pre-installed embroidery designs and 7 fonts, giving you plenty of motifs to choose from. You can edit these designs on the touchscreen or upload your own. Plus, there are editing and lettering modules offering an additional 100 fonts plus 300 more designs for added customization.

The B79 offers a selection of stitch options to create your own distinctive aesthetic. It includes 133 decorative stitches and 35 quilting stitches to help add extra flair to projects. Plus, you can save your personal stitch settings so that they're easily reused in the future.

You can quickly and easily adjust stitch length and width with this machine's 5-inch color touch screen, located in the center of the machine. This makes it simpler for you to find the correct stitch and optimize thread tension.

Furthermore, the B79 boasts a number of useful features like a needle threader and bobbin winder. With these tools, you'll be able to finish projects quickly.

Embroidery can be a rewarding hobby, and the B79 provides all the necessary tools for enjoyment. You can use its built-in touchscreen to edit and combine design elements or upload motifs via USB port.

This machine is ideal for beginners, as it offers a comprehensive range of functions and is easy to operate. It will help you hone your sewing and embroidery skills while producing stunning handmade garments.

The B79 features an automatic tie-off function to prevent seam unraveling after stitches. It also has a walking foot for sewing through slippery fabrics or multiple layers, plus it has a knee lifter so you can use your hands for other projects while using the machine.

Brother Embroidery Machine

The Brother Embroidery Machine is one of the top commercial embroidery machines, making it a great choice for anyone starting out in sewing and embroidery. It boasts plenty of useful features that make creating stunning designs simple - plus, you can use it with confidence knowing your project will be done well.

It comes with a selection of threads suitable for various projects. Additionally, you can customize your stitch colors if desired. Furthermore, its USB port enables connection with Brother Embroidery Design Studio online so you can download more designs and edit them on your own.

You can even use this machine to craft custom monograms or patches! What an excellent way to give your business a personal, unique touch!

There's also a USB port that enables users to download additional designs from the internet, saving both money and time. Plus, this enables you to share your creations with friends and family for encouragement or criticism.

One great advantage of the Brother SE600 is its drop-in bobbin system, which makes loading needles much simpler than with front loading models. Plus, this bobbin is jam resistant and helps prevent tangled threads that could create issues when sewing.

The SE600 boasts 80 pre-installed embroidery designs that you can expand with the USB port. These include floral patterns and multiple font styles.

Personalizing your embroidery with personalized details is easy with these, as there are a range of styles and sizes to choose from. Plus, you have the power to edit your designs on-screen to add or remove lines, as well as alter the color of specific parts of the design.

Additionally, its 25 year warranty protects any defects that may occur. You can be sure the machine will be reliable and durable - an essential factor when working with expensive garments or fabrics.

If you're uncertain of the project you want to create or if the Brother SE600 machine is suitable for your requirements, you can always test out the SE600 before making a purchase. This is an ideal way to determine if you will enjoy using it before investing a substantial amount of money on something which might not meet all your needs.

best samurai champloo episodes

The Best Samurai Champloo Episodes

From the creators of Cowboy Bebop comes Samurai Champloo. Utilizing similar elements to CB, this show follows a group of three unique characters as they embark on an epic quest to locate a samurai who smells sunflowers.

The series begins in a small town where Fuu, a tea waitress, is harassed by the son of the village prefect. Mugen, an outlaw, comes to her aid and agrees to protect her for a meal in exchange for protection.

1. The Sunflower Samurai

Samurai Champloo is one of the most unique and entertaining anime series available today. It fuses elements from classic samurai movies with hip-hop culture for an entirely unique experience that must be experienced by any anime fan, Cowboy Bebop fans or anyone searching for something different. Samurai Champloo truly stands out as a must-watch for anyone interested in classic Japanese culture or hipster vibes.

In The Sunflower Samurai, the premiere episode of this series, we meet Mugen and Jin. As they await execution by local authorities, Fuu, a waitress at a restaurant, offers to help them escape. After she persuades them to join her on a journey to find a samurai who smells of sunflowers, they leave the restaurant and begin their quest.

Through the course of the show, Jin and Mugen come to understand that they share a special connection. Their respect for one another as well as their common interest in fighting has solidified them into an unbreakable bond.

After they embark on their journey to Edo, the two are faced with an unsolvable conspiracy that they cannot resist. Captured, they eventually manage to flee and return home to their village.

Once they reach the village, Mugen and Shoryu discover there have been multiple murders taking place around town. It soon emerges that these killings were committed by a ronin named Shoryu, whom Mugen ultimately defeats in two matches.

In the next episode, Fuu and her sisters are reunited with their father Seizo Kasumi, who was sent away years ago by the government to protect them from an uprising in Shimabara. Now ailing, Seizo Kasumi desires revenge but Fuu decides to give him a peaceful death instead.

Finally, they meet Kagetoki Kariya, the most powerful man in the shogunate and last person to kill Seizo Kasumi. He defeats one brother but it isn't enough for Mugen to gain victory; so he must face off against two remaining brothers who taunt him until they release Fuu from custody.

2. Bogus Booty

Samurai Champloo is an uncommon anime, combining classic samurai films with hip-hop culture. Unlike many other anime, this style allows for tightly crafted episodic stories that build towards an overarching narrative.

Though each episode is unique, they all share one commonality: characters get into trouble. Some are lighthearted while others take themselves seriously; but no matter where their path takes them, the trio always ends up facing a moment that shapes who they become as individuals.

Samurai champloo episodes often combine thrilling fight sequences and humorous moments that are seamlessly integrated into the choreography. Furthermore, these shows usually showcase a range of characters and their distinctive mannerisms.

Though these episodes are meant to be lighthearted, some of them can be quite dark and depressing. For instance, the two-part "Misguided Miscreants" is incredibly gloomy but also contains its humorous moments.

Another stellar samurai champloo episode is "Bogus Booty." This one has a much lighter tone and sense of humor than most of the rest of the series, due largely to Steve Blum's excellent voice talent as Mugen, who constantly thirsts and desires sexual healing.

Mugen's arrogance aside, the other two main characters of the show also showcase their comedic side in this episode. Jin has a hilarious moment when he swims and jumps in the water while fishing, while Fuu grows larger when she has access to unlimited food portions.

For those new to the series, this is a must-watch. It covers all key plot points and gives an overview of what can be expected from future episodes.

3. The Diary of Fuu

Samurai Champloo was an immensely popular anime series in the United States that focused on Mugen and Jin, two vagrant swordsmen who are saved by charming barmaid Fuu. The series was dubbed into English by Geneon Entertainment (then Pioneer Entertainment) for North American releases.

Samurai Champloo may focus on action, mannerisms, and swords but it's actually quite romantic. The show's central idea is that love can conquer anything; furthermore, it demonstrates how a romance can develop unexpectedly.

Episodes like The Diary of Fuu are essential to understanding the series, as they give viewers a glimpse into its characters and personalities. These episodes are especially essential for new viewers since they give viewers time to get acquainted with characters before they experience any emotions.

Fuu first meets Mugen and she immediately recognizes his dangerous nature. She stares him down for a moment before telling him to leave if he doesn't have money.

In a later episode, Sara, a blind female traveling entertainer, befriends Fuu and the Champloo crew. While on their travels together, they come across an unseen assassin who is hunting them down.

Jin is able to scream for help from a nearby mountain, while Mugen is unable to do the same. When tricked by an assassin and dumped into a river, Mugen sees an image of Fuu crying and telling him not to return. Before his consciousness fades away completely, Mugen sees one last image before losing consciousness: that image telling him not to come back.

These moments are of paramount importance, demonstrating that Mugen and Fuu's relationship is more than just physical attraction. They demonstrate an intense emotional bond between them and demonstrate Mugen's genuine concern for her.

4. Hellhounds for Hire

Samurai Champloo episodes that get you invested in the characters are some of the best. Hellhounds for Hire is one such episode; it serves to set up the main storyline while providing us with some intense situations sure to leave viewers feeling uncomfortable.

This episode begins with Mugen learning his letters from a sake-guzzling madman, Jin fulfilling an old promise and Fuu sparking a jealous showdown between two bickering graffiti artists. All these elements combine to form an excitingly fast-paced episode that also showcases some great character development; specifically Fuu's ability as the glue that holds together this mismatched group of individuals.

In the second part of this episode, Mugen and Jin engage in a fight at Nagatomi-owned brothel where Fuu is being held captive. They're joined by young girl named Yuri who runs in saying she's being chased due to her Christian faith, complicating matters even further for the three of them to work together effectively.

This episode of this series is an incredible ride that immerses you in the characters' world and their unique perspectives, making it worth watching if you haven't already. It was one of few episodes where I found myself reflecting on what had transpired for some time afterward - always a sign that something well written and done has left me with lasting impressions.

This episode is one of the most crucial in this series and a must watch for anyone interested in Samurai Champloo. It's an action-packed masterpiece that displays Mugen and Jin's skills with swordplay at its peak.

5. The Return of the Sunflower Samurai

Samurai Champloo, one of the most beloved anime series ever, is an iconic combination of sword fighting action and hip hop music. Its plots and characters are captivating, while its animation is top notch.

The show follows three unlikely heroes: Fuu, Mugen a mongrel swordsman known as Mugen and Jin, a defamed ronin skilled in discipline and martial arts. After saving them from execution, Fuu draws Mugen and Jin into her quest to find the elusive Sunflower Samurai.

They embark on an epic journey across Japan in their pursuit of truth. Along the way they encounter various bizarre and deadly villains who attempt to trap them in their web.

On their journeys, they come across Joji Titsingh - a gay Dutchman who fears sunflowers but who nonetheless agrees to assist them in finding the Sunflower Samurai.

Once they arrive at the samurai's compound, however, the trio discover that he is far more than they anticipated. He is a kind and gentle soul who does not wish to engage in combat - making his situation one of their own.

After they aid him, the samurai asks for their forgiveness but cannot forget the lessons they learned from him. They part ways, never forgetting his kind gesture.

Samurai champloo episodes tend to be short, but this one is long and incredibly satisfying. It offers the ideal blend of action and comedy, with its hip-hop soundtrack adding a special touch.

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