Illinois Tollways

Illinois Tollways

Illinois Tollway

The Illinois Tollway is one of the most heavily-used freeways in the United States. Abraham Lincoln traveled the Illinois Tollway in his 1860 Presidential campaign.


When the Illinois Tollway was created, it was thought that many of the tolls it collected would be paid by out-of-state truckers who wanted to use the Tri-State Tollway to circumvent Chicago and its traffic. The tollways have since evolved into arteries that serve countless motorists commuting to their jobs. Because the tollway authority collects and spends the public’s money, it should be as transparent, efficient and careful as possible about how it spends its toll revenue.

Instead, over the years, the public has seen two top executives skim $240,000 from a tollway land deal, an exclusive tollway-only double pension for top tollway staff, allegations a former chairman used a tollway helicopter to visit his girlfriend and the construction of a palatial tollway headquarters in Downers Grove. The Illinois Tollway also has been a patronage dumping ground and a source of patronage contracts. Remember former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s chief fundraiser Tony Rezko’s pal getting tollway oasis contracts despite owing the state $359,639 in unpaid business taxes? Or John “Quarters” Boyle, who looted $4 million from the agency? (Source: chicago.suntimes.com)


For the work it does, the tollway signs massive contracts, which get less oversight from state lawmakers than they might if they were part of the Illinois Department of Transportation. With a little more oversight, for example, maybe most of the automatic payment machines the tollway bought about four years ago for more than $20 million — yes, that’s money tollway users paid, one toll at a time — wouldn’t be sitting unused and gathering dust today.

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