Hvac Experience Resume OOR

Hvac Experience Resume OOR

Hvac Experience Resume


Physical Fitness.This is a physically demanding job. You will often find yourself lifting and moving heavy objects. Some component parts are shaped differently and may feel clumsy to carry. You may wish to take note of our sample Personal Information for HVAC Technician resume that we validated Marcelo’s fitness by indicating, he does Parkour and could be a contestant on American Ninja! Use the Personal Information section to indicate your other strong attributes. Also, even though you will normally work through a 40-hour schedule, it is not uncommon to experience 48 hour weeks plus overtime and holiday duties.


Summary : Senior HVAC Service Technician with 11 years of experience in heating, air conditioning, and refrigerant systems, as well as electrical and mechanical controls. Skills set: Eager to be part of an established company that can benefit from my skills and work ethic. Reliable, Consistent, and Focused Self-starter, Self-motivator, Strong organizational skills, Enjoys Completing a Task Efficiently and Correctly, Works Well Alone or With Others, Excellent Conflict Resolution Skills, Always Strive to Achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Headline : Experience HVAC Technician Assistant for the past 6 years with exceptional mechanical and knowledge of a variety of systems. Excel in customer service and communication skills to clearly communicate with customers and explain the HVAC system and installation process. Fluent in both English and Spanish. Seeking an apprenticeship position where I can continue to apply my book knowledge and to expand my knowledge and experience in the heating and cooling industry, with an opportunity to provide excellent service to my employer while advancing in my career. (Source:www.qwikresume.com))


Education.A college degree will always be preferred but is not required provided you have taken formal courses in HVAC work. Community colleges and technical schools offer short one to two-year courses in HVAC. Some even have 6-month programs that deal with specific areas of HVAC. What is important to note is that companies will not hire you unless you can prove you have the training to handle the responsibilities of an HVAC Technician. If you noticed in our example of a resume for HVAC Technician, our candidate Marcelo, only completed two years of Mechanical Engineering but proceeded to take a one-year certification course as an HVAC Technician. In addition, he also took a certification course in Refrigerant Handling which is required in some states.

Different regions require different exact certifications before you can begin work, so make sure you know what tests to pass and list on your resume. One example is the EPA 608 Technician Certification, designed to ensure that HVAC technicians know how to handle potentially hazardous refrigerants. Not only is this test mandatory to do any real HVAC work, but it’s also absolutely critical to most HVAC employers. Once you have this certification, display it on your resume prominently. (Source: www.thetrainingcenterofairconditioningandheating.com)


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