Hustle RAP Bowling Ball

Hustle RAP Bowling Ball


hustle rap bowling ball

Hustle RAP Bowling Ball

Hustle Rap is our latest HP1 line ball, featuring VTC Pearl reactive coverstock for effortless glide through the front of the lane while still giving you control downlane without overreacting to friction. This pearl cover provides superior glide without skidding when hitting, giving you total control without ever feeling overrun by friction.

This hook ball is ideal for your first hook ball or when you need a step down ball in your arsenal. It can be used on light to medium oil patterns and makes an excellent choice for novice bowlers.

The Hustle Core

When it comes to bowling balls, the Hustle Core is one of the most sought-after and versatile choices available. Its symmetrical shape and low differential make it suitable for players of both high and low rev rate speeds alike, while also offering plenty of hook potential.

Roto Grip has designed this ball to be a reliable and versatile option for bowlers of all levels. With its medium RG and low differential, you'll enjoy easy-to-use control down the lane with this ball.

The Hustle Core is an affordable option for beginners and an excellent option for intermediate bowlers looking to add a hook ball to their arsenal. Ideal in light to medium lane conditions, the Hustle Core can be customized in many ways to suit each bowler's individual needs.

For instance, if your lanes are dry and windy, this ball can be altered with a polished finish to delay reaction down lane and enable the ball to go straighter. Pairing it with higher grit coverstock also gives you extra length on the front part of the lane.

Another advantage of the Hustle Core is its more consistent ball reaction compared to some entry-level bowling balls on the market. This makes it a great option for newer bowlers or those just learning how to hook, as it will help them hone their technique and maintain consistency.

Finally, the Hustle Core exhibits a responsive reaction on light oil conditions due to its VTC-S20 Solid Coverstock wrapped around it. This ball reads slightly later than other balls in its price range, allowing for quick responses on oil lanes without rolling too quickly or aggressively.

The Hustle Core was designed to add even more versatility to the Hustle line of balls, which are known for providing superior performance to entry-level and mid-level bowlers. This ball features a medium RG and low differential that can be customized according to individual needs and desires. Plus, its versatile traction control coverstock ensures just enough friction down lane so this ball remains effective across different lane surfaces.

The VTC-P20 Pearl Reactive Coverstock

Roto Grip's VTC-P20 Pearl Reactive Coverstock is the latest addition to their Hustle line of bowling balls. This ball takes advantage of the symmetric core that has become famous in previous releases in this line and pairs it with a VTC-P20 pearl reactive coverstock for optimal length and backend reaction when facing light to medium oil conditions.

VTC-P20 Pearl Reactive Coverstock This ball provides effortless glide through the front end of the lane while offering control on dry conditions without overreacting to friction. Perfect for entry level bowlers just starting out or experienced veterans looking for a straighter option when spare shooting challenging patterns, this ball offers both.

Pearl reactive coverstock balls feature microscopic pores on their surface which react to friction. These pores can be either smooth or roughened with mica material added to the coverstock. Roughened microscopic pores allow for greater ball response in high friction areas of a dry lane, helping it maintain skid motion when oil conditions break down.

These balls come in polished and sanded finishes to tailor the degree of surface friction to suit individual needs. Bowlers who play on heavy or medium oil lane conditions often opt for these coverstocks, as they have the capacity to react faster than solid reactive covers do.

While bowlers have many coverstocks to select from, the most crucial aspect of any ball is its actual coverstock. This component can make all the difference in performance between a ball that works well and one that doesn't.

Hybrid reactive coverstocks are becoming increasingly popular as a way to combine the advantages of both solid and pearl reactive coverstocks. Hybrids offer mid-lane reaction from a solid coverstock, as well as back end reaction from pearl reactive balls.

The Purple and Blue Swirl

The Hustle RAP bowling ball is one of the newest additions to our line-up and it boasts an impressive look. It uses VTC-P20 Pearl Reactive coverstock (VTC = Versatile Traction Control), a unique formulation tailored specifically for HP1 & HP2 lines. This cover has an ultra high gloss finish and proves quite durable even during vigorous game play.

The RAP bowling ball features a Hustle core measuring in at medium RG number and low differential, providing an incredibly smooth backend reaction. Furthermore, it boasts the newest and most innovative technology from Roto Grip: their latest generation of X-Powders--an advanced class of asymmetrical composite compounds designed for more stability and consistency than ever before.

It is easy to see why the Hustle RAP made our list of top bowling balls for 2018. Its eye-catching color combination of royal blue and purple swirl make it stand out on the lanes. Furthermore, at an incredible value price point, this ball will surely delight any novice bowler in your life.

The Hustle RAP bowling ball is the ideal option for your next trip to the lanes, whether you're practicing hard or enjoying some downtime with friends. It pairs perfectly with other Roto Grip bowling balls for maximum power, control and flair. When selecting your next ball, ensure it matches your style of play and how you approach the lanes.

The Boomerang

Boomerangs are curved throwing sticks or weapons made of wood, commonly used by Australian Aborigines but also found around the world.

These throwing sticks can be thrown from the ground or a hill, or hung above it from ropes. They have been known to reach speeds of up to 30mph (50 km/h) when thrown straight ahead; when thrown into a headwind, their distance increases up to 123 feet (38 metres).

Thrown boomerangs begin to move in an anticlockwise circle, with one arm rotating faster than the other. As they travel along this circle, their speed differences decrease until they are barely gliding.

To throw a boomerang effectively, the thrower must have firm control of their stick and use it to draw back their arm. Holding the stick with its concave end facing forward and flatter side underneath, tilt its upper portion up 30 degrees outward from horizontal.

As the thrower draws their arm back, a snap of their wrist provides extra momentum for the boomerang and causes it to swing forward. Once fully drawn back, throw with an overhand motion.

Boomerangs must be the right size and shape to match wind conditions, with two or more wings that catch air while other wings provide lift. Most boomerangs feature a central section that catches the breeze while other wings provide lift.

Boomerangs are a beloved sport among players across Europe, North America and Australia. Competitions for both returning and non-returning boomerangs take place regularly.

In a standard competition, an area is created and boomerangs thrown from one point. The length of time the boomerang spends in the air is measured, and points are awarded for catching it.

hustle butter

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare

Hustle Butter is a rich and creamy tattoo aftercare balm that helps reduce redness, swelling and bleeding. Made with mango, papaya, cocoa and shea butters for instant comfort on contact, Hustle butter provides instantaneous relief when applied.

It's a favorite among both artists and clients for its outstanding value when treating swelling and skin inflammation. This vegan-friendly moisturizing and lubricating lotion can be used at every step of the Tattoo healing process to provide maximum comfort to clients.

Product Description

Hustle butter is a vegan and organic alternative to petroleum-based products like Vaseline. Its rich and creamy formula makes it ideal for prepping skin before tattooing, during implantation, as well as post-treatment ointment to minimize redness, swelling, and bleeding.

It's an ideal solution for hydrating and soothing dry skin in the days following a treatment. It has become widely popular amongst clients and artists alike, with many choosing to use it both for its skincare benefits as well as in place of other petroleum-based emollients.

This multitasking cream contains a luxurious combination of shea, mango and aloe butters along with coconut oil, sunflower and rice bran oils to provide intense moisture to the skin. Plus, its effusive formula works to promote healing upon contact by minimizing redness and swelling while speeding up the recovery process for damaged skin cells.

Hustle Butter is suitable for all skin types and can be applied to both facial and body areas - including the brow line! Its high shea content has also been demonstrated to boost hydration levels in the face, leading to softer, smoother skin. What's more, the rich and nutrient-rich ingredients found in this premium skincare product have an overall beneficial impact on overall skin health - making it a must-have in any artist's kit! At Tat2X we carry only the highest quality Hustle Butter products available, making us proud to offer it in our store!

Product Benefits

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a premier luxury tattoo care product used before, during and after tattooing. This innovative lubricant helps prepare skin to be more soft and supple for tattooing, makes implantation easier with reduced inflammation and discomfort, promotes healing with its healthy nutrients and can even be used as daily moisturizer long after your tattoo has healed.

This natural and vegan formula is petroleum and paraben free, made with Shea, Mango and Aloe Butters; Coconut, Sunflower and Rice Bran Oils; Rosemary Oleoresin, Green Tea, Vitamin E Complex and Mint Arvenis Essential Oil with Papaya and Coconut essential oil essence. Not only does this promote healing upon contact - dramatically reducing redness, swelling and bleeding - it also makes skin workable for an extended period of time.

As a lubricant before, during or after tattooing, can make pigment implantation easier while relieving inflammation and discomfort. The luxurious ingredients provide moisture to dry or cracked skin - perfect for clients with dry or itchy skin!

This non-greasy ointment can be applied to any part of the body and it's ideal for all types of tattooing as well as daily moisturization.

Tattoo ink acts as a lubricant, making implantation easier for clients with stubborn skin. It also serves as an instant soother if your client experiences swelling, itching or bleeding during treatment. Applying the ointment in the days following tattooing will accelerate healing and ensure your client remains healthy and contented.

Many artists prefer to keep a small tub of Hustle Butter Deluxe on hand in the studio, as it is an invaluable addition to their standard tattoo kit. This gives your client an incentive that will speed up healing of their tattoo, giving you both added satisfaction.

Tattoo artists around the world depend on this reliable and trustworthy ointment for long-lasting canvaswork. Not only does it not remove stencils like other products do, but it is also non-flammable so your canvas stays open longer for painting purposes. Plus, this petroleum-free alternative leaves clients with vibrant and beautiful tattoos that last a lifetime!

Product Ingredients

Hustle butter is a luxurious tattoo ointment beloved of artists around the world. As an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based products used as lubricants during and after tattooing, it also serves as an effective moisturizer. Infused with mango, cocoa and shea butters, Hustle butter promotes healing on contact while reducing redness, swelling and bleeding from tattoos; plus it nourishes skin so your tattoos heal beautifully!

Our Original Hustle Butter Deluxe is a petroleum free, non-greasy and odourless tattoo cream that's beloved by artists for daily use as a moisturizing skin care product. It makes an ideal addition to your tattoo care or daily skincare regimen; providing instant relief from dry, cracked skin.

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a vegan-friendly, non-greasy and odourless hair and body lubricant perfect for all of your skin needs. It can be added to any hair lubricant, makeup or tattoo ointment routine. Made with mango, cocoa and shea butters as well as coconut, sunflower and rice bran oils; rosemary oleoresin, green tea, vitamin E complex, mint arvensis essential oil plus essence of papaya and coconut, this product promises optimal moisture for all types of skin types!

Hustle Butter Deluxe is a vegan-friendly, non-greasy and odorless tattoo ointment made with Mango, Cocoa and Shea butters as well as Coconut, Sunflower and Rice Bran oils, Rosemary oleoresin, green Tea, Vitamin E complex, mint arvensis essential oil and essence of papaya and coconut. It makes an excellent addition to your skin care or tattoo ointment routine for all of your needs.

Product Side Effects

Hustle Butter is a petroleum-free tattoo lotion designed to make the process of tattooing easier for both clients and artists. It contains various oils and compounds which help the skin absorb pigments better, enabling quick application without pain or bleeding. Furthermore, Hustle Butter does not interfere with stencils or act as an excellent glide to help artists apply ink more smoothly and quickly.

Hustle butter is formulated with only natural and organic ingredients that are vegan-friendly - making it suitable for any skin type. Plus, it's free from parabens which may cause allergic reactions. Furthermore, Hustle butter includes some ingredients not often found in other Tattoo products like mint arvensis oil which has a mild antibiotic effect as well as green tea extract which helps heal damaged skin tissue.

Another benefit is that it reduces scabbing commonly associated with Tattooing. This is because it contains shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe butters which moisturize the area and help prevent accumulation of dead skin cells - especially beneficial for dry skin types.

This product provides great value for your money, with a 1 oz tub lasting even after your Tattoo has healed completely. However, be aware that some people may be allergic to certain ingredients so it's best to test a small patch on the area where your Tattoo is before using the product on all areas of the body where it will be applied.

pictures of michele morrone

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Star Khloe Kardashian Gets Cozy With Italian Actor Michele Morrone

Khloe Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians was photographed kissing Italian actor Michele Morrone during a fashion event in Milan and fans went wild with excitement over their romance.

After her turbulent on-and-off relationship with NBA player Tristan Thompson, fans are rooting for the reality star to find love again. And it appears she may have finally found her 'baby girl'!

1. Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka

Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka may not have a romantic love story, but the two co-stars possess strong on-screen chemistry. This was evident in their performances in Netflix's erotic thriller 365 Days which captured millions of viewers worldwide and became an international success.

The debut installment of the series, 365 Days: This Day, followed Laura (played by Anna-Maria) and Massimo Torricelli's (Michele) romance. The film focused on their connection while they were held hostage in a Sicilian mobster's home.

Despite their intense and complicated love story, the couple remained close friends outside the set. Furthermore, they attended the same school together.

Though it remains uncertain whether Michele and Rouba Saadeh are officially dating, the two appear to be contented with their friendship and co-parenting their kids. Prior to 2018, Michele was married to fashion designer Rouba Saadeh but the couple divorced in 2018.

Anna-Maria has been single since 2022. She has not been seen with anyone in public who could be considered romantic, and she hasn't spoken about a recent partner either.

However, she was recently seen holding hands with co-star Simone Susinna while they filmed scenes for their upcoming erotic film 365 Days: The Next Day. This picture went viral, fueling rumors that they were dating in real life.

Anna-Maria has been in a relationship with renowned theatre director Lukasz Witt-Michalowski since 2020, which they reportedly met while studying in Wroclaw, Poland.

Anna-Maria has an extensive background in the arts, having performed in countries such as Austria, Mexico and Poland. She's also featured in several theatre productions such as Margules - a biographical play about Ludwik Margules - and Marta Gornicka/The Chorus of Women: Magnificat.

Michele has an incredibly busy schedule. He stars in multiple movies and several TV shows, proving that he's an excellent actor who commands attention with his co-stars. It's no surprise that his star power keeps him so busy!

Fans of erotica will want to watch the sequel 365 Days: The Next Day, set for release on August 19. This follow-up to 365 Days: This Day is based on Blanka Lipinska's novel trilogy and sees all characters reunited and learning how to trust each other again.

2. Michele Morrone and Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has returned to dating, and it appears she has found love after meeting 365 Days actor Michele Morrone during Milan Fashion Week. The reality TV star was seen getting intimate with the Good American founder during their date.

A photo of Khloe and Michele that went viral on social media has sparked speculation they may be dating. In the image, Khloe pressed her body up close to Michele while sitting next to her in the front row at Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2023 show.

At an after party, they were seen dancing closely together. Despite rumours of a relationship, both are currently single and neither has confirmed or denied it.

In a warm picture taken moments ago, it appeared Morrone had leant in close to Khloe and wrapped his arm around her waist. He was holding a glass of champagne as well, seemingly whispering sweet words into her ear.

Meanwhile, fans have taken to Twitter with excitement about the rumours and expressed their wish for their relationship to last. One user even described them as a "power couple" and stated she "deserves nothing but the best".

Another user shared a video of what appeared to be physical contact on Instagram, labeling it as a "sweet moment". In the clip, they can be seen holding hands as they dance near a pool.

Other users have commented on the relationship rumors and said it appears to be a perfect match. Some speculated that they might be true, while others weren't sure if now was the right time for them to begin dating.

According to TMZ, Morrone met 365 Days actor for the first time during her sister Kim Kardashian's show with Dolce & Gabbana this weekend and both agreed to take a picture together. However, according to Morrone's rep, there wasn't any romantic interaction between them at all.

Khloe Kardashian was reported to be dating a private equity investor who ended their relationship. But it seems she's moved on with better things now; she recently welcomed a baby with ex Tristan Thompson and co-parents True Thompson, her four-year-old daughter from another relationship, with him.

3. Michele Morrone and Tristian Thompson

Khloe Kardashian reignited romance rumors last September when she was seen getting cozy with Michele Morrone at Milan Fashion Week. The Good American founder and reality star were seen sitting next to the Italian actor after Kim Kardashian debuted her latest collection with Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week.

Fans were quick to show their support for the couple on social media, hailing them as the 'perfect match' and encouraging them to give it a shot. Some even commented on a rather steamy photo of them together.

On Sunday morning, Tristan Thompson shared a picture on his Instagram story which features him wearing nothing but his undershirt and with the caption, "Sunday morning Locked in Be bless."

Entertainment Tonight reported Morrone and Good American founder were seen engaging in conversation at an afterparty for Dolce & Gabbana's spring/summer 2023 show. Photos captured them together, their arms around each other as they spoke closely into each other's ears despite the noise from the venue.

Khloe looked dapper during the event, wearing a diamond-encrusted catsuit and hot pants. Her hair was styled in an updo as well, which Khloe kept in a high bun.

After viewing the picture, some fans wished Khloe would ditch Thompson and start dating Michele Morrone. Others even suggested she should put an end to her rumored feud with Thompson and give the new man a chance.

However, Morrone's rep informed People that she was simply delighted to meet Morrone and would not be exploring any further opportunities.

She commented, "Meeting her was an incredibly special experience."

On October 7, the reality star was photographed engaging with Morrone at a Dolce & Gabbana after-party, standing with her hands clasped in her lap. Additionally, she donned dark-rimmed sunglasses which could be clearly seen in the image.

Once the photo went viral, fans expressed their hopes for a relationship between them on Twitter and Instagram. One fan wrote, "I think he makes her the happiest! Is it true?" Another added, "I hope he makes her the happiest!"

Another person commented, "Michele looks absolutely delicious and she definitely deserves him! What an incredible man!"

After the recent cheating scandal that rocked Tristan Thompson, it appears he has moved on and is back single. According to reports, the 31-year-old is reportedly dating an OnlyFans model and his latest Instagram post suggests he's still open for dating.

4. Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh is an artist and fashion designer renowned for her work in the industry. She has collaborated with brands like Elie Saab, designing their Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

She is best known for co-owning Le Paradis Des Fous, a design store. As an accomplished fashion designer, she has earned notoriety for her ability to combine different styles and create stunning pieces.

Michele Morrone tied the knot with Rouba Saadeh in 2014 after dating for seven years. Their ceremony took place privately at their home, surrounded by friends and family, marking an exciting new chapter in their lives.

Marcus and Brando were two sons raised together before divorcing in 2018. Unfortunately, their union ended with divorce proceedings taking place in 2018.

In 2018, Michele Morrone shared an Instagram post revealing that he and Rouba Saadeh had separated due to misunderstandings, and that he had experienced severe depression following their split.

Although he still loves his ex-wife, he has moved on and is in a new relationship. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that they will ever get back together.

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone may not have started dating again, but they remain close friends. Not only do they share a close bond as parents to two sons, but Rouba Saadeh has also given birth to another child through Michele.

Rouba Saadeh is a fashion designer based in Lebanon. She holds an advanced degree and is renowned for her hard work and devotion to her profession.

She hails from a Muslim Arabic family and was raised in Beirut, Lebanon. After graduating high school from College Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Baabda, Lebanon, and earning both her BSc in Graphic Designing and Master's of Business Management from Lebanese American University in Beirut, she went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in fashion designing at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

According to reports, Rouba Saadeh has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her income largely stems from her career in the fashion industry.

Michele Morrone divorced her, yet she remains close to him and often features on his social media accounts. She enjoys spending time with her friends as well as her children.

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