How to Write a Resume for Freelance Writer

How to Write a Resume for Freelance Writer

How to Write a Resume for Freelance Writer

A strong writer with a passion for story-telling who has extensive experience of writing literary compositions, articles, reports, books and other texts aimed at a specific target audience. Maxine dives into the writing process with the purpose and passion needed to engage audiences emotionally. She polishes each article with accurate research, proper grammar, and the appropriate style. In her current role she works with clients, designers, other writers and strategists to understand their requirements and respond to their content marketing briefs. Her work assignments range from blog posts to sales copy to longer, informative guides. Right now, she is looking for a new role with more responsibility, ideally one which has the potential to develop into something bigger.


Once you’ve talked about the basics of your education you may want to move onto any other further education. It could be you’ve taken several writing courses from proofreading courses to Microsoft Office and beyond and, while you shouldn’t list all the basic skills you have, it’s good for employers to know you’re proficient in many areas. Talk about any education you’ve undertaken for writing, even if it doesn’t come with a fancy degree. It shows people you’re serious as a professional writer.

Not every freelance writing job requires you to submit a resume; however, many high-paying writing jobs do, especially in the fields of copywriting, public relations, technical writing, and professional magazine writing. A resume helps employers screen potential job applicants and narrow down their selections. At some point if you desire to procure freelance work from staffing agencies or temp. agencies, you will need to submit a professional resume because recruiters will use it to pass along to their clients. (Source: www.freelancewriting.com)


Experienced wordsmith with more than 10 years creating different types of keyword-rich content for clients in various industries. I have written blogs, researched articles, prepared marketing copy, and collaborated on video-based content. In addition to being a graduate of Comprehensive Writing, I am certified in SEO and proficient in keyword research. My writing style flows like water; it can adapt to different tones and purposes. I follow a 3-stage writing process: Structure – Research – Quality Assurance. All completed projects are subjected to tests for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and readability. You can find samples of my work at www.writersrock.com/portfolio.

You’re a great content writer, but when it comes to your resume, well, that’s specialized writing at which not everybody excels. Want some help? Call on the professionals at Monster’s Resume Writing Service. A certified resume-writing expert who is familiar with your field and its requirements will create a customized resume to highlight your skills and experience. You’ve got enough on your plate—leave your resume’s content to the professionals. (Source: www.monster.ca)



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