How to Write a Culinary Resume OOR

How to Write a Culinary Resume OOR

How to Write a Culinary Resume


You have about 3-5 sentences in this resume section, depending on space, to describe yourself professionally and sum up the best of your work experience. How do you get along with other kitchen staff? Are you cheerful under pressure? Do you help out in a pinch? Do you stay calm when the rush comes? You are a cook, after all, so make those hiring managers’ mouths water with your cook resume profile! Describe your specialty if you have one. Use creative, descriptive language. But don’t focus only on the delicious dishes you can prepare. Remember that being a cook takes a lot more than simply cooking. Maintaining food quality, keeping the kitchen clean, and avoiding food waste are big parts of the job.


Identify your skills and experience in past jobs and volunteer experiences. Keep the statements brief and to the point. Focus on the needs of the employer. Include your accomplishments from community activities and hobbies only if they are relevant to the job. If you are applying to a catering company, the statement “planned and catered a banquet for the regional soccer championship (100 guests)” would be relevant. An employer is not likely interested in whether you are a fly-tying expert. Be honest and be sure that you can back up every statement. Do not claim skills in any area in which you do not have practical experience, and don’t overstate your experience. Don’t claim to have managed the kitchen or created the menu if you have only assisted in these tasks.

You also want to avoid creating a multi-use resume, which is a generic resume that can be sent to numerous employers without being edited or changed. Instead, tailor each resume to the specific job to which you are applying, identifying key skills mentioned in the job description. This is a good place to bring up your past culinary experience and responsibilities that were specifically mentioned in the job advertisement. Tailoring your resume to each position shows you've invested extra time into the resume, which showcases how serious you are about the position. (Source: www.monster.ca)



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