How to Write a 2018 Resume OOR

How to Write a 2018 Resume OOR

How to Write a 2018 Resume


Using color draws the eye in to the resume. Research has proven that the strategic use of color can actually catch and hold the attention of recruiters. Here’s a great video from Reach Branding that I’ve referred to many times that explains different colors and the associated brand/image. You may choose to use a color that represents your brand. It’s important to note that studies have proven resumes receive an initial six-second eye scan to make a fit/no fit determination. First impressions are critical—and they’re visual. While it’s certainly OK to omit color—if it positively affects an employer’s first impression and causes them to invest more time in a fit/no fit decision—it makes sense to include a color that supports your personal brand.


Something else to consider is that no one likes to be sold something. Think about the last time you went to a car lot or furniture store and the salesperson walked up to you as soon as you set foot on the property. You knew they were going to try and sell you something right away—and it automatically put you on the defensive, right? No one wants to be taken advantage of or fed some line that hundreds of people before them have heard. Employers are the same way. It’s always better to err on the side of sincerity.

Deep down I think what drives most of us is the desire to help others. Let’s face it, a selfish life isn’t a very happy, fulfilling, or successful one. Sure, we all want a great career and to be paid well for the work we do. But a life invested in others, a life built on your contribution to making the world a better place—that’s a life of purpose and passion. It’s a life that offers long-term fulfillment and career satisfaction. So while these major soul-searching questions might not seem to have a lot to do with writing your resume, they actually affect it more than you think. (Source:greatresumesfast.com))


When deciding which format to choose, consider both your background and the job you’re applying for. For example, you may have a rich, consistent professional background typically represented in a chronological format. However, the job you’re applying for might place heavier value on your proven skills and abilities, in which case you might choose a combination format to highlight what’s important to the employer. For clues on which the employer values most, pay attention to the requirements listed in the job description

Do you prefer to spend your time with people who are genuine or who are insincere? Authenticity has been glossed over when it comes to careers, job searching, networking, or how we present ourselves on our resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Research and experience tell us, though, that the opposite is true. We’re naturally drawn to authentic people, businesses, companies, and brands. If you had a choice between doing business with a large, faceless company or a genuine person with a name and a common connection, which would you choose? (Source: greatresumesfast.com)


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