How to Say You Train Someone on a Resume

How to Say You Train Someone on a Resume

How to Say You Train Someone on a Resume


A new resume is far from a comprehensive list, so it’s important to say why you trained someone that you worked with during job, rather than just saying you worked with them. This will show the reader you were engaged with the person, that you were an active part of their development, and that you have experience teaching and advising individuals.


Training assistants are a part of the human resource department of the organization. They support the training manager of the organization. They train the newly recruited employees and help them settle down in their organization and improve their efficiency. The scope of job opportunities is very wide as they can work in any type of industry. They introduce the organization, its work culture, objectives etc to the new employees. Their role is vital to the organization as these assistants' help the new employees adjust with the office environment and ensure that they are aware of their role and responsibilities.

Describe the past accomplishments you made and the results you got when you applied your development of new skills to meet objectives and contribute to the growth of the last organization you worked for. For instance, describe how a required project assignment led to your learning a new technical skill that enabled you to increase your productivity and number of deliverables. Explaining how your learning contributed directly to positive results in your work allows employers to evaluate how your growth mindset can contribute to their company. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Lastly, you can list relevant skills on your resume to target key skills mentioned in the job posting. Some companies that field thousands of resumes use applicant tracking system software to scan resumes and filter candidates who meet the company's desired education level, experience and skills for a position. Targeting the skills listed in a job posting can help your resume pass an ATS scan for relevant skills and experience. Here is a list of skills for a training List any additional certifications or credentials you pursued as part of self-development in your career. For instance, If you completed a training course to learn how to design and build websites and received a certification, list it in your resume with your education details or in another resume section. Including related credentials that you sought out on your personal time shows employers your initiative to seek out additional career development opportunities, which is an effective way to demonstrate your willingness to learn. (Source:resume:Responsible for providing Artist Training & Development-related inistrative support for the region. This includes completing quarterly updates of the Skills Certification Databases, maintaining the Artist Training & Development Calendar and the RDAT Calendar, compiling and completing the quarterly M∙A∙C Update Shipping Information Table, maintaining training tracking logs/reports/tallies/files, completing RDAT Gelco reports, auditing Gelco for AT&D staff, tracking the regional AT&D budget, maintaining AT&D contact lists, collecting and submitting Training Evaluations to AT&D NY Office, submitting AT&D attendee lists for meetings, maintaining vacation schedules for AT&D staff and submitting regional information to AT&D NYC Office, ordering product samples/periodicals/ office supplies as required, organizing/maintaining a library of information including CD ROMs, DVDs, videos, books and manuals, gathering and inputting invoices for payment (special artistry projects such as Fashion Week, AR/Glob Comm events, Workshop Facilitators from outside the company etc) (Source: www.velvetjobs.com)



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