How to Rate Resumes OOR

How to Rate Resumes OOR

How to Rate Resumes


Grit can refer to both passion and perseverance. An applicant who went to a community college and transferred to a competitive college shows “grit.” He or she had to work hard to make the move and adapt to a new environment. Someone who founded a company and ran it while in school shows grit. He had to work harder than the average college student who just focused on academics. The same goes for someone who had a double major. This person demonstrates work ethic, ability to prioritize, tenacity, and time management skills. Another example is someone who had a time-consuming and successful passion project during school, which is not easy with distractions and additional stress.


It can help to zoom out from the fine details and critique resumes in their broader context. For example, even in a tight job market, an employment gap isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. It could, in fact, disguise a candidate who has off-ramped to care for a child or aging parent, or who went back to school to pursue another career path. An applicant with that level of responsibility or inner drive, even if they aren’t yet proficient with the latest cloud software, could be a better fit for your team than someone who has a long resume but casually moves from post to post. The bottom line: If a candidate piques your interest, they might be worth pursuing even if their professional background is nontraditional.

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