How to Put Janitor on Resume OOR

How to Put Janitor on Resume OOR

How to Put Janitor on Resume


The secret to a successful job application is a great resume that reflects your strengths, experience and qualifications in regard to the job you are applying. After learning what to include in your resume, you should then go through the job description so as to find out what the company is looking for in an individual. Only then should you make your resume, addressing each important point that the company has indicated. This will make your resume relevant to the job description and improve your chances of getting the position. Ensure that you go through the resume after you are through writing it to double check whether there are any grammatical or spelling errors in it.


An area that you should never neglect when preparing for the interview is to find out what you can about the company you want to hire you. Find out everything you can about its history and all the major achievements it has made over the years. Also, know what products the firm sells and the latest trends in that industry. You should even go through the recent news articles to discover whether they were in the news lately. Finally, learn about their competitors and what they do differently. Never forget to find out what you can about your interviewer as well. By talking to an employee who works there, you will learn his style of interviewing and what the company is looking for in the interviewees.

Describe the cleaning duties you had to perform to maintain the interior and exterior appearance of the building at your previous position. You could make a statement such as, “Swept and mopped floors, washed walls and windows and emptied trash cans.” Also describe additional duties specific to your work environment. For instance, a hospital janitor might prepare medical waste for appropriate disposal, while a school janitor could set up and remove decorations for school events. (Source: work.chron.com)



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