How to Make an Acting Resume With Little Experience OOR

How to Make an Acting Resume With Little Experience OOR

How to Make an Acting Resume With Little Experience

Is receiving an Academy Award coupled with a standing ovation for an acting role your childhood dream? Don’t feel discouraged; you can still make your dream come true. If you are an experienced actor or an auditionee trying your luck in pursuing an acting career, submitting a professional-looking acting resume when you audition for the role increases your chances of landing the part. If you’re just starting out to build your career, lack of experience will place you into a disadvantageous position.


Create separate resumes for each type of work you do: Eventually as you build up your credits, you can make separate resumes for separate types of work. Most actors know they can have a Film/TV Resume, a Theater Resume, and a Voiceover Resume, but an "outside the industry" way of thinking is this: create separate resumes for your different "types." If you are submitting for a cop role, create a resume specifically focused on all the cop and detective roles you've played. This will show casting directors you're super experienced in playing that kind of character!

In some acting resume with no experience, you can make it sound interesting so that the producer will look at your resume and try you out for casting. Creating this type of resume is not difficult as it will have the same steps when you are creating a normal resume. You must make sure that you include all the skills that you have, especially if you can speak in different dialects, accents, and languages. On the bottom of this page, you can click on the free download link if you are interested in downloading this kind of template. Read More... (Source: sumry.me)


Then, list your acting experience in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent or current acting role. Typically, it can be acceptable to include up to 10 years of acting experience, especially if you have had a long-standing role in a recurring series. If you are just entering your acting career, you might list the roles you have taken on in community theater projects, as part of your training or any other acting or stage work you have professional experience in. Additionally, your resume should leave out the dates of your past roles.


List your film and screen experience to date. Label the experience section based on experience type. For instance, if your experience is in television, label the section “Film/Television.” For commercials, label the section “Commercials.” It is possible to have more than one label in the experience section. If your experience was in a play, label the section “Theatre.” Include the name of the project, your role and the production company's name. No experience is too small to list. If your only theater experience was in a high school play, list it. If your only film experience was as a movie extra, list it. (Source: work.chron.com)


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