How to Make a Status About Ed Valentine Big Blue View

How to Make a Status About Ed Valentine Big Blue View


ed valentine big blue view

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Runners with pass-pro skills

If you are looking for a running back with pass-pro skills, Ed Valentine has some options for you. In this Big Blue View Mailbag, we'll look at some potential rookies who could fit in New York and help you countdown until the 2022 NFL season. We'll also take a look at a couple of free agents who would fit in well with the Giants.

Runners with potential to improve those skills

The Green Bay Packers welcome a familiar playoff foe this week in the New York Giants. The Giants are led by quarterback Eli Manning and wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but their offense finished in the bottom half of the NFL in terms of points scored and offensive DVOA. That's why the Giants are a hot topic among fantasy owners.

Running backs with pass-pro skills

Running backs must possess a wide range of pass-pro skills to be effective in the NFL. They must possess a combination of power, quickness, and agility. They also need great instincts. Although these skills can't be taught, they can be honed over time. These qualities are just as important as seeing holes in defenses.

Pass protection can be honed by practicing various drills. One of these drills involves running backs lining up with defensive players at the line of scrimmage. The defensive players move from side to side, so the running backs must imitate their motions. They should also maintain good body position by moving their feet quickly and keeping their head up and shoulders back.

In addition to passing skills, running backs must be able to block. While blocking is not their primary role, this is one of the most important jobs a running back has. They will sometimes be asked to stay in on passing plays or help block against blitzing defenses.

Unlike in years past, running backs are now expected to catch the ball when it gets sticky. One of the best examples of a running back with pass-pro skills is Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers. He is more adept at pass blocking and can pick up the blitz. He is also an excellent option for third-down situations, as he can fool the defense into thinking the play is a pass.

Pass-catching Running Backs are valuable in Fantasy Football, particularly for teams that play in the Point-Per-Reception (PPR) format. Since a passing RB has twice as many fantasy points as a runner, he can provide more upside. The NFL also rewards pass-catching Running Backs with a bigger upside than a standard runner.

RBs with pass-pro skills often have a wide variety of skill sets. For example, Notre Dame's Kyren Williams had 77 receptions in his final year of college. He may need a new system to bring out his best receiver and pass-blocking skills. He profiles as an early-down lead back but runs the risk of being game-flooded by a pass-down option.

The Big Blue View

the big blue view

If you love the New York Giants, the Big Blue View is the place for you. The Big Blue View is a community of people that loves the Giants. Its members are loyal to their team and want to see their team win. This community has many events and DJ's that you can enjoy.


The Big Blue View Mailbag will feature questions and answers from the big blue view. The season kicks off Dec. 21 and runs through April 4 with a noon to threepm show. During this time, enjoy drinks and a great view of the west shore. You can also listen to reggae music from the Big Blue View.


The Big Blue View community is a wonderful place for New York Giants fans to discuss and share stories about their favorite team. Fans can join in conversations and post their own FanPosts. There are also a few New York Giants forums where fans can interact with each other and share their opinions. Fans can also join in discussions of topics that are important to them, including the team's upcoming games and the latest team news.


The Big Blue View is a popular destination for New York Giants fans. Located at the top of Madden Chair, this bar and grill serves up great food and drinks and features a beautiful view of the West Shore. The bar also features a rotating lineup of local DJs. The Big Blue View is a great place to catch a live show and watch a game.

New York Giants News - 2022

ny giants news big blue view

The New York Giants are back for the 2022 season. After a rough 2021 campaign, the Giants have made some decent moves to improve their chances of having a strong rebound year in 2022. With the Philadelphia Eagles as a rival, the team wants to stay competitive in 2022 and avoid another disappointing season.

ny giants have had a rough year in 2021

The New York Giants have had a very rough year. The team finished 4-13 and lost the playoffs for the first time since 2017. During 2021, the team was a mess. The team's offensive line was terrible and they failed to win a game even with their best player, Saquon Barkley. As a result, the Giants haven't been competitive enough to be a contender in the NFC East.

The New York Giants were high on expectations when they entered the 2021 season, but they didn't live up to the hype. Their offense ranked 31st and defense ranked ninth. The team struggled to play consistently and their injuries continued to mount. They were also unable to improve the quarterback position.

One of the biggest questions for the Giants this offseason is how to improve the offensive line. They've signed new offensive guards (Zach Fulton and Jonathan Harrison), but haven't re-signed Joe Looney, who failed to make an impact during training camp.

In free agency, the Giants lost defensive tackle Dalvin Tomlinson. This resulted in a heavy rotation of players in the defensive backfield. However, Graham rewarded his players by adding a second cornerback, which gives the team a real cornerback. The Giants also added defensive end Ojulari, who could form a devastating 1-2 punch with Williams and add sacks.

As a result, the New York Giants have three games against teams projected to win at least 10 games in 2021. The Giants lost to the Buccaneers in 2018 and have two games against the Chiefs in 2021. In addition, the Giants have four games against teams with fewer than seven wins in 2021. One of these games is against the Philadelphia Eagles.

After losing Lemieux, the Giants scrambled to improve their roster. They traded Billy Price and defensive lineman B.J. Hill to improve their depth. The Giants were also set to use former Washington practice squad Wes Martin.

New York Giants have made some decent moves to try and have a bounce-back year in 2022

The offense will be a much different animal than it was last year. There are plenty of marquee players returning, but there is also a large group of unproven players. Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones are both entering their final seasons of contracts. In addition, the team signed two second-year players - edge rusher Kaybodeaux and offensive tackle Austin Calitro - who could be valuable contributors in the future.

At tight end, the Giants have selected Wan'Dale Robinson and Daniel Bellinger in the second and fourth rounds, respectively. Robinson may be a good fit as a replacement for Kadarius Toney, who was injured at the end of last season. Bellinger may have to start the season on the bench, but he could still be a valuable fantasy player if Sterling Shepard gets hurt.

The New York Giants' 2022 season has started out a bit more promisingly than anticipated. While the team had a disastrous season last year, many players showed promise in training camp and preseason action against New England. However, one big issue remains: how much better will the team's defense be in the second half of the season?

Aside from drafting Josh Allen, the Giants have also acquired Evan Neal, a former Alabama star. Neal's performance will have a significant impact on the offensive line and the quarterback. Also, the Giants signed veteran wide receiver Kenny Golladay during the offseason of 2021, giving him a four-year, $72 million deal. Golladay spent four seasons with the Detroit Lions, where he had two 1,000-yard seasons.

Brian Daboll was hired as head coach because he has experience in play-calling and quarterback shaping. In addition to this, the offensive line has been strengthened and running back Saquon Barkley should return to full health. The wide receiver group is also worth keeping an eye on, including Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney, Sterling Shepard, and rookie Wan'Dale Robinson. These four players can all be useful in the offense, but there are some physical issues with all of them. In addition, the quarterback Daniel Jones is still learning a new playbook.

The Giants' depth at the position is lacking, but there is still plenty of talent to fill it when healthy. The receiving core has been decimated by injuries during preseason, but the Giants do not lack depth. In fact, GM Joe Schoen recently revealed that the depth at the position is due to the offensive background of Brian Daboll.

Philadelphia Eagles are a rival

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are fierce rivals in the National Football League. Since 1933, the two teams have faced off in a number of major games, including many high-stakes playoff contests. The rivalry has also sparked controversy off the field.

The Eagles and Giants first met on October 15, 1933. Since then, the teams have played 174 times. In that time, they've split games and have met four times in the playoffs. While the Giants have had more success in recent years, the Eagles' dominance has remained strong.

During the past decade, the rivalry has evolved and become even more exciting. While the Giants and Eagles once owned the NFC East, Philadelphia has been taking the lead. Despite the change, the rivalry will remain one of the best in the league. The two teams have been trading division titles for the past decade and have played in the NFC Divisional Playoffs twice.

In the 1980s, the Eagles were on top, prevailing in nine of their eight regular-season meetings. However, this did not mean the teams had similar success in the playoffs. In 1980, the Eagles were in the Super Bowl, but did not beat the Giants. However, in the 1981 season, the Eagles finished in second place, one game ahead of the Giants. The Eagles and Giants also met in the NFC Wild Card game.

In the 1980s, the rivalry between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles was less pronounced than it is now. Still, the "Body-Bag Game" was one of the most memorable games in Eagles history. It's hard to imagine a game between the two teams without the infamous body-bag game in 1990.

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles have a great rivalry and have a lot to prove this year. Both teams are looking to win the Super Bowl and make history in the NFC.

Joe Schoen wants to be competitive in 2022

While no one in the Giants organization is expecting to win the Super Bowl in 2022, Schoen is hoping to make them competitive in the years to come. In interviews, he has expressed his desire to build for the future while keeping an eye on the present. When asked about his goals for the offseason, Schoen said that the main focus is on building a competitive roster with depth and winning football games.

He wants to improve the offensive line, and is evaluating the quarterback draft class carefully. Though he has expressed confidence in Daniel Jones, Schoen said he is open to trade up or down and wants to add a player who can make the team better. However, he doesn't want to be forced to trade a player whose future is uncertain.

The Giants may have to restructure Jackson's contract. The Giants' cap situation hasn't gotten much better under Gettleman, but the Giants did get an extra first-round pick last year through a trade with the Bears. The Giants may be able to get closer to that cap goal by trading Bradberry. However, that would mean that Schoen would have to make another "last-minute" move in order to improve the team's prospects.

Despite the Giants' first-round pick, they have two more picks in the first round and seven in Round two. Schoen said at the Combine that he hopes to enter the draft with seven players. He was asked if he was close to being ready for the draft.

The Giants' offensive line is one of their most pressing needs. Andrew Thomas is the only lock-in starter, but Shane Lemieux and Ben Bredeson could also compete for the starting position. But both players have only seen limited action in the NFL. As a result, the Giants have four draft picks and could add more help on both sides of the ball.

Giants 2022 Free Agency

Giants 2022 free agency  C Billy Price  Big Blue View

If you're in the market for a new starting quarterback, you may want to pay close attention to the Giants 2022 free agent class. Eight players are in the final year of their contracts, and one or more of them could be traded after this season. These players include QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, WRs Sterling Shepard and Kenny Golladay, DL Leonard Williams, and CB Adoree' Jackson.


Rivas, a 6-foot-5 guard with solid power in his upper and lower body, could figure into the Giants' offensive line. After all, coach Joe Schoen has brought in several offensive line pieces. His lateral mobility is decent, but his best skill may be blocking downhill.


The New York Giants are not in a good position to invest in free agency right now. However, there is still some value to be had in the market. The team needs to strengthen its roster and could do so by adding a wide receiver. This year, the Giants will likely have a number of options at the position, including Evan Engram and C Billy Price.

The Giants are in desperate need of offensive linemen, and Williams and Feliciano could help. Neither player is expected to command a high salary, but they both have similar backgrounds and experience. The Giants are not in a good cap situation for 2022, and both Williams and Feliciano would be a good fit.

Price, a first-round pick in 2018, played in 15 games and played 984 snaps. He finished the season ranked 19th among qualifying centers by PFF. The Giants should not view him as a starter in 2022, but he can serve as excellent depth at the center position for $2 million or less. He has experience covering three spots and could be a good bridge to a potential replacement.

Although the Giants have a lot of talent at the position, they aren't necessarily getting the best player available. As long as the offensive line is solid, the Giants should be able to win games. The Giants will play a game against Tennessee on Sept. 11.

The Giants may not have a lot of cap space to spend during free agency next year, so they might have to look elsewhere. The Giants will likely draft another center next month, and they may try to sign him to a short-term contract. The Giants could also bring back Billy Price for a short-term deal. Neither of these players will be highly sought after in free agency.

Former Raven Justin Ellis and free-agent offensive tackle Matt Gono are potential targets for the Giants. Both players have experience playing at the position and have some receiving upside. Both players have had injuries in college, but they have had a strong season with the Texans.

The Giants cut Austin Johnson this offseason. He was an excellent player for the Giants, but he wasn't due to hit free agency. He took a pay cut in order to stay with the team. Although he's had injuries this offseason, he's still a top threat to the offense.

Another interesting prospect to consider is cornerback Chris Board. With a $5-million salary, he's a great backup for Ryan at the position. The former Carolina Panthers second-round pick flashed in a rookie season and is a solid playmaker. He's still developing as a pro, but he could fill the need.

The Giants would also like to add a veteran center. This position is an obvious need for depth. Price's athleticism and experience would be a great asset for the Giants. He's 6'1" and has a solid athletic ability. He's a good athlete with excellent coverage skills. He has the size and athleticism to play in the NFL.


In a league dominated by young centers, the Giants could be wise to consider re-signing Billy Price in free agency. Price, a former first-round pick, played well last season, starting 15 games and accumulating a career-high 984 snaps. He finished the year ranked 19th among qualifying centers by PFF. While Price is unlikely to be the Giants' starting center, he could provide the depth the team needs. He has experience covering three spots and could be a solid depth piece for the Giants for around $2 million.

The Giants also need to address the offensive line. They need a competent No. 2 quarterback. They could draft one of these three players or one of the others. However, they can't afford the $11 million guaranteed contract that Mark Glowinski will receive. The Giants must find a quarterback in free agency who will make more than that.

Another possibility for the Giants is to sign Kearse as a free agent. This could be the right move if the Giants can find a player for the right price. Kearse is still a young player and would be a fun addition to the Giants' scheme. He is 6-foot-1, 210 pounds and was originally selected by the Ravens. However, he tore his biceps last year against the Vikings and his value took a dive. Regardless, Kearse might be a great fit to fill the void left by Ryan. While he's still a young player, his value is likely to grow in the coming years.

Another free agent who could be a good fit for the Giants is tight end Mike Williams. He was selected by the Ravens in the second round in 2015 and is one of the best run blocking tight ends in the league. He played under Mike Bischoff in Baltimore and may be seeking a more competitive team. He could also sign for a discount due to a recent injury.

The Giants could also target C.J. Board in free agency. He provides depth in the receiving corps and is an excellent cover cornerback. Board was also a viable returner last year. The Giants also added wide receiver Robert Foster to the practice squad in 2021. Foster played for Daboll at Alabama and had one productive season in the NFL with the Crimson Tide.

While Barkley and Bradberry would provide a solid return, the Giants are unlikely to pursue a player like Kelly via free agency. Assuming the Giants fail to find a competent tackle in free agency, they may wait until the draft. In the meantime, Kelly could compete with Gono at swing tackle.

While the Giants' top priority right now is drafting a starting center, they may also want to consider signing a tight end in free agency. While Brown's size and athleticism may be an issue, he could make sense as a cheap option in a position where the Giants are thin.

Giants in the Community

Giants in the Community  New York Giants  Giantscom

From the Giants Legends Community, which houses close to 500 Giants legends, to the partnership with the Special Olympics of New Jersey, the Giants have an extensive list of ways to get involved in the community. The website also includes information about the Giants' player engagement programs, the player care foundation, and the NFL Life Improvement Plan.

Cooking with the Giants

Cooking with the Giants is a new cookbook created by the wives of players on the team. In this book, they share 50 recipes, from sushi to Fruitloops. The book is aimed at raising $100,000 to support charitable causes. The book is available for purchase at bookstores and online.

Collecting toys

Collecting football cards, memorabilia, and other items related to the New York Giants is an excellent way to show your fandom for your favorite team. There are many different ways to collect cards and other items from the New York Giants, and these can be purchased online. There are also several ways to buy signed photos of the team's players. While these items can be pricey, they can be great gifts for your favorite Giants fan.

The New York Giants are collecting toys for the Toys for Tots drive during their Dec. 20 game against the Carolina Panthers. Fans can donate new, unwrapped toys to collect at the teams' Toyota collection vehicles located at the stadium's entrances. Uniformed Marine Corps members will be on hand to help collect the donated gifts. The gates and parking lots will open at 8 a.m., and the game is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.

Signed footballs are available from players who were part of the team. For example, Mark Bavaro was an extremely popular player and was a key member of two Super Bowl championships. The team's current wide receiver, Victor Cruz, is also available in signed items. However, signed items of Victor Cruz can be very expensive, so a signed photo is a more affordable option.

Victor Cruz, a New York Giants wide receiver, recently visited Summit Medical Group's cafe in Paterson, New Jersey to speak about the holiday toy drive. He pledged to donate 300 toys to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Paterson and Passaic, as well as to the Victor Cruz Foundation.

Partnerships with United Way

For the past 23 years, the New York Giants and the United Way of New York City have been working together to make a difference in the lives of New Yorkers. Together, the Giants and the United Way have launched several programs to support children and families in need. These programs include the Character Playbook, which focuses on helping youth develop healthy relationships and character. The program is powered by education technology company EverFi and will reach thousands of middle school students every year. A recent launch of the program was held at the Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx.

The United Way has programs that support health, education, and financial stability. Through its programs and partnerships, the organization invests millions of dollars in programs for children and families. This money supports early childhood education, financial stability, and physical activity. It also supports pregnancy healthcare and nutrition programs.

The United Way re-grants its profits to local nonprofits, schools, and community-based organizations. The money comes from contributions from corporations in the area. This allows United Way to leverage millions of dollars from local corporations that nonprofits otherwise would not have access to. These dollars help nonprofits and local communities thrive.

United Way's history dates back to 1887, when a woman in Denver, Colorado, saw the need for cooperation among local agencies. She established the first United Way campaign. This campaign raised $21,700 for 10 local agencies. In addition, the campaign connected clients with cooperating agencies and made emergency assistance grants. This campaign evolved into the United Way we know today.

Special Olympics of New Jersey

The Special Olympics of New Jersey are an organization that brings athletes from all walks of life together for sports and other activities. The organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and their communities as a whole. The organization currently serves more than 26,000 athletes, and provides services to communities throughout the state.

The Special Olympics of New Jersey have established a Healthy Athlete program that offers various health services to athletes, including nutrition counseling, fitness promotion, and more. In addition to providing oral hygiene instruction to athletes, Dr. Chris Fiorentini will also assist in running a Special Smiles dental service program, which offers free dental care and mouthguard fabrication.

A number of sports are being adapted to include athletes with disabilities. During the summer games held at the College of New Jersey this past month, Special Olympics NJ athletes participated in seven sports. The event served as a qualifier for the Special Olympics USA Games, which will be held in Seattle next year.

Special Olympics New Jersey is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides athletic competition and sports training to individuals with intellectual disabilities. The organization also encourages social interaction by offering sports programs that encourage friendship and understanding. Through these programs, athletes can develop empathy and understanding in their communities and with their teammates.

In winter 2008, Greg Hughes, a member of the Princeton Boathouse staff, began organizing introductory sessions for Special Olympics athletes in New Jersey. These introductory sessions focused on tank and erg sessions. With the help of Princeton sports teams and coaching staff, the small group of athletes gradually grew week by week.

Project KIND

The New York Giants are proud supporters of Covenant House, a nonprofit that serves youth in New Jersey who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, human trafficking, and other challenges. Since joining the Giants, Saquon Barkley has served as a volunteer at Covenant House and hosted kids from the organization at every game. He has also served as the chairman of an Executive Sleepout fundraiser, raising over $1 million.

The Giants are also committed to fighting hunger and poverty through their partnerships with local organizations, including the Community Food Bank of NJ. These organizations provide food, education, and training to the homeless and others in need. Their Giants team members assist the food bank by helping to unload groceries. Giants players also work with local food banks to serve Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

Giants in the Community programs like the Character Playbook help to fight violence and build healthy relationships. This program teaches middle school students about communication, decision-making, and standing up for those around them. The program reached 2,895 students at 41 New York City schools last year.

The Giants are also committed to helping kids with their special needs. They host various events for kids, including free day camps. The Giants also organize a Toys for Tots drive, with the help of the Uniformed Marine Corps Reserves and Special Olympics of New Jersey.

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