How to List Publications on Resume.

How to List Publications on Resume.

How to List Publications on Resume

Many of us have a career or side-hustle that we want to list on our resumes. There are a lot of publications that we have put our time, energy, and creativity into, but we don’t always have that many places where people are reading them. Many times there are places where people are reading our work in print or on the web, and there are places where people read our work on an occasional basis but not regularly.


Also, if you have a blog that is industry-related or work-related, include it in your resume. But do it only if it is well written and shows you in the best light. Include your blog name and URL. Even if your blog is not associated with a company or position, it will show your writing skills and give the employer a greater understanding of your personality and interests.

www.resume.com)Before listing publications on your resume, consider whether they are relevant to your job application. Resumes have a limited amount of space to leave the best impression on an employer, so it is important to only include publications that support your application. (Source:


When listing publications on a curriculum vitae, the most important details to include are the work’s title and where it was published. These details allow a potential employer to understand the topic quickly and find the publication if needed. Here are some accepted ways to format your list of publications on a CV:

The major benefit of highlighting your publications in this way is that it helps draw attention to your published works without cluttering the rest of your resume. That way, you can showcase research and writing skills without obscuring your other professional qualities. When listing your publications, mention the title of the work, publication date, name of the publication, and other relevant details. (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


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