How to Include Part Time Job in Resume OOR

How to Include Part Time Job in Resume OOR

How to Include Part Time Job in Resume


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If you have a combination of full-time and part-time work, or if your part-time jobs date back several years, separate them from the rest of your work history. For older jobs, create a section called "Previous Experience" and list those jobs after your more recent positions. For jobs not directly related to the position you're applying for, create a section called "Additional Experience," also listing those jobs after your primary, most relevant work history. This allows you to use these positions to demonstrate a steady employment history, while drawing an employer's attention to the experience that portrays you in the best light.

As you can see, your part-time job listing can be listed like any other job. Just be prepared to talk about its part-time nature if the topic comes up during your interview. The good news is that most interview questions about work experience will focus on your qualifications and achievements. So, just emphasize your skills and accomplishments in those job listings, and that part-time work will add strength to your resume. And that could be the key that helps you land the interview you need. (Source:www.zipjob.com))


So, how do those jobs fit in on your resume? You definitely gain awesome professional skills working at coffee shops, summer camps, and, yes, takeout restaurants, and should consider listing them on your resume if you don’t have enough “relevant” experience to fill it with, but it can be pretty tricky to make a part-time position sound compelling on your application without overselling it (i.e., you don’t want to be that person that lists himself as “Founder and CEO” to describe a part-time babysitting gig for neighbors).

The application process for part-time jobs can be just as competitive as it is for full-time positions. Sometimes even more so! When companies hire part-time staff, they’re looking for flexibility, someone they can depend on, and a person who will really fit in with their company’s culture. So, don’t think for a second that your CV needs to be any less professional than an application for an equivalent full-time role. (Source: www.monster.co.uk)


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