How to Draw a Pokemon OR

How to Draw a Pokemon OR


How to Draw a Pokemon

Ever wonder how a Pokemon is drawn? Get a pencil and start drawing! See below for an example of how our own grandpa drew a Pikachu. Maybe you’ll learn something about how to do this yourself!



Diglett is a ground-type Pokemon with beady black eyes and a large pink nose. It burrows through the ground at a little depth and leaves only its head visible. Since it spends most of the time underground, its exact height is unknown. The trickiest thing about drawing Diglett is not its structure, but rather the ground from which it pops out of.

Drawing cards might not sound as exciting as making damage counters rain with devastating attacks, but keeping a hand full of useful resources is key to winning consistently. It's critical to attach an Energy and play a Supporter card virtually every turn, and it's tough to pull that off without some extra help. Many of the strongest decks in the Pokémon TCG include card-drawing Pokémon to ensure the deck's attackers don't run out of steam. And as you'll see, this group is growing with the powerful new Zoroark-GX from the special Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends expansion. (Source: www.pokemon.com)


Card-drawing Pokémon use Abilities to help fortify your hand. They can help you dig for a Supporter card if you don't have one, and they free you up to play more Supporters that do useful things other than drawing cards, like Guzma or Skyla. These Abilities are also the best answer to cards like N that can reduce the size of your hand. But watch out for effects like Garbodor's Garbotoxin Ability or Greninja's Shadow Stitching attack, which shut off Abilities.

Trade's discard requirement can be a little tricky. Cards like Brigette and Alolan Vulpix are much more valuable in the early part of the game, so discarding them once you're rolling can be good. But you'll also find yourself in more challenging situations where you'll be forced to decide whether to discard useful cards to keep drawing. The Supporter card Mallow can ease your decision-making—it lets you search your deck for any two cards and put them on top, and then you can draw them immediately with Trade. (Source: www.pokemon.com)


Step 04: Great work so far everyone! Let’s stick with the head and neck for a couple of steps. We’ll begin by drawing the bill of his hat. It might be easiest to draw the upper and lower “^” shapes, the bottom “^” starting outside the head circle and stopping at about where we want the eye to be, and the top “^” starting on the head circle and stopping above the top eye line and to the right of the right eye. Then connect the ends with angled lines, and finally draw the line in the middle dividing the bill into two halves. Got it? Great.

We can continue from the point of the bill of the hat on the right and draw the forked hair piece. Then, we’ll move on to the eyes. We’ll start with the eye on the left, beginning with the angular line for the upper lid that starts just on the bottom of the hat. Then add the “U” shape for the eye, the bottom of which should rest on the lower eye line. The eye on the right also sits on the lower eye line and is more of a full ellipse with just the top corner of the eye hidden behind the right corner of the bill of his hat. Let’s move down and add the dash on the head circle to the left of the center line for his nose. And below that, in the jaw area we’ll add the mouth which curves down slightly at the ends and a shorter straight line below that. Finally, we’ll draw the collar to Red’s jacket. It’s probably easiest to draw the large “V” shape first, the tops of which are just below our upper section 2 line. The left leg of the “V” is outside of the body, while the right stops in about the middle of the neck. Then, on the left, just connect the top of the “V” to the jaw line. On the right we’ll draw a similar line on the top of the “V” but we’ll then need to draw a second line connecting it to the jaw line on the right and a third line connecting that corner to the body. (Source: www.mangajam.com)


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